Not much to write about nothing.

Are you ready for another vitriolic both barrels attack on the shambolic state of the world?  Don’t worry, I don’t think I have another one in me so soon after the last one.  It takes me longer to recover in between these days you know.

Last week saw day nine and ten posted in an absolute flurry of trip reportage.  I admit, day ten only went up today but that still counts.  Double figure days mean that we’re getting towards the end now, so for those not a fan of these things it shall soon be safe to return to the trip report section of the Dibb and read about Wizzo’s toilet troubles.

I must admit to finding the trippies a little bit of a chore.  A mixture of general busy-ness, a tiny touch of the post holiday blues and a slice of deja vu.  I have written about largely the same holiday for a decade now!!

Ignoring the complete lack of funds or the likelihood of having any, we have discussed next summer, and Louise can confirm that we have decided not to go to Orlando again.  It’s fair enough.  We do fancy the West Coast though.  I’m slowly catching up on Jakki’s twelve week long trip report, some of which includes the West Coast and it looks good.  We’ve also chatted to my brother and his wife as they have done it a couple of times and say it was their best holiday ever.

So if we find some funds then that would be the most likely place I think.  Although Louise has fallen in love with one of the islands in the Caribbean after seeing it on a TV programme recently.  I think it was St Lucia.  Both are equally beyond our fiscal reach so it hardly matters right now.

That is not to say that my fingers have not found their way to the odd Kayak or Skyscanner recently.  It is both a sort of hobby by now and a mild form of torture.

Domestic life is a blur of hectic busy stuff right now.  Work for both Louise and I is very time-consuming, Emily is battling her final year of A levels and Rebecca is caught up in a romance.  We know this, as we haven’t really seen her, at all, since it all began.  This happens, we’re used to it, and unfortunately, we are braced for what is most probably the painful and tearful conclusion, but, we shouldn’t pre-judge and she should of course enjoy it whist it lasts.  That is unless she proves me wrong and marries the bugger….in a decade or so.

rebecca and tome
Don’t know what the pouts about

He’s a nice enough young chap.  He’s polite at all the appropriate times, and has no visible tattoos or piercings.  So Rebecca is out a lot at the moment, and as much as she won’t admit it, Emily is missing her a bit.

So with all this busy stuff going on, it feels a little hamster wheelish.  So Louise has decided to outsource the ironing.  The amount of weekend being eaten up with it was getting out of hand so Louise has employed a young fairly willing employee to get it done.

Yes, Emily is now employed as our ironer, and she has done a great job for her fifteen quid.  It leaves Louise with lots of free time now to do her course assignments and other fun stuff like tidying  the house!

I would outsource the bulk of my weekend’s activity too, but I’m not paying someone else to sit and watch TV whilst occasionally blowing off.

I shall leave you in peace now as it is quite clear I have nothing but inane dross this week, and Emily is waiting for the laptop.  I secretly hope this is to complete some complex and detailed piece of coursework.  More likely, she needs to add some songs to her phone for lessons tomorrow!

I will try to be incensed about something again for next week to make for some more interesting reading.

Till the next time……