School’s out for a few weeks!

This week saw the end of the school term, which is welcome in many ways.  Of course the girls are happy to be off school for a while, but it also relieves Louise from a fair bit of ironing duty every Sunday with no uniform for Rebecca to do, and fewer items for Emily, who is past the uniform stage.

Of course the most important reason for enjoying this milestone is that it is exactly that, another milestone in the countdown.  I hate to wish the girl’s summer holidays away, but I will, a bit.

With school done, the main event of this week saw Emily jetting off for the first of her holidays.  Her friend’s grandparents have a villa in Spain (Marbella I think) and she was invited to go out there with her friend.

manchester airport
Dropping off is no fun!

So this meant a very early start on Friday morning.  It was so early in fact that it may still have qualified as Thursday night.  Emily’s alarm went off at 2.30 in the am.  As her room is still not ready, and as we did not want her to disturb my Mum and Dad (she is sleeping there at the moment, remember) she slept on our floor on a spare mattress.

So having insisted on setting her alarm for 2.30am, so that she could have a shower, I was delighted to have to get out of bed to turn it off and gently kick her awake.  Of course, she could have had her shower the night before and given us all another hour in bed, but no, apparently her hair doesn’t look right in the morning if she does that!

With readying complete we all trudged out to the car at around 3.45am heading for the airport.  Yes, we all went, even Rebecca!  The drive to the airport only heightened the anticipation of our journey there in a few weeks time.  We queued up with them to make sure they checked in OK, as they were flying alone, with the grandparents already being out there.

It did feel very strange waving her off as they trudged off through to security, and we had to head for home, and a very long day at work.  As I watched her disappear into the crowds in the passenger only bit, she still looked far too young to me to be embarking on such an adventure alone.  She is only sixteen (for a few more days), and she is and always will be my baby.  Both Louise and I felt the paternal tug very painfully at that time.

So I was at work very early, and delighted to get a text from her to say she had arrived safely and was eating breakfast overlooking the yachts in the marina.  No matter, I tucked into my cheese sandwich at my desk which was equally as delightful!

By mid afternoon I was knackered and headed home early.  Bed was not long from claiming me.

The weekend has been a blur of DIY with skirting boards going on in the loft, and as much as I was the usual labourer to my Dad’s skilled craftsman, on Sunday I actually fitted some myself!!  This is quite a breakthrough, and I shall be forever proud of those bits of wood attached to the wall.

Now, the painting begins.

The only other news of note this week is Oli’s haircut.  It is a little brutal, but much needed as he was hot, knotted and smelly.  Mainly the same criteria which determine when I need a haircut too.  He does look like a totally different dog though.

oli haircut

This evening, we are out at a pub quiz with my brother and sister-in-law, and so I need to ready myself.  With that in mind I shall leave you with this brief update, and no doubt dominate the quiz with my skills and knowledge as long as the questions are all Disney and food related.

Till the next time…..

A Right Royal Driveby

I met the Queen this week.  She came to Manchester on Friday to see me.  See….

It is her!!

Admittedly our conversation was brief and a little one-sided, but we’re both busy people!  In case you are wondering, yes there is writing all over the windows.  It is highly technical gubbins that I draw on the windows to reinforce the perception that I understand what I am doing.  Little do they know I copy it all from Google!

So it is pretty tough to top a visit from Royalty, but there is more important news to report.  I have been ill!!  Yes, I know you will all be shocked, worried and guilty that you were not on hand to nurse me back to health.  That honour fell to Louise.  I completely missed Saturday in a blur of bed, dizziness, escaping liquids and Murder She Wrote.  The latter was the worst.  I was simply too weak and frail to raise the remote and turn the channel!

I have rallied somewhat today, and appear to be somewhere close to match fitness, having just eaten my first meal since Friday night.  You will appreciate now the severity of my condition if it kept me away from food for almost 48 hours!  I hope it only increases your guilt.

Before I was struck down so cruelly by this life threatening condition last week I did manage to write a new article for the WDW Dads site.  It covers (some of) my tip-top tips for a visit to WDW.  All of you buggers with a trip booked should have a read on the off-chance I haven’t bored you with them already.  The pain I went through to write that, knowing a trip for us is anything but imminent was unimaginable.  My hankering for the place is physically painful.

So being as weak as a kitten today, I haven’t done a great deal.  I have enjoyed the sunshine, and I’m told it was sunny yesterday too, but all I saw was the inside of our blinds, the toilet bowl and Angela Lansbury.  Right there is one rock and roll sounding party.

Whilst sat out in the garden today, Louise and I casually arranged the weddings of both the girls.  Don’t worry, you haven’t missed the arrival of new boys into their lives and a proposal each this week.  We were just planning ahead.  It will not surprise you to know that both girls WILL be getting married in Florida.  We checked that this would be OK with Rebecca, and she said yes.  We did ask her about her future husband, and what if he had no desire to get married there.  I can only tell you that he doesn’t know what he’s letting himself in for, and he’d better like Mickey Mouse!

Those of you who are foolish enough to have anything to do with me on Facebook or Twitter will have no doubt seen that Oli has been to the barbers this week.  He did look cute with the long hair, but he was getting a bit luggy and also quite warm, so we took the chance to get him his first close crop.  He did not enjoy the experience one bit, and the lady doing the deed no doubt earned every single penny of her fee.

He went from this…

Oli bath
All nose and hair
oli ice lolly


To this…..

Oli haircut
The expression says it all
Oli with Pumpkin
Cat worrier
Oli's blue eye
Just try that again!

It has been like having a different dog, and it is only his well-known habits, and the look in his eyes that has convinced us we got Oli back.  We’re so glad we had him done though as he would not have survived this mini heat wave over the weekend.

So all this typing has drained my fragile energy levels, and I need to go and lie down in a room that does not contain Angela Lansbury.

Till the next time….