I Tube, YouTube, We All Tube

I issued a warning that this may happen just a few weeks ago.

You may remember me telling you that I had finally paid a king’s ransom to have a load of our old camcorder tapes put on t’internet. They are now stored online, on a USB stick and some DVDs. We’re never losing this stuff!

They are formatted in line with the original tapes, so that’s roughly 90 minutes at a time. There’s a lot of guff on there that is only ever going to be of (mild) interest to us, so they shall not be shared in their original state.

However, being the technical genius that I is, last week I figured out how to chop them up into (almost) palatable chunks and whether you like it or not, you’re having some.

I started with 2001. I don’t know why. This was our first trip as a four and was not trip reported. A scandal I know. We stayed at the All Star Sports, paying massively over the odds for a package deal booked over the phone (ridiculous!) with one of those holiday selling channels that used to be on your telly.

There was so much wrong with how we booked and failed to plan this trip that I am almost glad it is undocumented. It does, however, contain lots of lovely and important memories for us, which now, for the first time in almost twenty years, we can watch without hooking the camcorder up to the telly with a combination of cables more complex than NASA used to launch folks to the moon.

I won’t share stuff you’ve all seen a million times. As an example, I, of course, videoed every second of the Legend of the Lion King. This happens most years. But let’s start with something a little random. We only saw this once (I think), but this was a show that used to happen in Camp Minnie Mickey, starring Pocahontas and on this day, some quite unreliable animals. The restraining order I took out in 2001 against Pocahontas is still in force as far as I know.

On the subject of things that are no longer around. Back in 2001, before the Beauty & The Beast show, you got another one. We used to love this, and the small detail of these guys walking out on stage as if they were part of the “tech team” for the show and starting to sing, was really one of those bits of magic that make the place so special. I give you, Four For A Dollar. I apologise for the incredibly shaky camera work. I was zooming in from Tampa.

Next, we move on to a parade that no longer exists. There are a number of these, and I think Spectromagic is the one I miss the most, but this was probably Emily’s favourite. You can see her having it scorched into her psyche halfway through this brief video.

Recognising that watching somebody else’s twenty-year-old camcorder classics may not be everyone’s cup of tea, (but reserving the right to do it in the future) I’ll end with a clip of the girls in The Boneyard in Animal Kingdom. I hope I’m around in another twenty years to post the clip we have of Freddie doing the same for the first time from last year!

Just in case I’m not, then here is Freddie 18 years later.

This video demonstration of how quickly times passes and how precious each trip is serves as a nice segue way into me telling you that I am feeling the onset of a gargantuan sulk that we won’t be in WDW at the end of August. The hurt is growing day by day and I cannot be held responsible for my enormously immature outbursts in the coming weeks. At the risk of being maudlin, you never know how many more trips you have in you and to have one stolen from us is smarting a bit. Sure, yes, I have things in perspective as usual. It’s what I do.

I think that mood is enhanced, nay worsened, by the real concern that March may not happen either. I know that’s all negative nelly, but in the absence of any concrete change that is likely between now and then, we may be no further forward by that stage. That, of course, stinks.

Regardless, I did a bit of plan tweaking yesterday. With thanks to whoever pointed me at the Paging Mr Morrow vlogs, we have watched his lovely series of resort stays recently and a vlog where he ate at Whispering Canyon Cafe. That, of course, is a favourite of ours and was somehow not on the plan for the next trip. Well, it is now, for a few reasons.

  1. It’s great fun
  2. The food is hearty and wonderful
  3. They do unlimited milkshake refills (Tom may be banned).
  4. They do a Vegan skillet for Emily
  5. It has taken the place of The Outback on our plan.

That last point is a surprise to us too. The Outback holds a special place in our hearts and yearly plans but with Emily now Vegan, it had to go. It seems all that Emily would be able to have there would be the bread. Add to that, for some reason they have blocked their menu to anyone outside of the US on the internet so we couldn’t even look to see if they added any Vegan stuff since last year, and it just had to be sacrificed.

The Outback is our traditional arrival night go to, mainly due to location, so a little bit of surgery was required on the plan. It didn’t seem wise to do a straight swap and book an ADR for Whispering Canyon for our arrival night. We can’t guarantee what time we’d be there and ready to eat and if Freddie would be awake and up to a meal out after all that travel. So, our arrival night eatery will be a new experience for us, with Ford’s Garage getting the nod, mainly as it is on the 192 close to our villa.

Whispering Canyon has slotted in where Ford’s previously sat on the evening of our planned day at Volcano Bay. I bet you feel better for knowing all that now, right?

Let’s hope we do get to eat at these places in March!

Till the next time……

My Kingdom for a Cable.

So how’s my holiday time been?

Not very holiday like to be honest.  I’ve ended up working more than not, and in hindsight should have seen that coming and postponed it till next week, but such is life.

I’ll reclaim some time back in the coming weeks no doubt.

Despite the intrusion of work into most of my days off so far, I did manage to fit in one of my regular games of golf.  I play regularly, once or twice a year without fail, and on Friday my Dad took me up to his club for 18 holes.

As expected for someone who plays as often as I do, it was a mixed bag of good bad and embarrassing, but I thoroughly enjoyed it, despite the constant buzz in my pocket of work emails arriving on my phone!

I have tomorrow off too, so I’m without the usual Sunday syndrome of woe, which is nice.

As I mentioned last week, we stumbled across all our old “home movies” from our holidays to Florida.  We’ve been watching them throughout the week with a mix of nostalgia, wonderment at the speed of the passing years and bewilderment at how Louise’s hair reacts to the Floridian climate.

Monica Friends Florida Hair
Louise + Florida

We’ve seen ourselves age, and watched our regular Disney friends again which was lovely.  Be warned Jakki and Margaret, you and your families may well make the final edit.

For this is what Emily is to do with her summer off now that she has finally done her last exam.  Luckily, my brother has a big posh shiny Mac with all the fancy dan editing stuff on it, so we’re “borrowing” that to make something that may be interesting, and a memento of our journey into insolvency.

Luckily, Emily has been using this kit for four years in her studies so I don’t have to learn how to.  So with all the tapes watched, our thoughts turned to getting the footage off the camcorder and onto the Mac so Emily can work her magic.

Of course, the footage is on old style mini DV tapes, and despite both myself and my brother raiding our respective “cable collections” neither of us had the required one.

We’ve tried all sorts of cables, connectors, intermediary devices and a whole lot of googling to come to the conclusion that we need to give Amazon some more money for the only cable in existence that we do not possess.  Amazon would do well to understand this process of exchanging money by the way…still no book funds from the buggers.

Compare this faff to the adverts you see from Microsoft and Apple, where someone records something, and then vaguely waves their camera device in the vicinity of the computer and in about four keystrokes it turns into a film epic that James Cameron would be proud of.  Sequences may have been shortened?  I should cocoa, by about three weeks.

Anyway, once this cable finds it way to our house Emily will be off and running, and can produce her masterpiece.  As she spends most of her free time watching other folks Disney videos on You Tube, she intends to give something back by having her own channel where these shall be posted.

Don’t worry, as soon as there is something to see I shall have you know, several times, until you are sick of heating about it…sorry, more sick of hearing about it.

Speaking of great films, we watched Django Unchained last night.  I know we are late to the game, but we really enjoyed it.  It was superbly made of course, with some great acting, but the thing that really made it stand out to me was that it had a great story.  That may sound obvious, but that isn’t always the case.  An island of quality in a sea of nonsense like Made in Chelsea and TOWIE that infects and invades our TV all too often.

Django poster
Django…with a silent D

I bet Tarantino didn’t have to wait three days for a cable to arrive from Amazon so that he could edit his film though.

Anyway, to save Quentin a job when he buys the rights to my book, this week Jakki kindly provided a cast list for him as we’d been watching us all boogie boarding at Vero.  Feel free to let me know who you’d see playing who too!!

Steve (Jakki’s husband) – Bruce Willis for obvious folically related reasons

Jakki – Halle Berry

Aodhan –  Tom Cruise standing on a very tall box 

Niamh –  Scarlett Johansson as she’s blond and Niamh likes the Avengers

Louise –  Jennifer Lopez as she can sing and act

Emily –  Anne Hathaway as she’s a Disney girl and was in Les Miserables

Rebecca – Kourtney Kardashian as she’s glam and has a boyfriend 

Lastly Jakki claims I need three actors – Dwayne the Rock Johnson / Jason Statham and Simon Pegg.  I would have said more Alan Carr or the bloke who played Reg Holdsworth but there you go.  I am often called “The Rock”.  It sounds like that anyway.

I’d add to that list….

My Dad – Alan Alda

My Mum – Brenda Blethyn

Margaret – Julie Walters

Kathryn – Kirsten Dunst

Michael – Nicholas Hoult

Over to you.

Till the next time……