Dream It, Wish It, F**k it.

What is this madness? Two posts in one day? Often it takes a superhuman effort to squeeze out one, but we are mid-trip report, so my weekly nonsense about what is happening in life (and as ever, there is a fair bit going on) isn’t a thing. So I just wanted to share an update with you as it relates to the main reason this blog exists.

Despite only recently returning from our “couples retreat” trip in September, we have booked to return to Orlando, this time taking Emily along with us. Rebecca, Tom and the boys are already booked to go in April/May so Florida is getting its fill of Williams dollars it seems.

Oddly, I feel some sort of need to justify this ridiculous extravagance. Let me confirm, we are not very rich, just really irresponsible!

Before I share the plan, the reasons for the trip are many and include –

  1. First and foremost of course, we want to go again.
  2. Fantasmic is back and it needs watching. Or at least we need to go and try to watch it and no doubt end up disappointed.
  3. Our last trip, as much as we enjoyed it, and we really did, was beset with three days of a hurricane and of course Mary’s sad passing, so we feel like some of that trip was lost or impacted.
  4. My Dad isn’t in the best of health these days, and along with Mary’s passing, both Louise and I are firmly in the “f**k it” mindset of doing stuff we want to do whilst we are fit and able to do it. All too soon it will be too late.
  5. With one thing and another we’ve had a tough year or so and, well, as I say, f**k it.

We asked Emily if she’d like to come along as she’s not been since last January and has severe withdrawal symptoms. With saving for her own place being a priority for her now, she would be unlikely to return under her own steam for a while.

So enough apologetic justification for doing what we want to do. What is the plan?

We go on the 9th of January. We are flying with Virgin this time and managed to get Premium both ways for an acceptable price. We like Aer Lingus a lot, but they only offer Business Class as an Economy alternative and that is big money for the three of us. Premium is a decent halfway house between Economy and Business so they got our business this time.

We are staying at Caribbean Beach for seven nights to start. This resort was selected mainly due to the Skyliner, as it will enable us to visit our beloved Boardwalk of an evening without the need to drive. It’s a cheaper alternative to staying at one of the Boardwalk resorts but still allows us to do what we love to do there.

Yes, this time we are definitely going to do the WDW parks. January is not a time of year to depend on there being sunbathing weather, so the plan is to do Disney.

Even though Louise and I have three days of Universal tickets to use from our last trip, due to Hurricane Ian, we aren’t doing Universal on this trip as there isn’t time. Why you may ask?

Well for the first time ever we are doing a Disney Cruise. We move from Caribbean Beach to the Disney Wish for a four-night cruise to Nassau and Castaway Cay. Being a walking contradiction, Louise suggested/insisted we do this despite having told me for the last few decades that she would never do a cruise.

Had we added Universal to the plan then we would have been in a park every day and that way lies tiredness and a lack of enjoyment.

After the cruise, we then move back to Orlando to finish with three nights at the Yacht Club, where despite my nightly prayers, I suspect we won’t get another upgrade to Club Level. Go on Disney, you know it makes sense!

I honestly didn’t plan this but it seems if I continue to write up the last trip at the current rate, the last day will get posted the day before we go on the next trip. This is ridiculous, extravagant and at the same time awesome.

We’ve been watching a fair few Tracker vlogs recently as they now seem to live on the Disney Wish, so I feel we have a decent amount of knowledge about the cruise experience and The Wish, but as we were starting from zero knowledge, of course, if there are any cruise experts reading this, your tips and advice would be most welcome. Ditto Caribbean Beach.

So far our plans include dining at Il Mulino again, Yak & Yeti whilst in DAK and a brunch at somewhere new to us, City Works at Disney Springs. We also plan to spend another evening with Yeeha Bob.

It feels weird to be one of those folks who have multiple trips per year, but I come back to the recurring theme of this post, f**k it, you’re a long time dead.

Till the next time……

9 thoughts on “Dream It, Wish It, F**k it.

  1. Our thoughts precisely Craig. Looking forward to hearing about the cruise as we’ve thought about it but never yet done one.

  2. Good for you, that’s our motto too. Very jealous about the cruise. We had one booked and eventually cancelled it due to Covid, having moved the date 5 times. I agree the Trackers live on the Wish, it’s becoming boring.
    I hope your Dad improves.
    Lucky you, another trip well earned and deserved

  3. Never feel you have to justify enjoying your life it’s just too short.

    I went on a Disney cruise many years ago it was fabulous can’t give you any tips other than have a great time and I will once again live vicariously through your trip report.

  4. Hell yeah! Do it while you can 🤠. I wish with all my heart that I had gone when Brittany and Jake went on their own. I pleaded to go with them but they said ‘“…there will be many more times we can all go together…” . Well, less than 12 months later, my health deteriorated and covid struck and little did I know at the time that 2017 would be my very last time at Disney 😢. Oh how I wish with hindsight we knew what the future held and they would have been happy for me to go with them. So for me, you are doing exactly the very right thing and “f*cking it 👍”. Enjoy your planning and I for one can’t wait to read the cruise trippie 😍 xxx

  5. After having a heart attack last year I am now firmly in the fuck it brigade you get one life I’m all for doing what makes you happy so good for you enjoy every minute! I’m trying to convince my hubby to try a cruise so looking forward to hear what you think?

  6. Wholeheartedly agree with the sentiment so I am just going to go have a look down the back of the sofa for any spare change just in case some rich relative (as if) has lost a few thou down there.

  7. Hi Craig, great news on the upcoming trip, more trip reports for us to read!

    I am out there roughly the same time as you, fly from Manchester on Friday 6th for 8 days. I willl say hello to Ryan if I catch a glimpse of him!


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