Dig, Doug, Dougie

Apologies for the lack of blog last Sunday. We had a lot on and let’s face it, nobody cares.

I was inundated with one message asking if I was still alive, so thank you.

I doubt there are many other blogs where you can receive regular digging updates. It’s a niche market, but I’m happy to tackle it.

More digging has happened. We now have two “tiers” to complete the many other tears all this work is driving us to. To be fair, it has been relatively painless so far, for us at least. The digger driver did have a couple of interesting/terrifying moments in the smaller digger he used to do the final bits of shaping etc, as he traversed the moonscape that is currently our back garden, but the digging, at least involving the big machinery is done. Anything else will be done by hand now.

That is a relief in itself as just getting that sort of heavy machinery into position had the potential to upset the neighbours, damage property and see our field make an appearance in our kitchen.

We spent all week awaiting the delivery of all the materials so the reconstruction could begin. As with everything else in the country these days, building materials have become akin to precious metals and bugger all happened until yesterday as we awaited the delivery of rare commodities like wood and sand. The builders estimate about a week of work to get things complete once stuff arrives, so let’s say two and hope we’re somewhere close to done by the end of August. It’ll be lovely to look out at our new outdoor space through the drizzle and fog of Autumn.

The other news since we last “spoke” was our wedding anniversary on the 3rd. Twenty-six years of marriage and twenty-eight together. People often say things like “where has the time gone” in these circumstances. I know where it has gone. Mainly working, many lovely holidays and the usual mix of ups and downs. Literally, cest la vie.

In other news, and the latest “you couldn’t write it” episode of my life, one evening last week as I returned home from walking the dogs, I spotted some movement near our kitchen bin. What followed was twenty sweaty minutes of Louise and I trying to catch a mole that no doubt one of the cats had brought home and then lost or got bored with. It’s at times like these that you realise how much furniture you have, as the poor little bugger scuttles from one piece to another. Eventually, I threw some tupperware over it and took it outside to hopefully find its way home and not to another cat. We named him Doug. It felt appropriate.

To complete the Dig, Doug, Dougie trilogy, the latter has been a little unwell this week but a visit to the docs confirmed it was nothing serious. He was off his milk, which based on his track record to date, was very unusual. Anyway, he is on the mend and back to staying awake all day, smiling at everyone and eating.

With it being mid-August now, by rights I should be boring you to tears with the detailed coverage of our last-minute preparations for a WDW trip. This time of year has, more often than not, been our time of choice to visit Florida. It isn’t possible this year at this time for many reasons and for Louise and I, we just don’t know when it may be again with Mary needing the care she does. Respite care is not an option as the worry whilst away wouldn’t make for a relaxing time.

I’m not sure I’m ready to tackle WDW again yet anyway to be honest. It seems the more time that passes since our January trip, the less I feel inclined to combat the complicated mess that is visiting a WDW park. It’s like some mild form of Genie+ PTSD. Maybe it is better now? If you’ve been recently I’d welcome your feedback.

The CEO this week confirmed the one call I got right during the pandemic. The park reservation system is here to stay. As I guessed, this is just too useful to Disney in terms of their planning, cost management and ability to staff the parks, or perhaps more relevantly, limit the number of guests aligned to how many CMs they have available.

I don’t mind this too much. As someone who plans their days months in advance, mainly so we can eat where we want to, the chances of us rocking up to a park that’s full and having no reservation are slim to none. What I do object to is having to be awake and on-line around 6.30am to fight for the chance to pay extra money for Genie+ to have any chance of riding anything that resembles a headliner.

With a good number of new rides open or about to, this is only going to get worse. It may be years before folks get to ride a “new ride” even if they visit annually.

With no prospect of a holiday any time soon, the main reason I need to get one booked is that it is typically the only reason and motivation to lose a few pounds and let’s just say I should book about a dozen holidays to generate the weight loss required right now.

Let’s reconvene next Sunday with hopefully, news of a very nearly finished back garden. What could possibly go wrong?

Till the next time…..

7 thoughts on “Dig, Doug, Dougie

  1. I really missed you last week. I even looked for a news report of Lancashire man hit by rolling digger!

    Pleased Dougie is feeling better. Those chunky legs, just makes you want to squeeze them 😂

    After our trip I. January I said no more, I even suggested selling DVC points, this week like childbirth the pain has gone and maybe it wasn’t so bad. So May 2024 is now provisionally in everyone’s diary. With DLP sometime next year.

    You will be back one day too. Dougie needs to go 👍

  2. I do read your post every week , but as you say when its not about Disney there is not a lot to talk about, occasionally I dip into The Dibb but reading that just puts you off Disney with all the faff just to get into the park , even if I had the money to go now I dont think I could be bothered. And I see more and more people going to Universal instead. Hoe you soon get the house sorted , what will you write about then.?? haha.

  3. I have 29 days until I visit Disneyworld with having a countdown of 564…I am a tad nervous with genie+ thing..I have no plans to use it..first time for us without hiring a car as I think it is wrong to charge for parking overnight at your resort…The money we have saved is paying for a 3rd week at Universal …I hate what has been done to Disney and I think they want to be very careful as I think when Epic universe is completed that will give Universal 3 parks and 1 water park , people may primarily stay on site at Universal for the majority of the vacation and travel in to visit Disney…such a shame as I have been visiting Disney now for 24 years

  4. I hear you, if we didn’t own DVC and, and were lucky enough to keep and renew our discounted annual passes, we would probably not be going. However, we have made an investment and commitment, but we still have a couple of other bucket list trips we want to do too. This year will the be first time we have even to Universal in six years, Disney could learn a lot with the deal we got those APs, 15 months for the price of 12 and no start date.. could have kept them for 2028 if we wanted. Agree with others above, going to give Disney a run for their money in the years to come. And how cute is Dougie!

  5. Missed you last week was a tad concerned there had been some sort of digger mishap.

    Last few trips to Florida we have stayed on coast and just visited Disney for a day or two not sure with the book requirements this would even be possible now?

    Glad Dougie is better he’s certainly looking super cute in the picture.

    Keep writing we do miss you on a Sunday when you don’t.

  6. We are here at the moment and one of our party is having problems with Genie+ on a daily basis. It means frequent trips to Guest Relations, whilst we watch thousands of people march past us to get in the line ahead of us for our first attraction (or at least that’s what it feels like 🙈). It’s got to the point where no amount of comped fastpass is going to cut it. And we missed out on the virtual queue for GOtG this morning as the app was being daft. Oh joy! What with patchy wifi in the parks and glitchy WDW app, we are losing the magic. We don’t want to be stressing about this stuff or staring at our phones all holiday. We, like you, will most likely leave if a few years until all this is sorted (read ‘shelved’) and a better, more Disney system is put in place, rather than this money-grabbing, ineffectual and aggregating system of Genie+. Apart from that, we’re having a lovely time on the new rides (once we manage to get on board 😄) and enjoying just being here.

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