Cancel Culture

I have, over the years, had better weeks. I’m not one to moan as you know, but amongst other things I have spent a good amount of time this week cancelling all our June bookings and plans. There is literally zero joy in any of that work, especially when there are no new dates yet to replace the old ones.

However, having done so, and knowing it was the only call to make really, despite no official announcement having been made (at the time) there comes with it a form of liberation and release from the stress of analysing and worrying about every little announcement, nuance and tweet related to travelling to Florida in the coming weeks.

I know now that we won’t be doing so until late summer at the very earliest and if I were looking for sliver linings to this cloud of shit, then the fact that things will have settled down, become clearer and hopefully more normal by then has reduced my stress levels considerably.

Everything related to our June trip was cancelled by mid-week where possible. Virgin and our Vero DVC points booking remained outstanding and then on Friday I got the email from Virgin telling me our flight was cancelled. For once, it turned out I was right. Their email came before the 5pm announcement of green countries so clearly airlines etc had been given a heads up, and Virgin’s move to start flights again to Orlando from July 1st ties in with all the predictions around when the US could open their borders.

The Vero booking, should borders not be open by the 26th of May, (one month before our stay there) will become a credit note.

The dates of any next trip remain uncertain. I know it doesn’t seem like it just by reading what I put here most of the time, but there are a couple of real world things that we need to get clarity on in the coming weeks and maybe months before committing to new dates and this is why I cancelled the Virgin flights rather than just move them. That in addition to their flight prices being ludicrous for later this year of course. So we wait for these real life events to sort themselves out and for Virgin to give us a refund. Who knows which will happen first.

On a more general note the stats in the US and UK continue to be excellent. Much better than the models predicted I think and as I said last week, I think it is clear now that WDW and Universal are very much planning for as much normality as possible by the time we get to “the fall”. What Mark E Smith has to do with it I don’t know. (Ask your Dad). Only yesterday, or was it today, cast members working outside now have the option to wear a mask or not. Over the coming weeks and months I expect almost all COVID related restrictions and practices to be removed from the parks and resorts.

My vlog abstinence continues. I just can’t bring myself to right now. That’ll change as our plans emerge from this fog of uncertainty but for now, it’s too soon.

It was pleasing to see TUI take a lead on the testing front. For as long as those are required, the absolutely ridiculous prices that PCRs are being offered at are profiteering of the highest order and TUI’s offer of £20 a head is much more like it. That will surely now force the hand of the other airlines and operators to offer a similar service. Again, by the time we go, hopefully with all adults having been able to get a couple of jabs, the vaccine will be enough.

In other more pleasant news, Friday saw Rebecca turn 24. I say it every year, but does that make you feel old? It was only about 18 months ago you were reading about her in my trip reports as a small child. She was a small child not you, I suspect.

Here come the usual set of photos to commemorate her big day.

A second birthday amid COVID restrictions for Rebecca then but Tom was able to take her out for an al fresco meal at least this time.

So the excitement and anticipation of having a countdown is gone, although I can’t say I have been too excited about any of the three sets of dates we’ve had booked recently, as we always suspected they wouldn’t happen. Hopefully, we can rectify that soon to avoid any prolonged huge man baby sulk on my part and weeks of me whinging on about it here.

I know you wish for it too.

Till the next time……

One thought on “Cancel Culture

  1. (Ask your Dad) !! , how old do you think the people are that read this rubbish. I would hazard a guess not much different than your good self. I do however share in the frustration of waiting for the happy place to open for us again. I suspect that the light at the end of the tunnel this time is indeed the end of the tunnel.


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