Positivity Payback

Like some sort of legendary mythical siren, calling sailors onto the rocks, my positivity packed post last week seems to have summoned the combined forces of negativity and doom onto our shores.

I apologise and promise to just piss and moan every week from here on in.

I don’t know if it is more a symptom of where my head is, but this week, I have just sensed a collective groan and downturn in the mental health of the entire country. I’ve seen social media posts from friends expressing despair, downheartedness and downright depression. I don’t know specifically what it is, but the mood seems to have slumped.

Yes, we are rolling out the first jab at an impressive speed, but I think there have been a good few signals that this isn’t a silver bullet that will deliver us relief as soon as we would like. The government briefings have continued to be a mess of blaming everyone else and moving the goalposts and it has led, I think, to a dreary realisation that as much as there may light at the end of the tunnel, the tunnel is very, very, very, very long.

My younger foolish self, all that time ago last week, was fairly upbeat about the prospect of international travel by the late spring or summer. Whether I am just drinking the kool-aid and reacting to the downbeat and cautionary messaging from those in charge to make us all realise this is far from over, but now, being much older and wiser, a full seven days later, I am much less optimistic and I have to say I am now in the mind that we will need to rearrange again.

I am very open to being wrong. Six months is a long time I suppose.

My vlog watching has not diminished. For someone with a very low tolerance for vloggers, or should I say most vloggers, we have settled on a trio of folks, The Trackers of course, who seem to be approaching Bill Gates levels of earnings from their efforts, and good luck to them, Prince Charming Dev and Paging Mr Morrow. Between the three of them, they do just about produce enough content to occupy the short windows of time I need them to fill as I do my twenty minutes on the bike or during that wasteland of TV around the time we eat our evening meal. Of course, they sometimes all chase the same content as events happen and parks do new things, but overall they are deserving of my eyeballs.

What I would say, is in recent weeks, since the end of the Christmas celebrations at the parks, they have all been enjoying how quiet the parks are. Riding Flight Of Passage with no wait, getting onto Rise Of The Resistance on a whim and generally just walking onto everything. I understand that this makes the experience on the day a nice one, but I am a little concerned about this. I know the parks are quiet at this time of year, but in light of where we are, and looking at the amount of time still to go before the parks can enjoy “normality”, they need to survive. If this quietness continues I worry for more layoffs, closures and other bad things.

The parks need to be there for us all when we can return. I am in no doubt that once we can, there will be the mother of all bounce backs, but I fear for them in short term. It’s probably unfounded as these companies no doubt have more of a clue of how to structure their finances than, and I know it may shock you, some random bloke from Bolton, but I often find that I don’t have enough to worry about, so I take this on as well.

Speaking of stuff to worry about, I do admit that this house move nonsense is getting to me. I think it’s getting to us all. I include Rebecca and Tom in that, as their move last Friday did not happen due to seller idiocy and solicitor delays, with a hint of Covid related issues. They are battling with all of those to try and get their deal over the line and get the keys.

We waited all last week for an update from our solicitor only to find that when we got it, they just confirmed that things were exactly where they were the last time we had an update. It is beyond frustrating. We are unable to plan anything needed for the move whilst at the same time living in a house that is now 45% bubble wrap and cardboard. We await another promised update early next week after of course, I have had to chase them half a dozen times to remind them to give it to us.

Louise is dealing with it all by going and sitting outside our new house. It exists between where we now live and where she works so she often pops by to make sure it is still standing.

After her snow ridden day at work yesterday she called on her way home to see how bad it was to get to when the white stuff hits. It was just about OK.

I have to point out that as large and impressive as that looks, it isn’t all ours. The old farm it is within also houses a couple of other properties inside those gates. However, we are lucky to be moving to somewhere like this. I’ll be honest, it has only been possible as nowadays the mortgage application form has a new section where employees of the NHS can declare the amount of claps they have received and they now count towards your income. Which is nice.

So on we go, into another week, just like the last. I think a lot of folks who bother to read this guff do so because of a shared love of holidays. For many, if you are anything like me, these trips act as both incentives and relief for the day to day slog of going to work. Without them, like now, it feels like there is no wind in the sails. There is literally no choice other than to hunker down, battle through and persist. In a few years time we will, I’m sure, look back on this period as we sip a cocktail on the lanai at Bahama Breeze or tuck into a Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream and laugh/weep.

There I go being positive again. I apologise for the inevitable payback that will bring.

Till the next time…….

8 thoughts on “Positivity Payback

  1. The rollercoaster of emotions is certainly more “Mako” than “teacups” at the moment with equal amounts of good news and bad news seemingly hitting on alternate days raising and lowering expectations as if teasing us is a new horror. However like you my wife and I cling to the hope that the Parks will still be there when “Trumpida” reopens.

    Time will see if I will be allowed to return to smell the sugar in the air when I step outside the airport but we all cling to that hope.

  2. This week does seem to have been particularly gloomy a combination of horrific news reports and dreadful weather ,I can only imagine how It must be with a seemingly never ending house move thrown in.
    As some one who has been in the incredibly fortunate position of having a Florida holiday every year for 30 years I will never ever take a holiday for granted again. When we eventually go back I will be ceasing every day and savouring every moment and almost certainly crying my eyes out on Main Street USA.
    I hope you get some good new re moving this week.

  3. We have settled for July 2022, as we are stuck to school hols and I’m hopeful. For a new vlog, can I suggest Mr David & Mr Ians previous trips. I know they’re not recent but they have a great sense of humour that I know you’ll appreciate and a great love of Disney.

  4. We were in the parks this time last year 😭 and were amazed at how busy it was!! No extra fast passes left by 10.30am, queues of 30-40 minutes that normally wouldn’t have queues 😲
    I know it’s been a few years since we went this time of year, but this was verging on the ridiculous.
    Onto other things, hope Rebecca and Tom get their keys this week and you and Louise hear something positive about your move 👍

  5. “as nowadays the mortgage application form has a new section where employees of the NHS can declare the amount of claps they have received and they now count towards your income. Which is nice.”

    It’s wit like this that makes your thread a joy to read Craig.

    Yes Mako is a great description of what we are going through. There is light at the end of the tunnel and I think by July we will be a lot closer to the end to be honest. Let’s just hope it’s a winter bug which disappears as the sun comes out.

    We can but hope.

  6. Yes it was Blue Monday last week but I had my down week the week before. I am lifted by the ending the Trump era and feel so sorry for Biden and the mess he has to sort and mountain he has to climb. Lots of Americans say they feel they can “ breath” again and I feel that too, for them.
    We are becoming more resigned that we need to cancel our May trip and bank some points, and rent the ones already banked. Need to get rid of 67 by the start of August.
    However we are now thinking we may try and extend Oct to three weeks and have a real long one, even with masks.
    We too have been going annually for 30 years and echo the sentiment we will be stopping and smelling the roses way more.
    Feel your pain re solicitors and the move, and we did it a couple of years ago pre COVID so that must add complications. Fingers crossed things move, for both moves, excuse the pun!

  7. Mr Ian & Mr David, great recommendation 👍🏻 Thanks.
    It’s January 57th, Christmas weight not shifting, still 8 weeks to pay day, all motivation has left the building. Thanks for the weekly shenanigans, seriously hope things move for you soon

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