Do Two Wrongs Make a Flight?

In my extensive array of skills, being wrong seems to be right up at the top of the list. It was only seven days ago that I came out with this whopper.

“My expectations of being able to go next March change on an almost daily basis. Right at this moment, I’d say I am slightly leaning towards it being possible. I can’t really articulate clearly why I feel that way. We have what is going to be a very challenging winter ahead of us and anything could happen, but ultimately it feels like as time goes by the world is learning to live with this thing a little more. You may remind me of this unusual optimism when I am undoubtedly proved wrong.”

Within 48 hours of that nonsense, I was indeed proved wrong and it now feels like I could not have been wider of the mark had I tried. With the incompetence driven second wave and lockdown seemingly all but inevitable, and new restrictions being in place possibly for six months, then our March 1st trip seems less likely than ever.

It’s just so sad. There is no other word for it. The seemingly endless woe is getting to us now, and even though I dread most winters, this one is going to be a doozy. I don’t know about you, but we’re all feeling the darkness of the tunnel which currently seems to be without an end for there to be light at.

As we watched various “leaders” from different parts of the UK deliver their addresses mid-week, it really did feel like we were watching some far fetched disaster movie. How we took stuff for granted pre-COVID.

Then, later in the week, Florida went all Florida and announced that COVID is apparently over in the sunshine state and all restrictions were being lifted. We can only hope that people keep up the stuff they have been doing to stay safe. Theme parks, I am putting my faith in you to keep the rules you currently have. Increase capacity if you must, but for all our sakes, keep the masks and distancing.

Let’s hope they realise that the numbers of sensible folks who recognise it’s worth taking precautions to increase the chances of folks not dying outweigh the number that drive to the parks in a car wearing seatbelts and on the correct side of the road to avoid death, but think that a face-covering suggests their lives aren’t their own. I think if they lifted all the current safeguards they may lose more visitors than they gain.

So in one week, I may actually have (and not for the first or last time) been wrong twice. The UK put rules in place, potentially for six months, that suggest I’m going to no further than the kitchen till April and then Florida ripped up the rule book and kicked off a COVID party. You can perhaps see why my thoughts around our holiday taking place change on a regular basis.

In other news, you may also remember last week me telling you how we had put the house up for sale? We went “live” on the internet on Monday evening. We had three viewings on Tuesday and accepted a very pleasing offer on Wednesday morning. Other than not knowing where we are going to live next, this is a mighty relief and shows that a pandemic seems to be a good thing for the property market. I suspect the current stamp duty exemption offer is driving a lot of activity. The joy at knowing we don’t need to go through the superhuman efforts of getting the house that clean and tidy again is lovely.

Not one to dwell on pleasing things, my mind is now crammed full of all the things that could go wrong and the horrors of physically moving all our crap to a new location. Before it can be half full, I need to find a glass.

So now we find ourselves looking for a place to live in a property market where everything is selling within 48 hours for more than the asking price. We have two viewings today and if neither of those work out then, based on the current stuff for sale in our area and budget, I may be shopping for tents and portable heaters.

So, leaving the inconsequential nonsense of where we might live and returning to the more crucial subject of our Disney trips. All of you out there with trips booked, no doubt having already moved them once or twice, how are you feeling now? Do you think the lifting of restrictions in Florida is another step towards overseas tourists being allowed in? Will it matter what the US do if the shit show in the UK continues?

These questions are going to be repeated for us all for many motnhs I fear.

Till the next time…..

8 thoughts on “Do Two Wrongs Make a Flight?

  1. We received our second Virgin email on Friday telling us that our rearranged flight for November was now cancelled. We never thought that we would still be in this situation.

    It is very nice of Virgin to say they will keep our tickets open for us. DH thinks this is a good idea, I wonder if Virgin will still be around to fulfill the tickets.

    Then we have the DVC points that will just disappear unless I figure out how to get some American family to rent them from us! I will NEVER bank points again!

    I guess all we can do is hope for a medical miracle which will let us all go next year.

    1. It’s thoroughly rubbish. I’m less worried about Virgin these days. They seem to have got themselves the finances to get through this but as today’s post clarifies I am often wrong 🙄

      1. Florida opening up like it is, is going to cause a complete shit storm. Republican state just trying to get the voters out for November. Remember florida is a swing state so every vote counts there. On Friday the US had its highest ever coving positive tests, something around 55000, so ot doesn’t seem to be getting any better at the minute.

      2. The problem is that Virgin have still not got enough cash to get them to next year.. They only received £370 million extra cash and the still owe nearly £300 million in refunds. The other part of the £1.,2 billion deal is mostly just deferred payments like aircraft lease payments and the $400 million to Delta, both of which have to be paid eventually. If Transatlantic flight don’t return to normal soon then the writing is on the wall for Virgin to be honest.

  2. My guesses are probably as good as yours, but I think the only way back to normality is a vaccine. I am thinking that to travel overseas any where you will have to have a certificate to say you’ve had the vaccine. When will this vaccine be available I am crossing every thing for 1 st quarter of next year.
    Good luck with the house hunting

  3. It is all so frustrating, and the lack of being able to plan and have something to look forward to make the dark winter blues even darker.
    We have lost three trips, one cruise and May is looking less likely. Not sure what we are going to with our DVC points either, if Florida spikes, and it will if they carry on this madness, then even renting them out will lose its appeal to the Americans.
    For those who only get one trip a year, or even every few years, it is even more disappointing.
    We are looking at at a trip to Disneyland Paris in May, instead so we can quarantine for the second week of our two weeks!

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