We Could Be Churros……

I was going to start with a common moan that this week has been a busy one. It has, and most are. It involved a visit to London which is hardly ever welcome and/or pleasant. With apologies and cap doffing to those of you who live and work there. It’s not for me.

I am ever grateful for the Pendolino that allows me to have my visits resemble some assault on a foreign embassy holding hostages. I boarded a train at 7am, was in Euston by 9am and sat in my meeting by 9.25. Despite this meeting containing some of the most ludicrous business speak I have ever encountered (and I’ve been doing this a while now) the day whizzed by and I was sat (backwards…bleugh) heading north on the 3pm out of Euston. I was home earlier than I usually am after a day in my normal office.

So that, added to the usual collection of drudgery, mild panic, problem solving and the odd minor success made the week a busy one. So as I said I was going to start by moaning about that. Then, I remembered that at some point during last week, courtesy of Twitter I learned that Toy Story Land had been added to the maps on the My Disney Experience app. So I abandoned whatever world-changing task I was buried in, opened the app, walked to Emily’s desk and we spent the next ten minutes zooming in and out, looking at the rides, pondering on how Star Wars Land was shaping up and then looking at wait times for all the rides.


So I feel a little guilty, bemoaning my lack of spare time, but hey, everyone needs a few minutes during the day and if it can contain some Disney it’s all the better.

Prep continues for our trip nicely. Everyone is trying to shed those few pounds to give us the freedom to put them back on before we get off the plane at Orlando and small but essential purchases are being made. Rebecca bought her park rucksack yesterday. This may seem trivial, but, as you know, these are strategic, long-term decisions as this one will now be going with her on trips until Freddie is a Dad.

It hasn’t been named yet. That is only a matter of time of course. As much care and thought must be given to that as they did to naming Freddie and they need to be given time to do that.

I still haven’t had Ryan mended yet so I must get round to that as failure is not an option.

The other thing of note this week (look, it is significant to me as it is food related) is the appearance of this heavenly creature.

Image credit to disneyfoodblog.com

That is an absolute game changer. There is no other substance on the planet that contains more sugar than a churro. Not even sugar, so to enhance it with ice-cream is a stroke of genius, and if it is possible to FastPass that, I will, and I’ll be heading for it at rope drop on the first morning. I’ll have been awake for about four hours by then so I’ll be due elevenses. Now you see why I’m trying to lose a few pounds.

It may be apparent that I am ever so slightly pining for this trip? Well, I’m ready. It’s already been some 14 months since we were on Floridian soil and even then we only had four days at WDW, so my body, brain and other bits are all ready for a break now. Such is the eternal struggle of a Brit with a WDW obsession.

OK, I have chores to attend to, as Louise is working all weekend, some football to watch, dogs to walk and if time allows some indulgence in some Disney vlogs to distract me from the imminent arrival of yet another Monday. Enjoy your Sundays.

Till the next time…..

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10 thoughts on “We Could Be Churros……

  1. OH MY DAYS :O …that ice cream churro though πŸ˜› πŸ˜› πŸ˜› . I want…nay NEED a crumb-by-crumb foodie report on that alone especially since I won’t be tasting one any time soon πŸ˜₯ and Toy Story Land – how exciting…Slinky looks great. Not long now!!! I’m sooo excited for you πŸ™‚

      1. That’s just it Craig…I know you only too well and know that it is highly possible that the said scrumptious goodie will be scoffed before you remember that an empty plate is not what we want to see in a photo. I fear it won’t touch the sides resulting in the event of me not being able to vicariously savour it with you…OMG, I’m drooling πŸ˜›

  2. Ryan is Injured! You must take him to the Rucksack hospital IMMEDIATELY. Lol

    Will you be indulging in a Voodoo doughnut Craig?

  3. Omg!! I’ll join you in a campaign for fast pass introduction to those churros!! What date do you go?

  4. Haha !! That churro/ice cream concoction popped up on my Facebook feed this week too. Certainly brightened up my day at work and has been added to the ever growing list of must eats on our trip !

  5. Nice bag Rebecca. Now I know that you can’t do this with a young Freddie, but we have just got back from a no bag holiday and going into the parks through the no bag line is so liberating πŸ˜€ Maybe you should nominate one person to go through with all the bags whilst everyone else can go enjoy a churro and ice cream? πŸ™‚

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