The 100 Day Wait/Weight

As I come up with some guff each week to form one of these posts, I never know what the week ahead will bring. Usually I have a good idea that it will include lots of work related stuff I’d rather not be doing but other than that, it is a glorious meander through the maze of chance.

Last week work took me to Glasgow on Wednesday for a meeting. I don’t do very many of these things these days, so it was a nice change. Earlier in my “career” I used to be out and about a lot and what I remembered was how not being tied to my desk breaks up the week and makes it less of a slog.

The trip north is rarely a chore, as it can be when journeying south, as the M6 in that direction is a joy and is exactly how motorways should be. I travelled up most of the way with a colleague, one I have mentioned many times, who is a DVC owner and fellow Disney lover so the conversation usually drifts towards Florida and food making the journey even more enjoyable.

It was during one of those conversations that Steve asked me how my Dad was doing. He’s had a lot of health issues over recent years and has had a bit of a bobbins 2018 so far, to put it mildly. I was pleased to be telling Steve that did seem to be behind him, with some positive news recently from the docs and the resumption of his summer golfing routine.

That of course meant that I was to be proved wrong, and I was surprised and concerned to see an ambulance pull up next door on Friday evening. To cut the story short, he has a severe infection and is currently hooked up to antibiotics so strong that in future whenever he gets angry he will turn green and rip his shirt.

There was a concern it may be something more sinister, so thankfully, although he has felt rubbish, it should be sorted once the drugs work and hopefully he’ll be home before long. Serves me right for opening my big mouth I suppose.

In more trivial news, tomorrow sees us dancing. We move into double digits and the pace of this countdown seems somehow to be picking up. I know it isn’t but the nice summer weather, the end of the football season and a realisation that we only have three pay days until we go all add up to fooling me into thinking we’re nearly there.

That should serve as some sort of kick up the arse for me to shed a stone or three of my winter weight. By that I mean the last few decades of winters. I think I will try on all the T-shirts that I know are snug and rely on my inner scrooge to motivate me. I do not want to have to buy a whole new range of T-shirts that fit, so let me attempt to force myself into a healthier regime by writing it down here.


There we go, how could that possibly fail? It is essential my waistline reduces so that my fanny pack will fit around it.

Every time we go there is a pre-holiday diet to endure. The trick, as if I am any sort of expert on weight loss, is not to go too early. This is what I have been telling myself anyway. If I get down to a more acceptable weight too soon there’s always the risk that my lack of will power will see me drifting back towards my current Jabba like state. It’s like a long distance runner timing his kick for home. Go too soon as he will be picked off on the home straight, leave it too late and he will never catch the leaders.

Right now, I am doing some stretches and lunges at the start line and wondering how on earth I am going to make it past the first mile, never mind what position I may finish in. The race itself may be less tortuous than all these running allegories.

Enough, I have a load of stuff to do including a hospital visit.

Till the next time…..




22 thoughts on “The 100 Day Wait/Weight

  1. Hope your dad is feeling better soon, I’m on the weight loss home straight and doing badly, need to get the swimwear out for motivation lol

  2. Best wishes to your dad. I hope he is feeling better soon.

    This morning I told our daughter that 4 weeks today we will be on our way. Her reply, it’s only THREE weeks eeek. I must start packing 🙂

  3. Hope your dad starts to feel better soon.

    Does that mean I can start a countdown to reading your trippie? ☺ I think I heard there’s a new ride being built at EPCOT…

  4. All best wishes to your Dad for a very speedy recovery. Double digit dancing from now till single digit dance day is excellence exercise!

  5. Hope he is on the mend soon. Just got bac form WDW and MIL went into hospital again whilst we were away. Just the way it is as we all get older.
    Love GTA double digit countdown.

  6. Sending all good wishes for your dads speedy recovery. I too have ageing parents and mum especially has had a very up and down, well more down start to 2018, so know only too well what you are going through. Here is hoping the rest of 2018 is better for your dad.

  7. I think I will use your mantra to shed the fat, beats paying £5 at slimming world each week 😂

    Get well soon to your Dad, hopes he’s golfing wearing a big neb hat soon

  8. Heya – sorry to hear about your dad – I hope he is on the mend and back on the golf course very soon.

    Double digit dancing is the best and shake that torso a bit more and the weight will drop off! However….it’s not worked for me! :0)

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