Full of Woah!


Just stop a minute. Pause, wait, hold on.

This is what I feel like screaming out right now. Life looks a lot like this…

Work is crazily busy, and the same applies for Louise who when she finishes later today will have worked 17 days out of the last 21. We’ve bumped into each other a couple of times in front of Netflix over that time.

Some of this madness is self-inflicted of course as I choose to do Mustard stuff and a weekly blog, but overall, it feels like there isn’t time to breathe. Work days flash by in a bluster of problems, decisions, multi-tasking and meetings and after commuting, dog walking, and then making and eating food it’s pretty much bed time again. Commutes are spent pondering all the stuff that needs doing, that you can’t as your sat in a car as emails build in your Inbox.

Even alleged days of rest vanish before my eyes. An untouched day stretches out before me but is all too soon then filled with chores, commitments and tasks and the next time you take a breath, it’s gone and work starts again.

Such is modern life I guess. We spend so much time doing things that given the choice and funds we probably wouldn’t choose to.

So I had in my mind today that I might not get a chance to blog due to time constraints. What? It’s Sunday, what else are you doing fat lad? I hear you ask in unison. Well, just lots of bits and bobs. After a late night last night, I wasn’t up too early and have just finished some DIY (imagine my joy), the shopping is due any second, the dogs need walking and the house is just a large dose of things that need doing.

Instead of not blogging of course, my task centric, creature of habit idiot side kicked in and instead I have spent time blogging about how I probably don’t have time to blog.

If I had time to take a long hard look at stuff I would probably have to be honest with myself and realise that I do spend a lot of time on stuff that I needn’t or shouldn’t. Playing my bass, a bit of Playstation and a fair bit of vegging out to a box set do take a bit of my time, but that’s the calm to the storm of everything else I guess.

Some of that time could be spent finishing that second book I’ve promised myself for the last few years. By that I mean the writing of one and not just reading one, not that I get much time for the latter either to be honest. It’s not as if anyone else really cares about that book too much, but because of how I am wired, it bubbles away on my mind’s back burner like a nagging pain, constantly reminding me that there’s something I started that isn’t yet complete.

Sigh, as much as it may surprise you I don’t like it when a blog post is just a moany rant about shit that everyone in the world is going though but doesn’t feel the need to inflict on others on the internet. If I were Freddie’s age I would be declared over tired, given my dummy and be rocked off to sleep. That sounds quite appealing to be fair.

To sunnier topics, literally. I spent about seven minutes on the plan over a hastily eaten sandwich one day last week. With the ADR window approaching I at least need to be clear in my own mind what we are after. So a change was made, deleting 50’s Prime Time and I added instead a new experience for us of Edison at Disney Springs. That involved shifting a couple of things around to different days and in doing so I realised that the Not So Scary stuff is going to have a material impact on one of our traditions.

Our last day is always a twelve-hour pilgrimage around Magic Kingdom, ending with an emotional and tearful viewing of some fireworks and  me being dragged from the premises wailing. On our last day this time, Magic Kingdom closes at 6pm for the Not So Scary party. So, this means two things –

  1. We will need to go elsewhere for our firework finale
  2. We will need to find another day on the plan to watch Happily Ever After for the first time.

As and when I get another seven minutes I shall address that problem.

Look at the time! I have things to do.

Till the next time…..

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