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Well what do you know, it’s October. At this rate we’ll be heading to the airport in about ten minutes. Speaking of which my niece and her fiancée have done exactly that this morning as they head to WDW for their long-awaited holiday.

Have a great time Sarah and Tom!

However, not one moment of last week was spent planning due to the great inconvenience of having to work. Now, when I say there was no planning, that only means that I didn’t at any point sit down in front of a spreadsheet and the internet and formally plan stuff to do. Of course. subconscious planning happens at all times. For example, in the middle of some very tedious work related stuff, it popped into my head that Sanaa wasn’t currently on our plan. This is a grave issue. We love Sanaa, specifically the bread service, but as it stands there is simply no room for it unless we sacrifice something else.

To be honest my thinking is that for Tom’s first time and with a small child at the table, Whispering Canyon and 50’s Prime Time feel more relevant and suitable. There will other times for Sanaa.

Even though we will be flying out in August, as WDW tend to do, by the time we get there Halloween will be in full swing. We are very used to the parks transforming into an autumnal pumpkin fest towards the end of our previous August holidays. In the past we’ve been pretty much on our last day when this happens, but next year we’ll be just arriving. As such, I suspect MNSSHP will be happening. For anyone not in the WDW nutter club, that stands for Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party. We’ve never done this so it makes sense that we take the chance to do so.


Being in about three thousand WDW related groups on Facebook means that I am bound to get some mixed reviews of this event. For anyone who has done it, would you say it is worthwhile? My gut feel is yes for two main reasons.

  1. In all these years we never have.
  2. It will at least stop us having to leave the park early.

The tickets this year seem to start at around $74 each. That seems OK to be honest. In fact, in candy alone, Tom will break us even in the first hour.

If we go, then I don’t know if we’ll dress up. Again, any feedback on whether that is worth it or not would be welcome.

This time last week I said I had 20,000 words of the second book done. Well, this week I have a few less. Still that’s progress. I found about half an hour to open it and read some of it. This resulted in me editing out some words. So in this case I suppose less really is more. Having not looked at it for so long it was weird. It was like reading something that somebody else had written.

So not the most productive of weeks, outside of the stuff I am actually paid to do.

Louise is working again this weekend. It really isn’t fair. That means I have to do all the washing and tidying up. It really is rather inconsiderate of her. She knows I’m always a bit tired after gigging and Crumpsall lies in tatters this morning after Mustard blew it to pieces last night. She can make it up to me when she gets home later after eight days at work.

Right, I have to go, Liverpool are on TV shortly…erm, I mean I have lots of housework to do.

Till the next time…..

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25 thoughts on “Scary Stuff

  1. Hey Craig, hope you’re well. We’ve done the halloween event twice, the first time with a 6 month old dressed up as a devil 😃 the parade is excellent, there are lots of different characters to meet and tons of sweets given out – we ended up with 2 popcorn buckets full. But is does get busy – early is ok and late is even better especially if the little one is ok sleeping in a buggy. When we did a late one we skipped the first parade to do rides and then watched the 2nd parade which was very quiet.

  2. MNSSHP is a must do! If the sweeties (by the handful at each stop!!!) aren’t enough of a selling point then the Boo to you parade alone is worth the entrance fee!!! Sooooo good!
    We went to the 2nd party this year (it was still August) and there were loads of people dressed up…some really fab costumes! Even if you adults don’t do the costume thing you have to for the tiny human in your party…I am still recovering from the cuteness overload that came from seeing teeny (weeks old!) twins dressed as Belle and Beast!!!!
    I love all the parks after dark anyway but the lighting and the music they play at the party just adds to the atmosphere…it’s brilliant…can’t recommend it enough!

  3. MNSSHP Is the best! The parade is the most amazing thing, (and this is coming from someone who is not a parade fan at all) and all the candy! Low (ish) crowds.
    We love it!

  4. I did MNSSHP for the first time this year. I was sceptical but Brittany, Chelsea and James wanted to do it, Chelsea and James having done it a couple of years back. And of course Hollie was with us. Hollie dressed up and the others adorned Halloween hats but I didn’t. Well, I can honestly say it was the best night ever in MK. The parade is the best I’ve seen at Disney and the fireworks are amazing. We had so much fun (and we’re very competitive) getting our candy and between us all, we had 10 Halloween bags of quality candy. There are extra photopass opportunities, all specific to the night and the rides were fab with little ‘extra’s’ thrown in for good measure. I won’t spoil it but I made the foundations shake in Haunted Mansion 😳. And I cannot get the ‘atmosphere’ throughout the whole evening out of my head. It was pure magic. Worth it? Hell yes 😃. All I will say, much to your approval (😂) is to do lots of research and study the party map well so you know where the magic shots, candy stations and show times are…and get a front row seat for the parade 👍

  5. Hi We loved MNSSHP the atmosphere when the park becomes dark is fab and parade excellent, we didn’t dress up as such but had purchased black tshirts with a white mickey icon head done as a spider web with a spider hanging down from his ear, got asked lots of times where we got them. As it was warm these were perfect and myself and mother in law had light up halloween hairbands (husband and son drew the line at these).–halloween-t-shirts-disney-halloween.jpg
    Hopefully that link works.

  6. Ooh rejig your plans – you must do Sanaa – as ive said before we did Disney this year with our 14 month old grandson and his face when a giraffe when strolling past the window whilst stuffing his face on naan bread – was priceless. The staff really looked after all his needs – nothing was too much trouble – even when he launched his beaker across the table!
    MNSSHP you have to do just for the parade! And costumes are a must – adults not as necessary – but little man YES!
    I’m excited for you!
    We weren’t going back to Florida next year, but it’s creeping in again. Back to the gulf coast, looking at further up north and then ending our travels on Anna Maria – we loved our two weeks there in 2016.

  7. Hi Craig we did MNSSHP with our then 2 year old granddaughter a few years back, she was a pumpkin and fell asleep in her pushchair as the evening went on, but was great fun.
    We still do it ourselves as supposedly aduklts- well we are classed as that probably don’t act like it though. Every year we say shall we bother, and a few seconds later we’ve Booker bought our tickets. I think you have to do it at least once, it’s great fun, plus you get some different photos.

  8. 👏🏻f u n n y ❕👏🏻❕👏🏻 ~poor Louise 👑 (saint‼️) ~been to many mnsshp’s @ DW *in costumes🎉💄 and they’re p r e c i o u s 🎃❤️ ~the 2nd parade is always lighter, & u’d all never forget the headless horseman beginning the parade by running past u w/echoing hooves; the halloween fireworks give chills 😍 ~there r so many villian characters wandering around for sinister selfies 🖤(my only treasured pic w/Jafar
    ha ) ~and u would all get b u c k e t s of candy🍬 🍫 (foggy, spooky, & dark T or T’ing down by the paddleboat & cast members reeeeally play it up) as well as the famous Queen of Hearts off the Tomorrowland path (a reputation for welcoming fun interaction from T or T’ers (i’ve been chased up the path by her -ha❕~you all would prob not enjoy such involvement, but it’s fun to witness) ~& CM’s address u by ur costume’s character’s name @ the rides, all in fun ~if u all make it to a mnsshp someday, no doubt u’d l o v e it❕👻

    ~and it would be crushingly disappointing for ur book if u returned to it (YAY‼️) without editing 👏🏻✨ ~we should be able to chart ur subtle growth and/or change as a person chronologically in ur writing, as u’ve grown and/or changed ~one of the f u n things about getting it down in words 👏🏻❕👏🏻❕❕

    (do emojis show up here? -dunno, & i guess i shouldn’t litter pumpkins & smiley faces around so much 🎃 -so addicting 🎃🙂)

  9. “The time to begin writing an article is when you have finished it to your satisfaction. By that time you begin to clearly and logically perceive what it is that you really want to say.” ~ MT

    (who often left his books unfinished for years before going back at them)

  10. “It was by accident that I found out that a book is pretty sure to get tired along about the middle and refuse to go on with its work until its powers and its interest should have been refreshed by a rest and its depleted stock of raw materials reinforced by lapse of time.” ~MT ( tho as usual, could’ve been written by either one of u) 📖🎉

  11. Big yes to mnsshp. It’s the best night we’ve had at mk. The parade and fireworks are amazing. My tip is don’t do all day and then stay for the party. You’d almost be wasting a days ticket. We just went to the party, think we could get in about 3/4pm and stayed till way after midnight. Met some characters and did loads of rides with no queues during the first parade then stayed for the second. We loved every minute. Would go again. Enjoy. Ps we didn’t get dressed up but wore Halloween Disney t shirts, remember no scary costumes allowed!!

  12. We have done MNSSHP a few times. Usually we catch the 2nd parade as its usually quieter. We didn’t dress up but its good fun for the youngsters if they do. Hallowishes Fireworks were excellent as usual.

    A good tip is don’t go on a weekend as it is much more busier than midweek. This year the first few Sundays where very busy, even sold out and it didn’t help that one Sunday was cancelled due to you know who and they seemed to all go the next weekend when we went!. Last year we managed to Seven Dwarfs mine train 3 times in a row at the end of the night with no wait, waited an hour to see the 7 dwarfs and got over 7kg of candy between 4 of us on a week day but only managed mine train once and got just over 6kg between 5 this year on a Sunday.

  13. Havent read through all comments but attraction tickets direct are selling mnsshp for about £47pp so watch out for them next yr!

  14. You’ve got to do the Halloween party Craig it’s excellent. We’ve been going to WDW for 25 years – going back in 2 weeks time to celebrate our Silver Wedding – and it’s one of our absolute favourites. The parade and fireworks are worth the admission price alone, then if you have the stamina when everyone else crashes out you get to do the rides with no lines. Have I sold it yet?

    Enjoy your blog, keep up the good work:-)

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