Festive Ferrets

It’s on days like today that I curse my type A, over planning, obsessive nature that won’t let me break my ritual of blogging of a Sunday. I’m shattered.

This weekend has been the Xmas do of my department and it isn’t something that is done halfheartedly. For a start it was down south, a two hundred mile drive down south, so Emily and I were up early yesterday to begin the journey.

The venue was Wasing Park, which I think is near Newbury and/or Reading. It’s a nice place, mostly used for weddings, but for two days my company took it over for a day of fun activities and an evening of too much alcohol. So yesterday I spent my day racing ferrets, working with gun dogs, driving strange vehicles and navigating several team games, most of which involved a blind fold. Don’t worry it wasn’t fifty shades of anything.


It will not surprise you to know that I excelled in all events and it was only some very suspect marking which somehow meant I didn’t win anything! Despite a gruesome weather forecast beforehand the rain held off until the late afternoon by which time everyone had definitely had enough and wanted to go and get warm (in the bar!).

The evening consisted of more traditional and expected xmas do activities, such as eating turkey and drinking. Us oldies sat at the back sipping our drinks and chatting whilst Emily and the youngsters were dancing to something they claimed to be music. No, I do not want to work, work, work, work, work.

I was in bed and merry by about 1am. Emily was a little worse for wear and may have seen her turkey for a second time in one evening during the night. With no harm done other than a headache and a need for the full English we woke up to, the journey home took four hours but felt like forty.

My plan now is to do as little as possible, watch the footy and hope that Louise is making the tea. I am definitely getting too old for this sort of thing.

Anyway, that’s all you’re getting today, but I will leave you with a picture of my helmet.


Till the next time…..

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