Plastering and Pining

Events have conspired to make this past week a toughy.

We are, as I have mentioned before, undergoing some home improvements. This week has seen us getting plastered. Of course, that’s a messy thing and my oft mentioned dislike for disruption and mess has been in full effect. This work is also a blatant reminder of where a lot of our cash has been going recently, when it really should have been going on practical, sensible things like getting us across the Atlantic to Florida.

When we made these plans earlier this year, involving getting some stuff done to the house this summer and planning a trip early next year seemed OK, even manageable and it certainly demonstrated much more common sense than we have in the past decade or more.

Now, however, with my social media feeds full of people on holiday, the weather resembling November and my house like a building site, the irresponsible child in me is screaming that I should be on some roller coaster somewhere with pancakes in my belly.

Work has been extremely busy too, but to add to my longing for our usual American adventure, that’s because a member of my team is currently away, yes, on holiday. He isn’t in the US, but it is Canada which is close enough for me to put that into the same bucket of stuff that I shall keep to remind me never to be so bloody sensible ever again.

April seems a long way away.

Pining for Siesta Key…..

Our dose of US sun normally girds our loins sufficiently to get us through the grim, dark, cold and miserable UK winter. We shall have to take it on this year without that in our tanks and I fear for us. I also fear for you lot as you’ll see this manifest itself in a series of whinging, bleak and self pitying blogs. What do you mean you’re used to it?

On the subject of social media feeds and them being filled with Orlando stuff, of course that’s my own fault. Your social media content is of your own doing (mostly) and mine of course are made up of folks with similar obsessive interests in Florida. I joined a few of those Facebook Orlando groups some time ago, but never really contribute to be honest. They feel too big and impersonal and just a a diluted version of all that was good about the Disney forums most of us used back in their heyday. Plus, there’s some right crap on there too πŸ™‚

From questions that make my toes curl, to people who make me want to scream “Stop doing Orlando wrong!!” at my phone, to what seems to have become a stream of “blogs” or “trip reports”, I feel that these groups aren’t for me, other than to keep my eye on any news /updates I need to be aware of. Call me old fashioned, but jotting down a couple of paragraphs around a few photos from your phone isn’t a trip report. It’s fine to do that of course, it’s nothing to do with me after all, and it will still be nice to look back on of course, but for us old school Orlando folk a trip report involves a lot more effort than that. Endless notes, extensive photographs, details of everything, some of which nobody wants to know about and more words than anybody in their right mind would ever want to wade through (and no singing!!). THAT’s a trip report. These Facebook things are just status updates, valid all the same, and each to their own, but let’s not use the wrong term for them eh? There’s another example of my up and down relationship with Facebook!

Hmm, not sure where that rant/trip report snobbery/Disney forum nostalgia came from….perhaps I need a holiday? Maybe that or a new Disney forum we can all use that somehow is protected from cock wombles and trouble makers? I’m not volunteering by the way, but if you find one let me know?

Till the next time…..

8 thoughts on “Plastering and Pining

    1. Not really. I cancelled my subs and just use it as a normal punter, mainly for the planner thing. I haven’t browsed the forums for an age now. I don’t really recognise it as the same place I used daily a few years ago.

      1. I get you. I haven’t been on for such a long time as I can’t bring myself to unless I have a holiday to plan.

  1. Think it’s because you are so familiar with the place that some of the forums become mundane, it drives me mad when the same question is asked time and time again but often numerous times the same day, so it’s not as if you couldn’t find the answer. Maybe you should invent a forum where you only progress another level when you have been on the holiday so people will be in similar cohorts πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. Doing Orlando wrong? i wasn’t aware of a correct way to do Orlando. For me if i’m spending Β£7000 on a holiday then which ever way i choose to do my holiday is the correct way. If something on social media bothers you so much then simply unfollow the page other than insulting those who enjoy it and gain useful information. I for one one no longer follow this page. Enjoy doing Orlando perfectly.

    1. Wow Laura, I think it best you do follow your own advice and unfollow……I clearly need to install a “tongue in cheek” font to avoid any future causes of offence.

    2. Surely though it was just a blog and an opinion no one was being insulted. There’s plenty of things I don’t agree with about Florida holidays and it is each to their own but if a forum offers nothing but the same question day after day with the same answers day after day it becomes ever so slightly tedious!

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