Endless Errands and Expense

It’s a busy time. These final few days before we jet off are crammed full of lots of stuff. There’s too much work of course, but there also seems to be endless errands and expense connected to our holiday either directly or indirectly. For example, we’ve just doubled the annual sales for cat and dog food, stocking up for those kind souls foolish lovely enough to take our pets on board.

Today is a great example of this. Whilst Louise has been able to get on with the fun stuff, like the ironing of everyone’s clothes I have had to crack on with the less enjoyable preparations. No endless packing for me, no, I had to go to the golf driving range with my Dad to see if I could still swing a club after two years off from playing. I can report that the balls went in generally the right direction and I should be able to avoid major embarrassment on the first tee when we play in the Florida heat.

When I got home I was then allowed to start on the real fun by going to Asda to buy the stuff we forgot in the last big shop just a day ago. A quick walk of Oli, perfectly timed to start just as the heavens opened again and now here I sit all moist typing the last blog post before we go. It seems to have been forever since we booked and of course many eons since we were last there. So at this late stage it doesn’t quite feel real. Whilst watching yet more Florida vlogs this week, I noted that it seems odd to think that we will be there in a few days. These places that are so familiar to us in some ways feels so alien in others and I just hope we remember how to “do” Florida.

My journey to Asda also included a trip to the pharmacy to pick up Louise’s knock out drops for the flight. Such is her fear of flying that only drugs can calm her down sufficiently to board the thing. Seeing the tragic events yesterday at the air show only increases her fear of all things airborne but then again, her fear is an odd one as she will then be found watching all sorts of air crash investigation stuff when she really shouldn’t.

Don’t imagine for a second that I am moaning about all these preparations. I have pined to be at this stage for far too long so to see cases filling up and final preparations in full swing, it is a happy moan, if there is such a thing.

So the packing for Louise and I is pretty much done, no thanks to me, and I’m sure that at some point between now and Wednesday night the girls will find the motivation to do the same. Emily is getting there, but has a bit more to do as her cases have to contain stuff to get her through her entire programme, although of course her return flight may require an upgrade in her luggage allowance to carry all of her purchases, mainly tsums tsums and Disney sweat shirts.

Between now and Thursday should you happen to see me, I’ll be wearing emergency clothes. With everything I actually want to wear packed, I’m in my last resort underwear and that T-Shirt I never wear. The atmosphere in the house is a mix of excitement, stress, hard labour and anticipation, which is all pretty much from me about the thought of writing another trip report. I feel rusty and apprehensive and they are not two new dwarves. I might have to read a few of the oldies to get myself back in the zone.

So I sign off for a few weeks, with a whole new American Adventure ahead of us. I thank you all as ever for your interest in what we get up to and if your trip coincides with ours and you see us wandering about, do come and say hello. I’ll be the fat bloke wearing the attractive bumbag, eating something.

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Till the next time……

20 thoughts on “Endless Errands and Expense

  1. Exciting time! Have a great holiday and please, please get yourself in the Trippie writing zone that you’re so great at. Although from memory, your last day is always a bit of lump in the throat moment so I imagine that coming home without Emily this time you will have all of us in pieces! x

  2. Its been a long long time coming. Have a fabulous time and I will be following every whch way I can xxx

  3. Ooo, what are the knock out drops? Off to NYC on Wednesday and dreading the flight!!! So jealous of anyone going to Florida hope it is fabulous and healing after some less than desirable Disney interactions this year

  4. Have a great holiday and good luck to Emily. I will be watching your antics as we go in a few weeks and excitement is building.

  5. Have a great holiday.
    I hope it does not pass too quickly for you but we go when you get back 🙂

  6. Have a great time, we are arriving three days later than you for three weeks so will look out for Emily.

  7. Brilliant! Have a great time and hope everything goes smoothly for Emily this time. We’ll look out for her next April 🙂

  8. Have a great time! We head out just as you come back so will be following your trip anyway I can. Best wishes to Emily also.

  9. hope you all have a great time and I cant wait to read your report, lots of best wishes to Emily , hope its everything she expects it to be, we fly out on th14th so will miss you I think, anyway we will have a saunter to see if we can spot her, so if she sees a couple of oldish weirdos gaping at her tell her its only those freaky wiganers and just ignore us.

  10. oh…. what is your Periscope name? I love periscope, and would love to follow you all on that. Have a great time….. looking forward to the trip report 🙂

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