I’ve Never Done That!

January seems intent on sticking around forever. The last time I got paid Dave Lee Travis was hosting Top of the Pops. It seems that time has slowed down, and these cold, dark days and nights are clinging on for dear life.

I’m probably not the only one pining for a payday, but the slow march of January (pun intended) just illustrates how far away August is, and late August at that when we board that plane for Orlando.

I’ve been around long enough to know that as you get older, as m’colleague Steve will often tell me, you seem to eat breakfast every ten minutes. This isn’t literal of course, but meant to illustrate how time slips away as we get older. When I had six weeks holiday in the summer as a child they lasted for about four and half years each. Now, I look back on photos from ten years ago and if pushed would guess it was three, four years maximum since it was taken. So, if that is true then these next 213 days should pass by next Sunday. The trouble with that of course is that the holiday itself lasts about seven minutes. Which by the way is a totally respectable amount of time to last.

So having finished the vast majority of my booking and planning about five minutes after we decided to go, I have been looking for ways in which I can bring a little WDW joy into this bleak mid-winter. So, here we go with my list of things I have never done in Florida despite having been more times than I could admit to without seeming sad and narrow-minded.

1. A Dole Whip – Nope, never had one. Every year I vow to and then somehow don’t.

2. Cirque Du Soleil – Everyone raves about it and having loved Blue Man Group, despite fearing I wouldn’t, now I suppose it is only my inherent tightness that prevents me laying out for the tickets.

3. Swiss Family Treehouse – technically, I have done this, but it was so long ago it almost doesn’t count. It was on my first ever visit (I think) and having never done it with Louise and the girls, we still walk past it year after year.

4. Main Street Vehicles – whether that is the horse-drawn thingy or the trolley bus thing, we’ve done none of them. Our walk up Main Street on our first day is too full of slack-jawed wonder that we’ve made it back again to do anything but wander towards the castle fighting back tears.

5. The Rose and Crown – I’m sure we’ll remedy this on our next trip with Emily situated there but in all our trips we have never eaten, or for that matter had a drink in the Rose and Crown. I suppose we feel we should explore all the countries we don’t actually live in first.

6. Atlantic Dance Hall – I know this will shock you, as you’d be right in thinking I am a snake hipped devil who shouldn’t deprive any dance floor of my presence. We’ve done Jellyrolls next door a good few times but never made it into the boogie barn next door. The fact that I called it the boogie barn is probably why.

7. House of Blues – I don’t count sitting outside drinking a diet coke, which we have done a few times. We have never eaten there let alone attended a gig of one of the popular beat combos that appear there regularly.

8. The Hoop De Doo Review – Again, I know not why we haven’t done this one yet. There are some inherent flaws with a dinner show, in that the show can get in the way of me eating stuff, but still, we should.

9. Main Street Barber’s Shop – That’s right, laugh it up. Yes, I know I wouldn’t keep any barber busy for very long but I keep meaning to do the whole hot towel shave thing and get both hairs cut, as long as I get pixie dust and little Mickey heads in my hair too.

10. Any of the numerous running events – Let me state, just to be clear, that I have no intention ever of running any distance longer than the fast paced walk from entrance at rope drop to the preferred first ride of the day. Run? In Florida?  HAHAHAHAHAHAH.

This goes some way to answer the question regular visitors to WDW are asked. Namely, aren’t you bored of doing the same things every year. Well, firstly, are you out of your mind? Secondly, no, as there is always something new to do and experience. That list of ten came to me easily, so if I really tried I’ll bet there’s a lot more besides, certainly if I extended that thinking to other attractions and parks in the area.

So, what about you? What’s on your list of stuff that for some reason you’ve never got around to doing?

Till the next time…..




14 thoughts on “I’ve Never Done That!

  1. Earl of Sandwich – on our to-do list for August….. Along with getting married at Fultons! Never done that before, either! 😉

  2. Nope we’ve never had a dole whip or been to Hoop De Doo or the Atlantic Dance Hall or an Illuminations Cruise!

  3. We have this weekend just booked to go back in December – after Xmas but in time new year- it will be our first visit since 2012 so to say we share your excitement is an understatement! It’ll be my 13th visit & there is still so much we haven’t done either- the list is being written as I type!

  4. Apart from The Rose and Crown, in eight visits I’ve not done anything on your list either. We did have a reservation for the Hoop de Doo but cancelled it.

  5. Never done the Country Bear Jamboree or set foot in the Tiki Bird thingy, although I suspect there is a good reason for that 😎

  6. as a solo traveller, I will be trying a few new things like chilling out with a drinkipoo at the ROSE AND CROWN – something I’ve not done before as the kids haven’t wanted to. I will be spending more time watching the street performers as I can take all the time in the world to saunter around and stop and start as I wish. I’d like to have a go on a Segway. I believe they still do them at Fort Wilderness. I’ve not done Cirque or Blue Man Group so I am considering those too. Off Disney, I will be doing my first Airboat ride…something none of the kids ever wanted to do. NOW I CAN !!!! BRING IT ON 🙂

  7. Done a couple of those. A dole whip float is essential and I implore you to finally try one! We are currently in the process of booking our wedding in Florida for the end of 2016 so that will be new haha and also my little girl will be 3 1/2 and on her first visit! Now that I can’t wait for.

  8. Why have you not taken me horseback riding Mr W? get it ont spreadsheet sharpish 😉

  9. ✨👏✨ Haven’t spotted “Ryan” @ DW…(harder club to join than tokyo/cali’s Club 33) because you don’t go enough. Plze amend in future-Take fam & rucksack to DW more often for readers’ sake.

  10. No 9 – the barbers shop cut ladies hair too! I had a trim (and some pixie dust) when we visited one Christmas – not a great time to be wandering around MK with wet hair, as that year it was cold!

    No 10 – went to the finish line of the WDW Marathon on my 40th birthday surely that counts as taking part…?! :o)

    Off world, one of the best things we (I!) did was the Peabody Duck March but I’ve just found out that the hotel is now a Hyatt Regency so the Duck March has finished :o(

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