Gigs, Gore and Getting No Planning Done.

Now that all the initial excitement and euphoria about Emily getting her job at WDW has subsided, we’re now having to get our heads around her not being here for a year. That is the down side of this whole thing of course. It will be a huge change for all of us and of course for Emily. I say that as a Dad who still uses the Find my iPhone app to check she has arrived safely at work when she drives there. It’s about three miles away.

If she is to move away, I think we all feel better about it as she is off to Disney. She knows the place well, and working for the mouse, it is clear that there are rules, regulations and other stuff in place to make the sure the young folk on their programmes are looked after.

She is slowly working her way through all the admin and paperwork that will enable her to go, including a CRB check (which costs), an admin and accommodation fee (which costs), and of course her flight and visa (which costs). This programme is not something to casually consider on a whim. It tests the candidate’s commitment, determination and bank balance at every stage.

After my very busy week of planning, outlined in last week’s post, I have done absolutely nothing holiday related this week. I’ve been busy in other ways, mainly with work, with a couple of very busy days down in Marlow doing all sorts of worky things. On Tuesday night it was that time again for our regular pilgrimage to the Level 42 tour. It tends to come round every couple of years, and this time marked the 30th anniversary of my first ever gig, which was Level 42, in the same venue, the Manchester Apollo.

My brother and I met up after work for a large and lovely McDonalds before making our way to the second row for the gig. This was to be the closest we have ever been to the action at a Level 42 gig and it was super to be so.

A lack of planning and forethought on my part meant that I had to be up at a stupid hour on Wednesday morning following the very late (for me) night on Tuesday to make my way down south. The drive down was a blur of energy drinks and open windows in an attempt to avoid an abrupt meeting with the central reservation.

Having made it in one piece, the next couple of days were a whirlwind of meetings as they normally are when I’m down in Head Office until I escaped on Thursday evening for the race home. Whilst in Marlow, I realised that I have a strange wife. Louise is currently on a placement in the Operating Theatres at our local hospital, and I woke early on Wednesday morning to this text.


and then later, more detail, as I needed that!


Having vomited all over my desk at work, it made it crystal clear that nurses are a special breed, and it’s a good job there are odd folks like them out there. It works both ways, as not everyone could endure my job. Sometimes the stapler in my top drawer can jam, and I have often drawn blood trying to fix it. We are all heroes in different ways. By the way, the “patient” was brain dead, hence the beating heart!

Hopefully you weren’t eating when you read those texts!

So I resolve over the coming week to find some time (not in working hours of course) to do some more planning. The next stage is to loosely plan on which days we’ll eat where. I have my list, to which it has been suggested I should add Senor Frogs, and I see no reason not to, and I will use said list to allocate an eatery to an appropriate day. If there are any new or little known good places to eat then please do let me know.

I am also looking for recommendations for the “next series” to watch. We’ve done all the obvious ones –

  • Breaking Bad
  • Homeland
  • Orange is the New Black
  • The Killing
  • A good many Dexters, but not finished them….

and loved them all in different ways. We have Netflix and Amazon Instant Video (and no social life clearly) so if you have found one of those gems that compels you to binge watch at the expense of living your day to day life, we need to know about it. I thank you!

Till the next time…..

18 thoughts on “Gigs, Gore and Getting No Planning Done.

  1. Hi Craig – Have you eaten at Santa Fe? One on the 535 opposite Blue Heron.

    Highly recommended!

    AnnMarie x

  2. Hi Craig

    We saw Level 42 about this time 2 years ago in Manchester!! Great gig!!
    Have u tried The Walking Dead or The Strain? How about Sons of Anorchey? All great!! I too have no life 😉
    Hoping to see Emily next year at Epcot were out at the end August 👍

    1. Forgot to mention Walking Dead. We’ve done the first 2 seasons and enjoyed it without being gripped. I’ll check out the others, thanks.

      Yes, Emily may need her own FP+. She’ll be delighted to see you.

  3. Boardwalk Empire Craig. I am currently working on my husband for another trip next year. Been home about a month now, and missing it like hell. Still, I now know where we will spend 6 months each year of our retirement. (the millstone round our neck aka mortgage, is finished in 6 years, the house will be sold and a lovely place over there will be purchased…yay.

  4. New series of Homeland? I’m another who will pop in & say hello to Emily next year, just booked yesterday for next October 🙂

  5. Can’t recommend enough the blacklist as your next binge watch. Season one available on sky to download and season 2 just started.

  6. Great that you are returning to Orlsnfo and seeing Emily whilst there. I hope you succeed in writing another book connected with this trip. I have just finished the rough draft of our 3rd wdw holiday. Hilary

  7. Our DD is on a years work placement in Florida at the moment,not with Disney though. She has now been gone for 5 months and we do miss her but Skype is wonderful and really does help. We will be going out to see her in less than three weeks and I can’t wait !

    I can honestly say that we are finding it harder than she is, she is so busy and really enjoying herself and I am sure Emily will be the same. It is also amazing how quickly the time goes by.

    We are also planning a second sneaky trip next February, maybe you could do something similar 🙂

  8. As a charge nurse in intensive care I loved your wife’s enthusiasm at the organ retrieval ! Like you say it’s not for everyone!
    Walking dead ( I’m on series 4 ) or sopranos ( have watched the whole lot many times over)

  9. As a bit of a curve ball, I thoroughly recommend ‘The Tudors’ and ‘Borgias’, both of which are full of sex, violence, intrigue, politics and fabulous scenery and costumes 😉

  10. Have you watched Lie to me? Or suits?

    There is a tapas restaurant In Downtown Orlando, called Ceviché. It is great!! Of course, tapas isn’t for everyone, but if you like tapas you should definitely try it!

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