Posting about Posting.

Each week, when I come to fill this blank page with words, I genuinely have little or no idea how I’m going to do so. I know, you can’t tell!!

Over the years, I have become able to predict the popularity of a post before I hit the publish button and unleash it upon you. When I waffle on about writing a book, those posts are as popular as Rolf Harris at this year’s Children In Need, and when I post saying that we’ve booked another holiday the stats they boom, and servers overheat with the increased demand. That’s no surprise at all, as the majority of folks reading this “know me” from a WDW perspective, and it is in no way a moan. The fact that anyone reads this rubbish baffles me, so if a few less click on it one week then who am I to have a problem with it?

This post won’t be either of those by the way. I am technically writing another book, but haven’t been near it for weeks, and it is stuck at 15,000 words. Work has been very busy, as has life in general, and I need to find the time, discipline and mojo to get it back into my daily routine. By the way, if you’d like to know what I’m like at writing books, you could always download my last one.

Book Cover
Buy 400,000 copies please.

Holiday wise, we have nothing to report. The yearning is strong and is pretty much killing us, but we can do nothing until Emily’s plans are firmed up, and Disney are taking their bleeding time in coming up with dates for the majority of the group currently sat on wait list. We are in limbo, and it is immensely frustrating. Of course, should they call tomorrow and ask her to be on a plane PDQ, we then only have the problem of finding a way to fund any future trip. It is a problem we have somehow managed to overcome many times before, so fingers crossed.

These types of posts which meander aimlessly through a week’s events, or are general updates on our lives do OK by the way. Each post may not be spectacular, but I am persistent if nothing else. I see lots of folks starting blogs (Emily being one of them), and they write a few posts in the first flush of enthusiasm. The trick to building any sort of audience, I think, is consistency. I write “something” every week at pretty much the same time, and over time the audience has grown now, to one I could never have imagined. Thanks by the way.

So if anyone asks me for advice on writing a blog, all I tell them is, make sure you write it, regularly. That of course is easier said than done. Life is busy, without, at times, being very interesting, so finding something to share regularly can be a challenge. You’ll know that of course as you are reading this! I am driven by completing things, so this isn’t too tricky for me. Don’t get me wrong, some times I struggle to force one out, but the doctor says that’s an age thing, but until the blog is up I feel restless and as if things are incomplete, which isn’t a feeling I enjoy.

Life update wise, Rebecca is back in college, and loving it generally. She’s good at what she is doing, and enjoys learning about it, which is a good mix. Naturally she chose the most expensive course on the list. Media make up and hair requires a kit of equipment and make up that costs a similar amount to a small car, and then, she is on the only course at the college that requires a defined uniform.

Louise has started applying for nursing jobs! Apparently now is the time to do so, despite not finishing her course until next March. She submitted her first one last week, and she has got an interview. That’s a good start!! She is currently compiling her CV and portfolio for the process of finding employment over the next few months. It has been a long old road, and I think we’re both grateful to be counting down the last few hurdles now.

Emily is still working at a local restaurant, getting the experience that will hopefully help her as and when she works in and around the Rose and Crown. She’s earning decent money too, but not of course through tips. With two daughters working in the restaurant biz, I have to say we are truly awful at tipping decent service. They have both been left some truly embarrassing amounts of money masquerading as a tip. If you are eating out soon, think on!!

So having written today’s post about writing posts, I shall tick the imaginary box of completion on this task and go back to my Sunday.

Till the next time…..

4 thoughts on “Posting about Posting.

  1. Your missive about tipping had me thinking about last weekend when I was entertaining my American friends as part of their trip to the UK. I took them for brunch at our local Frankie and Benny’s and the conversation turned to tipping. I did tell them that it was nowhere near the normality as it is in the States, at which point the server came with the bill. As my treat to my guests, I was paying the bill and was pleasantly surprised at the low cost for 3 huge breakfast/lunches complete with copious free coffee top-ups. So I misheard the instructions for paying with my card and typed in my pin – unknowingly giving a 4 figure gratituity :O . The server’s look of astonishment and glee soon turned to one of morose and disappointment as I suddenly realised what I had done and snatched the card machine back and quickly deleted two digits, leaving just two digits remaining. The fact that I had now given 28p tip was purely and genuinely a complete mistake but too late to rectify as I hurried my American guests out of the restaurant, me following with a face the colour of an old British phone box as the server questioned ’28p gratituity…are you sure?’. I apologise profusely to the waitress in Frankie and Benny’s who incidently gave wonderful service (but not to the extent that warranted a tip in the thousands).
    (pence changed so as not to give part of my cc pin away 😉 )

  2. Craig, I normally read this blog and never comment but feel the need to this week! I was given your name this year and read all your TRs at once and loved your style of writing, so I am relatively new to your weekly blogs. They raise a smile each week though!

    To say I’m disappointed that Emily is not yet at The Rose and Crown is an understatement! I was sure she would have been there for our trip (16 sleeps to go!) and was looking forward to looking for her. As for your book, get a move on! I really enjoyed All This and More and I would quite like to know what happens next, that cliffhanger was very clever!

    Til next time!


  3. I too am disappointed that Emily is not yet had her call up as I had hoped she would be there in October when we go. It would have been nice to say a quick hello (I like spotting celebrities!). Hope she gets the call soon as it seems ages since she was accepted and the waiting must be quite frustrating.

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