Gatorland? Are You Out Of Your Mind?

There seems little point in cranking out a blog post this week as pretty much anybody I am even mildly connected to appears to be in Florida, and will have no interest in reading this drivel. I am of course very happy for them and in no way scrolling quickly past their non stop Facebook posts swallowing hard and fighting back the tears. You may think that is a joke. It is not.

My overblown sense of entitlement means that I feel wronged and deprived not to be heading over there. We should be packing now, and I should already have lost the customary few ounces on my annual diet. Instead, I teeter at the top end of my weight range, and stare unimpressed at unending weeks at work stretched out in front of me.

I have actually booked a week off work at the end of August around the bank holiday and my birthday. I have decorating to do, and at least if I am not at work, I can focus properly on the world-class sulking I will be undertaking at that time.

As I always say, I never say never, and there could yet be a lottery win. Having said that, has anyone actually won the lottery recently? I don’t mean the multi-million pound jackpot which results in your own helicopter and a swimming pool tiled with pound coins and unicorn spit. I haven’t heard of anyone winning anything for ages. I have been playing the main Saturday draw every week since it started back in 1994. I’ve used the same numbers too, and over that time I have maybe recouped about £50. I have to play the same numbers now, as I know the one week I don’t, they will come up and I will be found with a smoking shotgun and half a head in our garage.

We haven’t had even a small win for years. Clearly, as you know from last week’s post, Louise won the lottery eighteen years ago when she was lucky enough to marry me.

I have a sneaky feeling that since the financial downturn the government have just been pocketing the whole lot, and fibbing about anyone getting any sort of payout. It’s either that, or the fee for Nick Knowles and Dale Winton is now taking up almost all of the proceeds, even at £2 a ticket.

Orange Saturdays

Every now and again of course you see that couple win big. You know the ones. He works in a factory and says he won’t give up work, but he is going to take his family to Abersoch on holiday. For me, these types should be disqualified for being crap. If you don’t know what to do with that amount of money then you shouldn’t be allowed to win it.

That reminds me of a conversation I had earlier with Emily. She was reading some questions posted in a Facebook Orlando group, gradually getting herself more and more wound up. She has definitely inherited my Type A control freak genes, and believes that things need to be done a certain way. People asking questions about buying Yankee Candles, or whether Gatorland would be a good idea for their first day just drive her crazy. The first day is to be spent at the Magic Kingdom, and there is to be no debate about that in her mind. There shall be none of this Sea World stuff, or a day by the pool and some shopping.

We decided that once you get through immigration at Orlando airport there should be another desk through which you need to pass to begin your holiday. This desk would probably be manned (or womaned) by Emily, and she will determine whether you are allowed entry to Florida based on your answers. If you call WDW Disneyland, then not only will you be denied entry to the US, but she may also have you shot. Failure to answer satisfactorily will see you back on the plane to the UK on the basis that you are doing it wrong and therefore don’t deserve the holiday. You can do some research and try again next year if you like.

You are doing it wrong!
You are doing it wrong!

I understand that I am probably responsible for the Disney monster I have created in Emily, but she is what she is, and happy with it. The fact that I once found her throwing things around her bedroom because someone on Twitter had said they were going to Disney World that day, when they meant the Magic Kingdom perhaps suggests it may have gone a little too far. Maybe.

We are all dealing with our Disney grief in our own ways. I am off to unfriend anyone posting WDW stuff on Facebook.

Till the next time…..

16 thoughts on “Gatorland? Are You Out Of Your Mind?

  1. You think you are depressed think of the rest of us that now have to get through September without a trip report or even better a book that we can re read constantly when we need a disney fix.

  2. Is it a good time to say that I’ve just upgraded to Upper for my visit to the Mouse in 19 days time 😉

    Runs quickly… very quickly!

  3. I feel your pain 😦 took us 2 years to save for our 2012 trip and now we are looking at about 10 years before we can go again, I hope we can 😦 so for now we have been living vicariously through your trip reports and we didn’t have one to look forward to this year either 😦

  4. I am not there either but best not say it’s only 8 and a bit weeks till I am! Oops I just did. 🙂 Emily would make a great immigration officer. She is a woman after my own heart. :):)

  5. I agree wholeheartedly with Emily and the quicker we can ship these ‘pretenders’ back to the UK the more room there’ll be for those of us who deserve to be there. Lol. x

  6. I am still here to read your blog , so we hav.nt all gone to Walt Disney World ..!!!! but I’m going next Monday and the last time we went you were there at the same time…, never mind ,keep selling the books (I have now bought 2 (and a Kindle to put them on ) , we are trying to help you get back to Florida so we can get another trip report..from you…

  7. Can’t help but feel a little smug that we are going to Orlando for the 10th time on 6th September! However, it is 4 years since our last visit, and it’s well overdue. Thank you Craig for entertaining us with your tales of Florida, and giving us a little peek into your amazing holidays and sharing tales of your lovely family. You have inspired me to write my first blog…please follow if it doesn’t hurt too much….and if you can bear it that we are only ‘doing’ one day in Disney this time round!

      1. Enjoyed it. The real test is staying power! I see loads of folks start blogs and then find out how tough it can be to post regularly. Looking forward to reading about your hols of course.

      2. True. I missed my vocation and should have been a journalist instead of a nurse, so this is the chance to redeem myself. Love your books, hope you go again soon. Give Ryan a hug from the Butlers…lol

  8. Reading from Clearwater Beach – we’re not doing Disney at all this year. I’m glad Emily wasn’t waiting at the airport as it’s a certainty we would have been turned back, although when we do do Disney we ALWAYS go to MK on the first day 😉

  9. Hi Craig and the rest of you, gutted you have not done florida this year as we went for the second time at the end of July this year, the first time was in 2012, was really looking forward to reading your excellent blogs.
    We enjoyed it so much the first time we went into serious debt to go again this year so will not be going again for some time (quietly sobbing ).
    Hope you go next year so we can get our florida fix.
    I particularly like your food reports, they all made me hungry and I feel we are kindred spirits regarding numpties in queues, not moving down the rows etc. These bits made me laugh.
    Right, you’d best crack on with that pasting, don’t know what Louise has done to deserve it though! !
    Best regards,
    (Fellow LFC fan. Balotelli? Mmm, not sure myself. Any thoughts? )

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