The Next Florida Adventure.

I know we are at that time of year when a blog with this title would be announcing that we have abandoned all fiscal common sense and booked another trip to Florida. As I have said many times with great regret, not this year. This is news of a different kind.

For months now, this household has been living under a cloud of anxiousness, stress and worry. Finally, yesterday, that cloud was lifted, and we can all breathe a huge sigh of relief.

What am I talking about? Well, since early February, Emily has been going through the long, arduous and patience testing process of applying to work in Walt Disney World in Florida on the Cultural Representative Programme. For anyone that doesn’t know, this is the programme done by those folk you see working in the UK pavilion in World Showcase in Epcot.

Like these folks….

CRP people

It is a process with many stages, lots of travelling, and more than anything lots and lots of waiting. Finally, last night, the email was received to say that she had been accepted onto the programme, and she is now on what they call the “Wait List” to be allocated a role and a date to go out there. There are a small number of those on wait list each year that for one reason or another don’t get to go, but barring any such disaster, she should be on her way before too long.

To say we are thrilled and proud does not cover it. This is a very competitive process, and for someone like Emily who is not naturally outgoing or gregarious it was a real test. I have never seen her so determined, driven and focussed, and add to that the fact that she was the youngest candidate of the bunch by some distance, she has done incredibly well. She was up against folks in their early to mid twenties with years of work and life experience. In short, she nailed it.

You may remember an earlier blog of mine in which I talked of killing time in London? Well, that was her first interview, with Yummy Jobs, the agency who front the whole thing for Disney. A few weeks after that we were in London again for the second stage, the face to face with actual Disney cast members.

The Streets of London….killing time.

I won’t detail all of the ins and outs of the actual process as I’m sure Emily will be doing that in her own blog in her next few posts, which I’ll give you a link to at the end of this. The amount of preparation she did was incredible, and here I have to thank many very kind folks for helping her through it all from the initial application form to the final stage interview.

Emi Watson and Becky Ellinson, both former CRP cast members, were incredibly helpful in prepping answers, and Leanna Parsons, a soon to be College Programme cast member was a big help around the first interview stage as she had just been through it herself. Janine Pipe has been Emily’s cheerleader, moral support and life coach throughout what has been almost nine weeks of waiting since that second interview. They all go to prove that there are some really nice folk out there.

Yes, that’s right, we have been in limbo for over two months!! I cannot begin to describe how stressful a time that has been, and I have found it hard to concentrate on much else, so God knows how Emily has been feeling.

So, we may not be going on our usual holiday this year, but at least one member of the Williams clan will be representing us over there at some point in the coming months. The programme lasts for a year so it is a big step for Emily. I’m sure it will be a fantastic adventure, and a life changing experience.

More than anything, we are just so proud of what she has already achieved. Those long journeys to London, the hours of me walking the streets of the capital whilst she interviewed, the slightly dodgy hotel we stayed in just around the corner from the Disney HQ and all the weeks and weeks of waiting have been worth it.

I strongly recommend that you follow Emily on Twitter and at her blog to hear all about her excitement, preparation and first, some more waiting to get a date. It hasn’t quite sunk in that she’ll (hopefully, if you know what I mean) be away from home for a year, but I can’t think of a better place for her to be.

Well done Emily!

Till the next time….


28 thoughts on “The Next Florida Adventure.

  1. WOW…….You all must be so proud. Many congratulations to the Williams household. My daughter was turned down last year by Disney, as she was only 17 on her application. She will be applying again in September as she too, has a similar dream. We depart for WDW in 73 sleeps time and only first day will be at Epcot, and I for one, will have a look for Emily……so chuffed for u all. Paul

  2. That is great news. Well done Emily. Are you doing food or merch? My daughter worked at the Rose and Crown for a year and loved it, I am sure you will too.

  3. Great news! Now you WILL have to go over to Florida to visit her…and there will be one less flight to pay for! And just think of the discounted (or free?) WDW visits!!!

  4. Such fab news. Well done Emily! Hopefully she’ll keep her blog going during her year away from home, and we can read all about the exciting times ahead.

  5. Well I cried with pride as I was reading such fantastically wonderful news. Very Well Done Emily and what an adventure you are going to have. Please make sure you let us know where you are posted when the time comes and we will make sure we come and say Hi when we are there in the summer. What an amazing achievement xxx.

  6. Ahh that is great another one reading through tears! Hope she has a great time, so brave to go for it

  7. Wonderful news! Congratulations Emily, I’m looking forward to reading all about your adventures on your blog and if you’re at Epcot when we go in August, I’ll make sure I say hi!

    Sam xx

  8. Wonderful news! Congratulations Emily, I look forward to reading all about your adventures on your blog. If you’re at Epcot when we are there in August I’ll make sure I say hi!

    Sam xx

  9. Well done Emily !! Hopefully you’ll be out there by August and I’ll be able to pop along and say ‘hello’ xx

  10. Fantastic news Craig you & louise must be so proud & massive well done to Emily!!!
    However Im sure you guys will scrap the funds together to see your girl in action one way or another & rightly so 🙂

  11. Well done Emily, what an achievement! We will be looking out for you when we go later this year.

  12. Well done Emily. I did the international programme 98-99 and it was amazing. The friends I made then became friends for life. The whole experience was brilliant and I just wish I could re-live it all over again but I don’t think I have the energy now.

  13. Well done Emily. It goes to to show at Walt Disney World that dreams really – ‘Do Come True’. Hope you enjoy your year at Epcot.

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