Parties in my Pants.

Somehow here we are at the last blog before Christmas. I am already at the stage that I have no clue what day it is as I have been off work since lunchtime on Wednesday. I may have mentioned this last week?

I signed off from work with our team night out at a local Chinese restaurant on Tuesday night, and we had a good time. It was quiet and over by 10.30 but I’m happy with that. It had the hallmark of a good meal as by the time I’d eaten I had chest pains and an unstoppable desire to go to sleep.

I waxed lyrical last week about all the time and relaxing I would be wallowing in once free from work. Well, it hasn’t really worked out like that so far. I have been fully employed in silly things like taxi-ing Rebecca

to and from college and even jet washing the paving at the back of our house. This is the stuff of dreams I’m sure you’ll agree.ย Still, it’s been nice to be at home.

You probably know that our social calendar is usually about as full as an East 17 come back gig so yesterday we went absolutely crazy and had two parties on the same day. The afternoon saw us at a family do, with one of Louise’s uncles celebrating his 80th birthday. It was held at a local golf club, included a buffet, and so was to be applauded. It was one of those events when you see people you haven’t seen since the last birth, death, christening, wedding or significant birthday and anybody above the age of thirty spends the whole event marveling at how the kids they last saw a few years ago are now bigger, older and/or all grown up.

We left there at around 4.30 and had a quick turnaround for our next engagement. This was the annual pre-Christmas party held by my brother and sister-in-law. This year was a little different for two reasons,

  1. It had a theme and was fancy dress
  2. It started at the cinema

That will all make sense when I tell you that the theme was Anchorman, and so we had to come up with costumes from the film(s) to wear to both the party and the cinema. If you haven’t seen the film then this will give you the general idea.

Kind of a big deal

So for the hardy few that were brave enough to go and watch Anchorman 2 in fancy dress we looked like this.

We smell of rich mahogany
We smell of rich mahogany

I went as Champ Kind.


Louise went as Baxter!

Little Gentleman

There were a couple of Rons, and a Veronica too and we got some strange looks for sure, but it was good fun and the film is very funny. I will caveat that by saying it is right up my street by being childish, silly and a bit rude.

We returned to burritos, drinking, some party games and the inevitable misplacement of fancy dress wigs and moustaches as the evening progressed.

In a glass case of emotion.
In a glass case of emotion.

We rolled in at some crazy hour, so crazy that it was way beyond midnight. This is unheard of. Safe to say that today hasn’t been the most productive day in the Williams household, with my entire output being a dog walk and these words and pictures here.

The big Xmas shop arrived today and we have personally contributed all of the salaries due to the staff of Tesco for the next three months, but no doubt we’ll be out buying bits come Boxing Day.

So I wish you all a wonderful Christmas, and I’ll see you on the other side. There may be a little bit more of me to see of course, but that won’t surprise you. I’ll save any soppy retrospectives for the last blog of 2013, but I am thankful for every single person who comes here at any point, and of course supports my writing efforts in whatever shape or form they come. You all have great taste and because of that you deserve whatever sort of festive period you wish for yourselves. All the best!

Till the next time…..


8 thoughts on “Parties in my Pants.

  1. Great fancy dress costumes…hahaha. PLease may I take this opportunity to wish you, Louise, Emily, Rebecca, your lovely families, Oli and the cats a wonderfully Merry Christmas and we will meet again for your next blog like you say…on the other side xxx

  2. Merry Christmas to all of the Williams household from the Yorks. Hope it’s a good one for you all. Thank you Craig for all the laughs you have given me throughout 2013 ๐ŸŽ„๐ŸŽ…๐ŸŽxxx

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