X-Rated X-Rays and Idiotic Exercise

Early drivel this week, as we are going to watch Frozen this evening. Hopefully it will cheer Emily up who has had what can only be described as a crap week.

You may remember from last week that she fell at work and hurt her arm. Our visit to A&E resulted in it being declared not broken, and she soldiered on with it for a few days. As the pain was getting worse Louise took her back on Monday to get it checked again. Lo and behold she was already on a recall list as the X Ray had been reviewed, and a fracture had been spotted.

That would explain the pain then. So she attended a fracture clinic on Wednesday and now has an attractive looking sling, and regular pain killers. So she’s had a rough time of it, being in pretty much constant pain and discomfort and unable to do basic things like wash her hair and make food. She can however still operate her phone to the same expert standard.

Whilst on that subject, I have to say a public thank you to Gill Riley, an extremely nice Dibber and blog reader, who, knowing that we had failed miserably to get Emily a new phone case on our last trip did that for us during her recent holiday. It arrived a few days ago and is perfect. There are some really lovely people around!

I am gutted for Emily as her injury has meant that she has had to finish the Xmas job she had been doing. Sure, she can warm the couch all week and watch Disney films, but I think even Emily would rather be fully fit and at work.

Work for me has been busy. I have been foolish enough to allow a member of the team some holidays and this has meant that I have been extra busy as a result. This has had a direct result in my word count productivity as my lunch hour typing fests have been reduced to throwing a sandwich down my neck whilst fending off emails. So I think I’ve done about 6,000 words this week, and most of those were yesterday.

I don’t mind so much as I am at a very critical part as the major thrust of the plot is unfolding, and a lot of the different threads are now coming together. I need to concentrate on unravelling all of that in the right order or it won’t make much sense. I have to say that isn’t easy.

To tantalize and tease you I will say that the book is the story of a struggling band craving fame, and their unusual route through the music industry. Wrapped around that are a few relationship sub plots, a disillusioned record company executive and some corporate finance shenanigans. Now, doesn’t that sound exciting? Hello….anybody there??? Hopefully I haven’t made it too niche so that folks with no interest in music won’t entertain it, but I think it’s OK. How’s that for a ringing endorsement?

Having told you that now, once I have got it all out, so to speak, and then start the review process much of that may change. Now you know the rough outline you may hope that it does!

Anyway, how are your preparations going for Christmas? I can ask that without vomiting for two reasons.

  1. Louise is pretty much in charge of doing any shopping that cannot be done from my laptop
  2. I finish work until the 6th of January in seven working days.

Our tree is up, so allow me to post an exact replica of last year’s picture of it.

It's a new picture, I promise.
It’s a new picture, I promise.

Yes I know you can’t see all of it, but that would have involved me getting out of my chair and moving to get a better view, and that is not an option.

This is because, after an argument with the scales this morning it is clear that I cannot enter the food Armageddon that is Christmas in my current state. I immediately resolved to do some exercise and, steady yourselves, I went out for a run. Now, let’s not get carried away here. When I say run, I mean that I took Oli for his normal walk and ran a few sections of it.

How quickly I remembered why I don’t go running. Within a few hundred yards I had several vital organs competing with each other to vacate my body via my mouth and my leg muscles, if indeed I have any, were audibly screaming at my stupidity.

Even Oli could not get his head around why I was being so stupid. He kept running up to me and jumping at me, as if to say, you are a forty-three year old fat knacker, for God’s sake man stop! Anyway, I ambled around our normal route a good few minutes faster than we normally walk it in, and I await the pay back in the morning when I am unable to walk.

I have a theory as to why running helps you lose weight based upon my experience today. It seems that this sort of exercise induces vomiting almost immediately, expelling hundreds of calories in one go. It’s like mobile bulimia. I’m not sure I shall be repeating the madness, but I need to rid myself of a few pounds in the next week or two to enable me to put them back on in about forty-eight hours. It makes perfect sense.

All this exercise had made me hungry though.

Till the next time……

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