A Weekend of Dwarf Sex and Khaleesi Norks.

The inevitable realisation that I am not going to wake up in Florida any time soon, and this apparent reality is going to be it for the forseeable is leading to a return of what some might call the mojo. Mojo may be a little strong. However, by the end of this working week, I had seemingly got back into work sufficiently to make some lists for me and others to do, and to care enough about work stuff to get on the front foot with some of it.

That’s as good as gets with me I’m afraid.

I started and completed Day Two of the trip report this week, and I was fairly happy with how it went to be honest. I started it well, and it felt like I was in full flow, but then work had to get in the way, and I finished it today, not quite with all guns ablazing.

This is one of the benefits of not spitting these out as soon as they are complete, as I can now take a break from it, read it again and hopefully improve stuff. I am sure that I will have missed a chance or two for a knob gag, and that would never do.

Anyway, hark at me talking about a collection of photos and innuendo like it is the second coming. Suffice to say it is going OK, if not a little slowly, and I shall try to up the pace to get it done asap.

My dental catastrophe continues, with another visit this week. They were testing to see if I needed root canal work. You will be amazed to discover I do, and I was offered two options. I could be referred to a specialist for a consultation and then treatment for the equivalent price of a small car, or I could just let my regular dentist have a go at it for about £50.

I may be toothless or dead on Thursday but at least Louise can still feed the kids if the worst happens.

Having done a couple of days in Marlow this week, with the tedious travelling that entails, by the time the weekend arrived I was knackered. It has been some time since there has been a normal weekend at home, and I was looking forward to it a lot.

To make it better I did a bit of internetting to see how we could watch Games of Thrones Season 3. We missed it when it went out as we are on Virgin, and they do not have Sky Atlantic. Louise punches me in the head twice a day to remind me what she thinks of my decision to switch from Sky.

Anyway, I found it, on Blinkbox and bought the whole series for about £16. So we’ve been in dwarf sex and sword swinging heaven since Friday evening. We are eight episodes in, with two to go this evening. The only disappointment was that it took until episode seven for any Khaleesi nudity. I have lodged a formal complaint to George Martin. He might have done good stuff with The Beatles but that is just poor form.


Due to a rather complex series of events involving my Dad and my Xbox Live Membership, we also now have Netflix. I don’t know why we’ve never looked into it before, probably because I’m tight, but at free (my Dad is paying the monthly fee in exchange for using my XBox Live Gold Membership) it is great value.

I am planning to watch Breaking Bad as this will allow me to understand what seems to be one in three tweets on my timeline that refers to this series. There is also 24, from the very start, and that’s another series I haven’t watched one second of.

This does not bode well for me spending time writing my trip report, but life is all about balance.

Speaking of which, having spent the last four weeks eating pretty much what I liked, I can now balance perfectly if I lie on my inflated stomach. Friday saw me take a lunchtime stroll for the first time since mid August, and this for me, is as close to exercise as I get. No doubt with that a regular occurrence I shall be back to my fighting weight in just a matter of days.

Louise is recovering from a week of nights, which seemed to be no fun whatsoever, and proved that the girls are incapable of being quiet and/or self-sufficient for an entire day. Rebecca’s need for a clean pair of socks seemed to outrank Louise’s need for more than three hours sleep.

This lack of sleep did not stop her from starting the crazy task of painting our dining room. Yes, I know this is madness, with us both so tired, but start she did. Emily helped, and my only involvement was to do the “high bits” this morning. I’d call that a result. That should satisfy my DIY quota until next spring.

Right, time to go. There is copulating, head chopping and swearing a plenty awaiting, and you never know if Khaleesi will get her norks out again. No spoliers!!

Till the next time….

7 thoughts on “A Weekend of Dwarf Sex and Khaleesi Norks.

  1. Hey Craig.

    Watch Breaking Bad it IS immense. Took me 3 or 4 episodes to get into but from then on I was hooked – it’s finishing for good at the moment hence all the tweets – try and ignore them you really don’t want anything spoiled. This end of show series is possibly the best drama/black comedy I’ve ever watched. Re Game of Thrones let us know when you’ve watched “the” episode – I’m not saying anymore – you’ll know it when you’ve watched it – possibly the most shocking episode of a long running TV series, ever.

    Chins up


  2. The title had me freaked out – and not having seen Game of aThrones (yes, I am that person), I’m going back to my fantasy world where I thought you were talking about you and Louise. Either that, or you were high on whatever your dentist pumped you full of.

  3. Cant wait for the rest of the report, & totally agree on Breaking Bad, took over my life for the summer!!

  4. Breaking Bad is awesome! I’ve been hooked since ep 1. So much so I’ll be having a Breaking Bad party when this season ends. Sob.

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