Teen Angst and Healing Hugs

Life is random and unpredictable.  The more foolish amongst you may think that I have these posts planned days in advance, and come to the keyboard with thoughts fully formed.

Those knowing me better may guess that I often stare at this white page after Sunday tea without a thought in my head, which is indeed no different to any other time of the week.

So up until this morning I had nothing and would have waffled on about some inane stuff, as usual, but events, as they often do have given me cause to press the keys.

As is becoming more the norm these days, I am getting my news via Twitter.  This morning I was doing just that having woken far too early to be acceptable for a Sunday.  The very sad news that I saw was that an actor from Glee had been found dead in a hotel room.  Cory Monteith it seems, has joined the ever-growing list of those who have found fame, fortune and the perils that accompany it at a young age, and although nothing has been announced yet, and we must not assume, looks to have died as a result.

Cory Monteith
Cory Monteith

Now, I am no Gleek.  To be fair, I thought the first series was original and watchable, and had all the best intentions.  Later series seem to have forgotten why it existed and instead of having the collection of “wrong uns”, have drifted towards a cast of the young and beautiful instead, which sort of defeated the object of the whole thing.

Anyway, Glee is one of those programmes were it is non negotiable that we watch. Emily loves it, and lives it.

Having taken in the news of his sad passing, it then dawned on me what the impact of this may be on Emily.  Nearly eighteen she might be, but this was bound to hit her hard.

An hour or so later, she appeared downstairs and literally collapsed in tears.  She has been very fortunate in that in her eighteen years on the planet, she hasn’t yet really experienced the loss of a close relative, and the closest thing to date had been the loss of our Cocker Spaniel a couple of years ago.

Such was her affection for the programme and its cast, she has taken this news as if she had lost a family member.

Some may say she should grow up, or get some perspective, but it is easy to forget the attachments you make to things as you grow up, and all we can be is supportive I suppose.

In a way I’d rather she were vulnerable, emotional and maybe even a little young for age, as the alternative is a little bleak.

She continues to mourn in her way, and has just made it downstairs after a full day in bed, red-eyed and weary, and sits hugging a cushion and her phone on the couch.  If there was a way to take her pain away I would, but only time will do that I suppose.  Dad’s hugs can only do so much!

Although of course, this young actor’s death hasn’t left me in bits, as I am old, wizened and devoid of that youthfulness she possesses, I do feel for his family and friends, not only having to deal with loss, but also with the media frenzy.  If it does turn out to be another death from “abuse” of some substance or other, I will struggle to be over sympathetic.  You may recall my disdain when Amy Winehouse died?  I of course just do not understand the “celebrity” world, and why these talented wealthy individuals have to shove stuff up their noses and veins in order to get through the day.  They need to try working for a living instead.  It’s a miracle that my daily commute hasn’t led me to Class A drugs or a murderous rampage yet.

Well, I suppose as they do not understand the daily grind, I of course do not understand the pressures and pitfalls of fame.

Onto more serious stuff.  My illness lingers.  I have had a bobbins week, full of snot, coughing, aches and snot.  Whilst I am now seeing light at the end of the tunnel, I could still wallpaper a large room with the contents of my nasal passages.

I’d like to thank all those who enquired after my health this week.  I’d like to, but, well you know the rest.

Looking ahead, we are now entering the final countdown.  Not like most years when at this stage I am bouncing of several walls at the promise of our two weeks in WDW.  Alas, no, I cannot relay that excitement.  This countdown is to the end of Emily’s childhood.  She turns 18 on the 26th of July, and we are thinking of suitable ways to mark the occasion.  Hopefully she will have recovered from her broken heart in time.

This coming week she resumes work on these here WDW home movies I have been teasing for the past few weeks.  To add the required kick up the arse she may need to get out of bed in the AM, the You Tube channel has now been set up, and should you wish to subscribe that would perhaps add the required pressure to have her complete one and post it.  So please, click through and subscribe folks.

Mkingdon's Kingdom
No pressure Emily!

Right, Glee’s on the telly, I may be required to dispense a hug or two.

Till the next time…..

5 thoughts on “Teen Angst and Healing Hugs

  1. Beautiful post Craig!

    As horrendous as poor Emily is feeling right now (I also saw her twitter posts), is much better that she is a lovely young girl capable of feelings. Far too many are in a rush to grow up these days – my Nephews for starters, and its nice to know that there are still lovely, kind, caring teenagers still out there, such as your girls.

    I hope she feels better soon, and contrary to popular belief, a Dads hugs can cure anything for his “little girl”. Trust me, I still regularly need them at 32!

    Looking forward to the next installment !

    Gill x

  2. There is serious mourning going on here as well as my own nearly 18 daughter is beside herself with grief too. At 8am this morning, she was waiting for the bosses to arrive to let them in at Primark where she works so she checked twitter on her iphone and learned the news. She was distraught by the time the bosses arrived to let them in and confessed to shedding a few tears between customers and home time. She too was watching Glee on sky 1 in floods of tears….(((((((((hugs))))))) all around 😥

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