Panic on the streets of Bolton

So we’ve had a bit of a landmark week.  One of those events that everyone seems to remember as an important milestone on our hurtle towards death happened for Emily.  She passed her driving test on Thursday!

Licence to Kill

Believe me, I was delighted and not unemotional when she came home with the news.  Despite the enormous expense, which I won’t mention (rats, I failed) it has been a long old road, pun intended.

The few moments of hugging and jumping around quickly turned to horror as Rebecca suggested that Emily drive them both to McDonalds immediately.  I did agree that it was a good idea to immediately get out and about, but the limitless fear of her being out on the big bad roads, along with my only other spawn was tangible.

I cheerily waved them off, and then watched her all the way via the Find My iPhone app whilst I sat trying to do some work.  They returned soon enough unscathed and full of some sort of mocha frappe thing.  Forget this being a landmark for Emily, this is just something else Louise and I can sit and fret about!

Fear aside I am very proud of her, and to have only incurred three minors (they are allowed fifteen before it becomes a fail) shows the high standard to which she drives.  On our recent trips out before her test it was clear that she knew how to drive, and safely.

That of course does not mean that since passing she hasn’t already had a bit of a close shave with a Mini Cooper, but this is all part of the real learning that we all go through once we’ve passed.  She’ll have a few more I’m sure.

It would appear that our luck was definitely in this week, and I find it only fair to declare that as I bemoan the opposite often enough.  Louise had a hospital appointment, and having parked up, grabbed her coat from the back seat to hold over her head as protection from the persisting rain whilst feeding the parking machine an obscene amount of money.

She did so, went for her appointment and returned to the car.  Whilst getting back into her car, she noticed something shiny in a puddle.  Upon closer inspection she found that the shiny things were in fact her wedding, engagement and eternity rings that had fallen from coat pocket as she held it over her head.

She had put them in her pocket whilst doing something medical at work earlier in the week for which rings are not allowed otherwise you lose them somewhere less pleasant than a puddle.

To have spent an hour away from them, whilst they lay in the rain, and come back to find them there was probably the greatest amount of fortune ever to befall us.  Incredible.

I don’t know if anyone had spotted them, but maybe they just didn’t like the look of Louise’s ring!  Ah, the ring joke.  Welcome back my long-lost friend.

In other good news news on the same day, we also heard that my niece, Sarah, had passed her first year at University.  So Thursday was a good day all round.

The weekend has brought more ridiculous amounts of running around, with my errand count off the scale once again.  Collecting altered prom dresses, taking Rebecca to work, the big shop and all sorts of other nonsense are just a flavour of my itinerary.  When I have had contact with a seat I have taken an interest in Glastonbury.  Even at my advanced age I can usually find something of interest.  I used to be in a band you know!!

Alas, the bits I have caught have been woeful.  Last night was soul-destroying for the future of music as a whole.  I had the misfortune to stumble across Example during his “act”.  My God, I have never heard so many notes not even close to where they should be in one collection of songs.  This guys talent is never beginning.

A really bad example

I then watched the Rolling Stones, more out of curiosity than expectation, as I can’t say I’m a fan.  It affirmed that this decision was correct, and that Charlie Watts could be the worst millionaire musician in the world.

There is a massive amount of Emperor’s new clothes about these old codgers and a multitude of other acts, with the media telling everyone they are great and so it is believed.  I can only hope this brings down the curtain on their elongated and excruciating latter years of their career.  Why they are still felt to be relevant when their last Number One single was before I was born I don’t know.

Next year, I am hoping for a headline slot from Brother Beyond to restore my faith in the music industry.

Till the next time…..

One thought on “Panic on the streets of Bolton

  1. Wow. Well done Emily and Louise. If Emily swears less at other drivers than her dad is known to, I’m sure she’ll be very proficient.

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