No Time for Number Twos and Other Stuff.

This week I fully understood my poorness.

For once I am not bemoaning my lack of WDW funds.  In fact this moan is not fiscally related at all.  My poorness is of time.

I know we’re pretty much all the same, but once you take out of the week the stuff like commuting, working, and sleeping I appear to have about eleven minutes spare, and those are spent doing number twos!  As much as that is time well invested, it doesn’t seem right does it?

This weekend, Saturday especially, was a great example of the madness of scheduling that is our life at the moment.  Among dropping cars off for MOTs, taking the girls to work, collecting the car, then the girls, and in between fitting a trip to Bury, the morning was fully spoken for and then some.

I then had to move a dishwasher and fit it, which sounds nice and simple, but as with any DIY task in this house, it involved around ten times the length of time I estimated, it involved three seperate trips to B&Q, some of the finest swearing you could hope to hear, and resulted in my right hand bearing scars that will take weeks to heal.

My Saturday finally started around 6pm when my jobs were finally done.  We then spent all evening watching Disney You Tube videos on the telly, courtesy of Emily.  Kill or cure with these withdrawal symptoms!  They were a mixture of the Phil, Emma and Ben ones and I saw World of Color (sic) at Disneyland for the first time too. This has established a West Coast trip firmly on my future “to do ” list.  Like it wasn’t already!!

World of Color
World of Color…here’s the missing u.

So what to do about the time poorness?  I don’t hate my job, and I haven’t always been able to say that, but I can’t help feeling that it and other things are getting an unfair share of my time allowance.

But what is the remedy?  Stopping work certainly isn’t it.  Sure, I’d have loads of time on my hands, but I really would be in the number Twos in every other sense.  You hear of these families that drop out of the rat race and go to live in a run down cottage in the Dordoigne, with the kids home schooled and the parents making a living recycling doilies.

Their clothes are made of dog spittle and grass, and they live off the land by learning to like the taste of soil.  That’s not for us.  I don’t think we are ever in a chance of winning the rat race, but our place in it is assured until I cop for my multi-million pound lottery win any week now.  Either that, or my book will have become an essential text on the curriculum of every country on the planet, and I sell a couple of gabillion copies.

Speaking of my book, and being frank it has been far too long since I did so, it continues to sell.  This astounds me as once the folk who knew me and knew of me felt obliged to humour me by buying a copy, I expected that to be that.  Surely now these folk making the purchases are “real people”, with all due respect to those who bought it early doors!  You know what I mean.

Book Image
In case you had forgotten what it looks like

This pleases me.  There is also every chance that I might actually receive some money from Amazon this month.  Yes, I know I released the book in March.  Amazon don’t make enormous profits on which to pay no tax by accident!

Once those funds flood (trickle) into my account, I shall officially have been paid for writing something for the first time.  This (in my own sad mind) makes me a writer!! Indulge me please.

It has thrown up one conundrum for the future though.  Should we ever be able to fund another trip to the US, (and it won’t be courtesy of Amazon, I’ll tell you that) what to do with the trip report?  Do I publish it online in the usual places? Do I put it up here on my blog, or do I do an e-book?  I would feel guilty doing the latter, making folk go out of their way to read the thing, but what other material will I ever have for the making of books?  Tis a quandry.

Thankfully, (or not) this is not an imminent problem to solve.  Have I mentioned that we have no trip to announce for this year?  This may well be the first June in over a decade when I am not able to bore you all with the minute details of my ticket purchases and meal itinerary.  How upset you must be.

So I might invent a trip to plan just for the hell of it.  That is half the fun isn’t it?  Or is that just me?  Alternatively, should anyone need a hand with theirs then let me know.  All these WDW related web sites are missing me and my constant summer time research.

Right, I don’t have time for this anymore!

Till the next time…..

5 thoughts on “No Time for Number Twos and Other Stuff.

  1. If it makes you feel any better Craig, I guess you wouldn’t have had the time to fit in a trip this year – busy busy busy doing other things…although you could bank 9 of your eleven minutes ;D (2400 very quick number two’s and 50 packs of elax should bank enough time for a 15 day trip – only the cost to figure out then) …Always look on the bright side 😉

  2. I’ve had the delightful task this week of plotting and planning a families first 14 day trip! It’s given me time to indulge myself in almost pretending it was for us 🙂

    Just need to convince them now that they actually need to take me with them so I can execute it with military precision!!

  3. To the writer, Craig Williams (pause and bow) !! Yes that title sits so well on your shoulders!!!
    Craig, regarding your dilemma of a potential trip report, I just wanted to say I have read ALL of them, enjoyed them immensely, and have now bought book to read them all again !!! My point is…..I really don’t think it matters where you put your trip reports etc. or if it requires to be purchased, people will want to read what you write.


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