My Flip Flopping Mood

I like where I work.  Don’t get me wrong though, if I had the choice I’d rather not have a place to work, more a place to drink beer at the side of my Floridian pool in the lovely sunshine.  But for as long as needs must the current place will do fine.

Having said that, this week I witnessed something that would strike fear and loathing into anyone’s heart.  Whilst doing a nationwide tour of our different offices, we were blessed with some sunshine.  By this I mean there was no snow, and I did not need twelve layers of clothes.  So explain to me why then there were chaps in the office in flip-flops!

Myself and m’colleague (Steve) were delivering some training/a briefing on stuff, and had to continue our flawless delivery whilst confronted with white hairy legs (yep, they had shorts on too) topped off with flip-flops.

Flip flops
Put them away!

I am all for casual attire at work.  Most days jeans are the order of the day, and on these balmy days that touched at least the mid sixties this week, I had a short-sleeved polo shirt on.  I know, crazy right?  But unless there is an abundance of sand or you are in a foreign country, flip-flops are hardly ever acceptable on a male, let alone in the workplace.

Maybe my aversion to these exposed body parts was driven by the exertion of the week’s extensive travelling, and the impending conclusion of this here project I’ve been working on since last September.  As I drove home on Thursday night, I was metaphorically limping up the M6, dreaming of my own bed, and not having to give that same briefing again for a fifteenth time!

I collapsed into the weekend, grateful for its welcoming embrace.  For the first time in ages, it has felt like a weekend too.  This is because Louise’s placement has finished and she is now back in Uni for quite some time.  This means the end to her shift work for now, and she is instead around at home.  This in turn means that now Louise is not working all weekend I don’t have to do all the boring chores that she enjoys so much!

It has been so nice being able to relax a little, and today I have truly done hardly anything.  Louise had the house tidy by the time the weekend started, I haven’t ironed or washed anything (other than myself, and that iron can sting a little), and Louise even made the tea tonight.  Superb.  To add joy to relaxation she also has a cheesecake in the oven as I type.  I do not mean that I have shared my special seed again, I do mean that there is a cake with my name on it cooling in our oven.

So once I’ve done this, I’m taking Oli out and then reconnecting my backside with the chair for the rest of the evening.  Next week, I am not away over night for the first time in about six weeks, and despite the continued stress of the project end, even that is looking like it might turn out alright.

Now don’t worry, you have not stumbled across the wrong blog.  This is indeed a positive post.  Make the most of it.

To add balance, I still don’t have a WDW trip booked, so things could always get better, but such is life.

So this sheep dog won’t walk himself.  I’ll just put my flip-flops on and I’ll be off.


Till the next time…..



One thought on “My Flip Flopping Mood

  1. No pool. Cheesecake’s not a bad booby prize. Other than it being a literal booby prize.

    Well done on the ‘no shifts’ Louise.

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