Just thank you!

So….it’s been a quiet weekend.  How about you?

I just wanted to post a quick and simple thank you to anyone and everyone who took an interest, posted something or indeed bought my book.

I have been stunned at the support, encouragement and generosity of spirit of you all.  At the risk of being sincere and serious for once, just thank you so much.

Yesterday was crazy.  I just couldn’t keep up with the messages, tweets and posts, so if I missed anything from any body I apologise.

As I type, the book is number 1 on Amazon in the Family Travel category, number 4 in the Travel category and number 528 in the overall Kindle book category.  It is hard to take that in really.

For those of you now reading the book, I apologise again for the grammar and spelling mistakes.  Proof reading 350,000 words all on your ownsome is tough, as after a while you develop word blindness, and as I look through the book now on my tablet I see mistakes which drive me mad.  I’m updating and correcting as quickly as I can and you may well get an alert from Amazon to get your hands on the update at some point.

For those who have reviewed the book, an extra thank you.  Fourteen five-star reviews at the moment.  Incredible.

So to stop me gushing any more I shall leave it there and get back to correcting stuff.

Just wow!

Till the next time….

9 thoughts on “Just thank you!

  1. How gutted am I that this is ony available in Kindle format! Publish it in paperback and I’ll be the first one to buy it! Promise!!

  2. Read all the trip reports on the dibb but bought the book on kindle today apparently if I waited till tomorrow when I got home I could borrow it (kindle being at home, iPad with me) but couldn’t wait……really enjoying it, thanks Craig 🙂

  3. Hi Craig! Just downloaded the Kindle App and bought your book! Really pleased as I often flick back through your reports and now they are all on my iphone in one place! Brilliant!

    Myself and many others have said you ought to write a book, so its fantastic that you have.

    Can I wish you all the success in the world Craig – you deserve it with all the pleasure you have given to all the readers of your report… When you are a multi millionaire best selling author with your own private condo in WDW – remember your old readers from the Dibb…OK? :0)

  4. bought and downloaded in the 2 minutes since I read your last post lol … now all I have to do is wrestle my kindle off the kids and I can start reading them all again… I might survive the school hols after all! 🙂 I’ll certainly be adding another good review for you too! so great to see you do something with these fab reports.. very well done Craig x

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