A Smorgasbord of Success and a toilet.

This week this post will contain none of the usual bemoanment of woes, well not for the first few paragraphs anyway!  This week has seen the Williams household bestowed with a cavalcade, a cornucopia, nay, a truck load of good news and success.

So bountiful has this week been, that I may have to resort to a bullet pointed list to record them….

  • Emily passed her driving theory test.
  • Rebecca got an A in a major piece of her Drama GCSE
  • Louise passed the first year of her nursing course, confirming that she can move onto the second year
  • Emily scored a C Grade in her Film Studies AS level

I am now just concerned that I’ve missed something off this list.  You will note that I added not one jot to that list.  I will have to be content with my natural every day state of awesomeness.

So yay, whoop and all those celebratory exclamations.

In other important news, Emily announced to us that a major attraction had made its debut at Walt Disney World.  What is this major headliner attraction that had her all exited?

Was it a multi-million pound roller coaster?  Was it the fantastically themed Be Our Guest restaurant in the new Fantasy Land?


It was a new Tangled themed restroom.

Don’t get it tangled!

Some of you may know that much of our WDW time can be spent in these places, hence the title of my first ever trip report, The Williams Tour of Florida Restrooms.  So for some future point in time when we are able to return, this must now be crossed off our list of restrooms to visit.

To say that Emily is taking on the Disney obsession baton from me is an understatement.  It is getting to the point now where she is my major source of WDW related news.  From Twitter, Tumblr and YouTube, she is now a Disney knowledge sponge.

After our recent move over to Virgin for our TV services, with whom it is possible to sync your TV with your smart phone, enabling you to watch YouTube from your phone on the TV, she has done little else.  Most viewings are WDW related.

So most of our Saturday evening was spent viewing a guided tour of these new loos, and less worryingly the new Be Our Guest place.  Wow, what a reminder of how well Disney do this stuff.  The quality and the detail of this themeing looks incredible, down to the snow falling outside of the large window.

Let ME be your guest!
Let ME be your guest!

Not having a trip on the horizon, I haven’t really paid much attention to the new Fantasy Land stuff.  I sort of knew something was happening, but in sulky protest I have turned a cold shoulder to it.  Emily to her credit is much less fickle, and is, as they say all over it or up in its grill.

For now it seems the pain of knowing she isn’t going any time soon is eased and not increased by watching it from afar.  I am not so confident that I am the same way inclined.

This may be the first time that a child of mine acts more of a grown up than I.  Actually, I’m sure that isn’t the case at all.  Who am I trying to kid?  It’s just one more step on the slow and steady journey to the girls wiping drool from my chin and changing my adult nappy.  Hopefully we’ll get a chance to use the new Tangled restroom a couple of times before that happens.

Till the next time….

7 thoughts on “A Smorgasbord of Success and a toilet.

  1. How do you sync your phone with your TV? Do you have to have a particular sort of TV or be on a particualr Virgin package?

    1. We have TV XL and a TiVo box. My dad can’t do it on his non TiVo so I suspect that is the key. We see an “Apps and Games” menu option which is where you find YouTube.

  2. the Be Our Guest restaurant has to be on your to do list for the next trip Craig … It is truely amazing … we had lunch and dinner there a few weeks ago and so sat in both the West wing room and the Ballroom… the falling snow and rose/changing portrait effects have to be seen to be believed, and the suits of armour and giant beast’s chair are brilliant touches .. as you said only Disney could do it as well!

    On another note … keep meaning to message you on Facebook about this but my head is a sieve so putting it here while I remember – If Emily is ever looking for photography tips/help my daughter Beth would be glad to help, she has done a year long art and design course followed by a 2 year photography course at art college and is now doing a commencial photography degree, so has picked up a few things 🙂
    give me a yell on fb if you want her details 🙂

      1. My Eldest daughter Emma might be able to help her a bit too with the film stuff …. she has a degree in Media Production 🙂

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