Prom Diddly Om!

Well this is odd.  I am looking out at the world at blog time on a Sunday and there is day light.  There is day light and no snow.  It may have been a little early for the flip-flops and mankini, but as I always say, I don’t think you’re ready for this jelly world.

Could it be that we are moving out of the bleak dark depressing claws of winter?  I suspect winter still has something to say on the matter, but I have my fingers crossed.

Moving into the warmer months brings mixed blessings.  On the plus side it means warmth, heating bills I can actually afford, driving to and from work in day light and not having to give Oli a full body bath after every walk.

The biggest downside is that I will have to shed my “winter coat” in order that I can once again fit into a T-shirt or two.  The forgiving nature of those winter layers hides a multitude of sins, and there have been many sins to hide, and as usual I leave the depths of winter at the higher end of the register of my acceptable weight.

I am hoping that spring will deliver me some mojo, as for me to exercise, I need the basics, like a modicum of energy and the desire to leave the house.  These two commodities have been severely lacking of a winter’s evening, but hopefully if I get home in the light, like some sort of overweight plant, I may absorb extra energy from the extended sunlight.  My O Level Biology tells me that is Photosynthesis, which I think is probably also a Genesis album!

Subliminally I may have started my fitness regime yesterday.  We visited the local cinema to watch This is 40.  Now, I know you know me better than to imagine I didn’t indulge in any snackage, however, I did only indulge in one snack.  I impress myself!

The film itself was very enjoyable.

Not a reference to my weight

I was expecting a fairly light gross out comedy, and there are definitely elements of that in the film, but it had much more substance and length than I had anticipated.  Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t Schindler’s List, but it had a decent story to accompany some real belly laugh moments.

If you do go and watch it stick around for the credits for some very funny out take moments from one particular scene.

It was a late showing, so we were back home late, almost midnight, which is a very late night for the 40 somethings in our house.  Sleep soon followed.

After a resultant lie in, today has only consisted of a little tidying, and a spot of driving with Emily.  My ability to remain calm despite my hatred of being a passenger is developing nicely.  Still, I’ll be glad when she has passed, so that I can then just sit at home and fret about her being out driving by herself!!

Saturday saw Louise and Rebecca out shopping for Rebecca’s prom dress.  Yes, we all know that prom isn’t until July, but apparently this meant we were cutting it fine!  It only took a couple of hours to find “the one”, and I am looking forward to seeing it in a few weeks when we pick it up.  Louise assures me it is lovely, and I will in no way reference the price paid for it….oh bugger!!  Anyway, I’m sure it will be worth it.  I mean Emily wore hers for at least four hours before storing it forever in her wardrobe.  Can someone we know please get married so that she has an opportunity to wear it again!

Why Rebecca couldn’t wear this one I don’t know!!!

So for those also in the hunt for prom stuff, good luck, and I hope you win the lottery too!!

Till the next time…..

9 thoughts on “Prom Diddly Om!

  1. It was actually sunny up here today too so like a somewhat grumpy bear I emerged from my lair and took the reluctant mutt on an epic trail down to and along the beach. Two hours later we were back and he collapsed in the middle of the room like a collapsed At-At. What really amazed me though was the dafties who saw sun and reached for their shorts…..this is Scotland, it’s fake sun, it contains no actual heat!

    When you say one snack, I assume you mean it was one bag but it contained everything you laid eyes on?

  2. I know exactly what you mean about the 4 hours of wear then resigned to the closet. We have a similar one at home here 😦

  3. Is Emily not having an end of A levels prom??? Dont want to frighten you, but thats what happens at my sons school. So we get the expense all over again. Aaaaaargh

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