Oreo Cheesecake induced pain.

So the week just gone was rife with the pain and misery of the return to work.  It has been many years since I had to endure going back so early after New Year so the pain felt was acute.

My early return was required mainly as I had a new chap starting work and felt it slightly unfair to allow him to spend three days sat wondering where the toilets were.  Those three days felt longer than most full weeks, but I suppose that was always going to be the case.

The one positive from such a situation is that this initial pain is done and dusted and I can now sit and watch those endure it tomorrow as the late starters join me to sit still on the motorway tomorrow morning.

To make the week simply fly by, we have been enthralled and entertained by photos sent back home from those Williams’ currently enjoying WDW.

George and Piglet
Nephew George with Piglet

With the size of the party travelling, they are getting around on some sort of double-decker bus.

Fun Bus
The fun bus

You can only imagine how images like this have been helping the diet

Oreo Chessecake
Oreo Cheesecake

As is tradition on any Williams journey to Florida, a birthday is to be celebrated.  This time it was my Dad who did it in his usual understated style.  Apparently, he wore the hat all day.

Dad Birthday
Where did you get that hat?

They head home tomorrow (Monday), and if I were that way inclined to take solace from the pain of others, my own recently endured return to work woes will be a gnat on the arse of an elephant compared to that about to be endured by the returning tribe from Orlando.  Apart from my Mum & Dad of course who will just go back to being retired and not going to work in a different country.

So if you have been one of those lazing at home for those wonderful extra few days since New Year, this is probably one of the worst Sunday nights of the year.  I look upon you with a mix of pity, sympathy and gloaty supremacy.  Don’t worry, as bad as you think it is going to be will be nothing compared to how it actually will turn out. I speak from recent experience.

Oh and after only a few hours at work, Louise and I had one of those text conversations that more often than not end up on a flights web site with a smoking credit card.  Fear not, we remained strong, and no bookings were made.  We were caught up in the madness for a few short moments but the sobering cost of flights and the lack of a method of payment that might be accepted swiftly brought us down to earth again……with an enormous and bone-shattering bump.  It hurt.

So be warned, the pain of the return to work (especially if family members are sending you hourly updates of WDW activities) can make you do crazy things.  Let’s be careful out there!

Till the next time….

3 thoughts on “Oreo Cheesecake induced pain.

  1. I’m sorry Craig but as much as I want to believe and accept your resolve…I am pretty certain, once you see all the photos and videos of the returning crew, your texts with Louise will be fuller and your digits will dither longer over those flight pages until a deal comes your way…fear not it will happen 🙂 oh and by the way, how on earth do you know how I am feeling right now on this miserable Sunday evening, with just a few more hours before that dreaded alarm wakes me for my first day back at ..urgh….work tomorrow….your psychic powers are amazing 😀

  2. Go on Craig, book! You know you want to! I have just booked 1 night at the Clearwater Hilton in Aug – we are doing the other 13 at the Blue Heron. 1 night in Florida would just be idiotic!

    We need to have another trippie to look forward to!


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