And we’re back in the country….

Hello All.

Apologies for blogless Sunday, and this is just a very quick post to confirm that we have indeed made it back home in more or less one piece.

There is perhaps a little more of me sat typing this than typed the last blog update, but such are the perils of a Florida holiday and I am classing every extra pound as a badge of honour for our latest adventure.

The trip report has started, but only just, and Day One, can be found over at the Dibb.  Day Two has not yet been started but I hope to get to it this week.  Work has had me all over the place since getting back, both mentally and physically.  I’m away again Tuesday evening, and this, as it did last week, should give me the time to get it done.  There is little else to do in the bustling Metropolis of Marlow (no offence Marlowians).

We are all back into our respective routines, me as I said above, right in the deep end of a load of new work stuff on my return, the girls into their own important school and college years (we’ll have one doing GCSEs and one doing A levels this year!), and Louise’s nursing course now has her in her placement doing some actual nursing.

She’s doing shifts and all sorts, and working hard, as nurses do, but she is enjoying it which is the main thing.

I won’t steal any of my own thunder by talking about the holidays, but I will give you this photo, as I think it made it to Facebook via Emily anyway.

donut burger
Don’t knock it till you try it!

This was without doubt the tastiest thing Emily and I ate all holiday.  Honestly.  Right there on that plate are about half the pounds I gained!  I shall leave the rest of the story to the trip report, and await the varied comments from “Yum” to “Vomit”.

Normal service next Sunday hopefully, but I shall keep bloggage light so that I can spend the time getting more days done.

I should also encourage anyone who doesn’t already to follow Wizzo from the Dibb, as he is about to embark on what I think is his sixth trip in as many months…something like that anyway.  @Tweetwizzo is what you need if you twitter, and I’m sure he will be treating us to food porn and extreme gloating pretty much from Wednesday onwards, and I don’t hold it against him one bit!

Till the next time….

5 thoughts on “And we’re back in the country….

  1. Thanks for the shout out. I’ve got to have a donut burger! Starting to regret saying I’m doing the Buffalo Wild Wings challenge though. Can’t back down now, Lynn would torture me for years if I did.

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