Boyle put a banging donk on it.

Excitement in the Williams household is reaching epic proportions. We probably say this every year, but we are definitely in the space of really NEEDING this holiday.

The trials and tribulations of this year so far are well documented here, and they have taken their toll for sure. Even the girls seem much more excited than usual. Rebecca especially, who most years can seem quite cool about “another” holiday, tells me most days that she cannot wait to go.

Emily is of course a confirmed addict, and proved the point again by spending her evening yesterday watching You Tube videos of Disney Parks. Yes, she even cried at the Beauty and the Beast show. She is beyond excited.

I don’t need to tell you how I feel. Apart from tired, you can pretty much guess how I am feeling right about now. The yearning is becoming an actual physical pain.

With pay-day happening this week, the final bits of the planning were completed this week. Firstly, park tickets. I’d always planned to get a 14 day Ultimate, as of course the rule this year is Disney first,second, and last. We tried the no hopper Magic Your Way things a couple of years ago, and if you are doing other parks as well, they can work well, and certainly present a saving, but I absolutely want the flexibility this year of being able to hop, and go for part days.

This plan did not stop me from spending an unhealthy amount of time researching things just to make sure that I could not somehow find park tickets for a tenner. I couldn’t, and therefore went ahead and bought them from Florida Escapes. They say they will arrive within 18 days, which is handy as the countdown stands at 21 currently.

With those in the metaphorical bag, I moved on to the dollars. We always have a card or two along for company anyway, but unlike in the UK, I do like to carry cash too. I did the Money Saving Expert thing to find the best deals. They have a calculator that works out not only the best rate, but the best overall deal once take everything into account like delivery charges.

So despite only ordering them on Friday, they arrived Saturday morning, and I spent a few moments alone with them, having a sniff and a feel. Yes that is incredibly sad, what of it?

So we’re ready, in fact more than ready. For the next three weeks or so, I’m just going to sit on my packed case by the front door waiting for the taxi.

Along with that good stuff, Friday brought Emily back to us, courtesy of Easyjet. We’d missed her, and she was honest enough to admit she’d missed us too. She was suitably brown, and tired, and glad that it was only for a week. As much as she likes her friend, a week of non stop time together is very different to a few hours at college.

I can summarise my week’s other activities in one word….painting. Every evening and most of the weekend have seen us get Emily’s room almost ready for the carpet which we have ordered to come on Tuesday. I never want to see a roller again. I know the room is big, but every time we thought we’d finished we spotted another bit that mocked us with its unpaintedness, or needed a second coat.

Tomorrow, we just need to finish off the white gloss bits, which I’m hopeful Louise and my Dad will have under control by the time I get back from work. If I drive home slowly enough I’m sure they will.

Pictures will be blogged next week, and if anyone sees that I’ve missed a bit, please feel free to keep it to yourself. I intend to burn the decorating implements once we’re done.

I haven’t posted a video here for a while so just to prove I haven’t forgotten how to you can have this one. It is Oli and me play fighting. The teeth and pain are real, and the noise he makes is very silly.

Having now seen my incredible media skills, I cannot let this week go by without doffing my cap to every single person involved in the opening ceremony for the Olympics. I’ll be honest, I was concerned beforehand that we may look a little stupid if we did not deliver something close to our predecessors. Knowing that we were starting the whole thing with sheep and people cutting wheat, you can appreciate my lack of confidence.

Rings of Fire

I have never been more wrong. I loved every minute of it, and was blown away by the whole thing. I even stayed up to watch all 4000 teams enter the stadium, and unlike nearly everyone else I didn’t mind McCartney at the end either. Of course he isn’t what he was, and the voice isn’t there any more, but if any other country had produced The Beatles, and had one or two still alive, you can bet they would have used them too. The alternative was probably Elton John or Coldplay so all in all, I thought it was a decent call.

Danny Boyle did a wonderful job, in taking what could have been (to paraphrase the Muppets) a glorious five hour tribute to all countries but mainly the United Kingdom, and making it cool. As Rebecca would say, he put a banging donk on it. I think that is a positive thing.

Right, I’m off to stare at the clock for the next twenty odd days.

Till the next time…..

8 thoughts on “Boyle put a banging donk on it.

  1. Brilliant as always Craig! I felt like a celebrity last week when I had a twitter exchange with one of the Williams girls regarding the dying art of Music in this country!

    Seriously excited for your trippie – although I don’t want to wish away your holiday in any way.

    Until next week my friend.

    P.S – I’m about to start some decorating myself if you decide not to hang your rollers up ?

    P.P.S – I will also accept your Dad or / and Louise to do my glossing which I hate!

  2. I assume it is just my computer but I couldn’t see the video just a blank white space!! I am also excited about your trip as it starts just a few days before ours!!

  3. a tad excited are we there in the Williams’s household? Won’t be long now for you…just keep a donk on it and it will be here before you know it…err…???? (what did I just say ???). I have to at this point, comment about your videoing skill/ posting know-how…I’d give that 4/10…why???? Not because Oli is not the cutest dog in the world, because he is…not because of the cutie noises he makes…not even because of the indepth information about his skeleton…oh no…the reason for the 4/10 is because we all want to know what he does on the window sill last night !!!! Fancy cutting the video off at that point before we know ๐Ÿ˜€
    Other than that…brilliant as usual lol x

  4. Fab as ever, can’t believe it’s 21 days already (55 for us) – will any of you be live tweeting like Wizzo?
    Glad the girls are really in th spirit of things too, my 2.5 year old is beyond excited ๐Ÿ™‚
    Looking forward to seeing those finished piccies of Emilys room.
    Hope the Williams have a good week.

  5. Craig,

    There is nothing untoward in taking in the aroma, nae scent of freshly printed US $ bills Its all part of the holiday build. Have a good one PS I cannot reccommend the practice for used US $ for the office reasons!!!!!

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