So much writing it’s wrong

I’ve done a lot of writing this week, which is a symptom of being able to concentrate on anything for more than ten minutes again.  Which is nice!

As well as last week’s blog of course, I took the time to pen the pre trip report for our upcoming holiday.  I have mentioned that we’re going on holiday haven’t I?  If you have read it, thank you, and if you left a nice comment even more of a thank you.

It was a bit of a long one, and came a little bit early.  There you go, I am limbering up nicely for this year.  My innuendo muscle is responding nicely to the training.

I also made a long overdue return to the WDW Dads, and posted an article there.  I’d been asked to consider the main differences when planning what our US friends consider to be “very long” trips to WDW.  Funny that, as every holiday I’ve been on there seems to flash past in about three days.

Somehow I also seemed to make time to write a guest blog for Lucy over at her Disneyroobs blog.  I believe she is having a series of guest writers in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for those.  I won’t spoil things by saying what my post is about, but I doubt it will be a massive surprise to any of you!  I don’t know exactly when mine will be used, but don’t worry I will shamelessly publicise when it is.

So I haven’t had much time to do anything else really.  I did collect my new car on Tuesday, so I have been getting used to that.  It may be a little smaller than my last car (but let’s face it, most cars are) but it still gets the job done!

The other main task of this week has been the appointing of a builder to sort the loft out.  As I’ve mentioned, this is to be Emily’s bedroom.  It is a fully fledged room already, as the house was originally built with it as a room.  However, I don’t think it had been touched very much since.  So after two weeks of demo, we are ready for the builders.

The quote was of course much higher than we were hoping, but if we are to do it, we may as well do it properly and not cut any corners.

It is always hard to show a room off on photos, but in the spirit of a before shot, here is what we currently have.

loft stairs
Stairway to a mess

loft 2

Lofty ambitions

We are using the same chaps that did our garage conversion at the old house, and they reckon within a week they will be done and we can start decorating.  Now there is something to look forward to!

We hope to have the whole thing done before Nana and Granddad go to France in early August as Emily is currently sleeping at their house, and she wouldn’t be keen on doing so on her own!

This morning I moved all the boxes we’d shoved up into the loft when we moved in, so that the builders can start work.  They are all currently rammed into our ensuite bathroom, so going to the loo in there takes a certain talent and a very good aim for the next week or so.

With that and a bit of house tidying done, I took Emily to the Trafford Centre so that she could get some more holiday clothes for her two, yes two, upcoming holidays.

She is off to Spain with her friend in late July.  Her friend’s grandparents have a villa there, and she has been invited along for a week.  We took Nana shopping too so that she could step in whenever I wanted to strangle Emily. She is officially the worst and most frustrating shopper in the world.

We returned without violence, and she got herself a load of stuff so that was good.  Whilst I was out Louise wallpapered Rebecca’s bedroom.  Well, one wall of it anyway.  Most of her walls are covered in fitted wardrobes and drawers, but she wanted the wall behind her bed doing in a specially selected (about three months ago) vintage look wallpaper.  You see, I would rather go to the Trafford Centre than do DIY!

There is nothing so tiring as walking around a large shopping place.  I’m sure they pipe mogadon through the air con.  I had that familiar shopping foot ache, and a thirst that could not be quenched.

Emily found it tough going too.

emily couch
Over tired!

To be fair that was more a result of me watching the end of the tennis.  Emily declared it “even more boring than football”.  High praise indeed.

After Murray’s inevitable defeat, I made tea, ate it and that leads us right up to now as I sit writing this.

Before I leave you I should say that I am really enjoying the live updates from our friend Gordon, as he tweets and Instagrams his way around WDW.  Make sure you find him on a social media site near you, where he is invariably called The_Finkelstein.

He will back all too soon, and I ask you that you all support him at that terrible time.  From the look of things he is having an absolute ball, and the back to reality crash may be a big one.

I on the other hand will be deep into my final countdown and I shall be rubbing that in at every opportunity.

Till the next time…….

5 thoughts on “So much writing it’s wrong

  1. I too have spent the weekend writing for other people, I’ve been concentrating on words for so long I now have fuzzy blogger’s brain!!
    Gordon’s tweets have been fantastic, he is going to get post WDW blues SO bad!!

  2. I was able to avoid the Trafford Centre on Friday thanks to your fb posts regarding the broken M6 😉 but unfortunately, I couldn’t avoid forever and made that journey yesterday. I managed to get what I wanted but like Emily, completely zonked when I got back as the piped mogadon took its effect 🙂

  3. Yippeeeee!!! so excited about publishing your guest blog, thank you again! (and to you Emma!!).. Can’t wait to see the loft once done, bet Emily can’t wait.

    Am now following Gordon on Twitter 😉

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