Now then, where were we?

So I’ve been droning about work woes now for about five or six weeks, and like one of those attention seeking folk on social networking sites, I’ve been doing the equivalent of posting one of those obtuse woe is me status updates hoping lots of folk will ask what is going on.

I apologise.

Last week was a biggie in lots of ways, and I can’t believe so much happened.  However, it was the culmination of many, many weeks of hard slog, worry, tears and desperation.

About six weeks ago, through no fault of my own (I think) I found myself having to find myself a new job.  I understand that I am no doubt one of many in this situation right now.  The story behind this coming to be is complex and not routine, but not worth repeating here, but it was very scary, especially when you are just about to move house, and have an expensive holiday to go on!

It felt like I’d jumped off a tall building and I could see financial disaster rushing towards me like the ground rising to meet me.  Scary stuff.  So for the past few weeks I have been working very hard trying to rectify that situation.  I have interviewed until I am sick of talking about myself.  During that time, I cannot claim to have coped in the best way, and I have been a bit of a nob to live with.  Louise deserves a medal, and the extended family have helped, worried and supported impressively.

Mood swings, depression, loss of confidence, anger, hopelessness and a bit more anger were just a few of the emotions that I swept through most days.  At the risk of glossing over these weeks and not giving them the soul crushing respect they deserve here, I will cut to the chase and say that last Monday saw me receive an offer for a job with a great company that will also allow us to continue to pay the bills, move house and of course most importantly still go on holiday.  It is all about priorities.

I knew last Sunday that an offer would be coming but I didn’t know the details of the package, and when that email arrived in all its acceptable glory, the relief felt was immense.  All the pressures and worries of the last six weeks were released, and it is hard to describe how that felt.

So with that in the bag, we then had the small matter of moving house to contend with, as of course after months of delay and faff, it conspired that the moving date fell in the same week as the job thing getting resolved.

The stress of moving house and all the crap that always comes with that, when added to the job thing have made for what have been the most stressful few weeks of my life.  I know I haven’t yet had to contend (thank God) with any real problems that affect a loved ones health or even worse, but indulge me, it’s been crap!

So as we entered the home strait of the house move, everything seemed to be sorted for last Friday, until that is, we got to last Wednesday evening.  The details aren’t worth repeating but someone in the chain had a crap bank and/or solicitor, and they were very doubtful that they could process all the stuff in time for Friday.  This nonsense carried on until 4.45pm on Thursday, when we finally got word from our solicitor (who was bloody marvellous throughout) that we were on for the following day after all.

To accommodate that moving date for the benefit of the whole chain, we had agreed to a day when Louise would be at University, doing something she could not miss, so I would be supervising alone.  A worry to anyone sane!

girls old house
One last time at *that* door
girls old house oli
and with added Oli

Then, after what had been a full week of hard slog, packing, tipping and sorting our stuff the day of the move dawned and turned out to be the wettest day of the year.  We got absolutely drenched as we began early in the morning, and stayed that way until late into the day at the new house.

We had help of course from all the parents, and we ended the day in the house, with beds to sleep in, and three very stressed and unhappy cats!!  Just to add some spice to the day, our friends at Nat West decided to pull a plug out in a server room somewhere, and bring the financial system to a grinding halt.  This meant that no monies could be moved on moving day, and this posed the risk of us having to leave the furniture in the van over the weekend and wait until Monday to move in.

Thankfully, our solicitor worked some actual magic and used something called a Licence (I have no idea) to enable the whole chain to move, and fingers crossed all the money stuff will happen tomorrow.

We have of course spent the weekend unpacking and sorting the new house, fixing broken stuff we didn’t know about and buying new stuff.  Today, my Dad and I have also knocked down a wall in the loft, which will create a huge bedroom for Emily.  Whilst we do that Emily is sleeping at my Mum and Dad’s house, but this isn’t too bad, as we have moved next door to them!

Just to cap off a quiet weekend, we went out yesterday and changed Louise’s car!!  We’d been meaning to for a while, but an upcoming tax disc requirement, and the enormous running costs of her current car made us actually go out and get a more economical model, befitting her new status of student!  She is getting a Peugeot 107.  It is only two years old, so a lot younger than her current car, costs £20 per year to tax, and does about 60 mpg, compared to the 26mpg she is currently enjoying!

So it’s been a bit full on recently, and a period of time that I do not wish to repeat at any point in the future.

Just before all this kicked off I was just beginning to enjoy planning the holiday, having picked out some new eateries to try and deciding to take my Mum and Dad to the baseball etc.  All of that has been very much on the back burner for obvious reasons, and it has only been since Monday that we knew we would be able to go on holiday after all.

I intend now to get back into full planning mode now that house and job are done.  I have ESTAs to do, baseball tickets to buy, theme park tickets to research, and all the usual fun of the fair associated with the last few weeks before one of our adventures. Bring it on!

So for the downbeat nature of my recent bloggage I apologise.  I have also been pretty absent from other social media outlets, but have made somewhat of a comeback this weekend when time allowed.  To say I feel better is the biggest understatement since Jimmy Carr said he’s made an error of judgement.

The next few weeks sees me start my new job on Tuesday, so that will worry and occupy me a little more than just turning up for work as normal, but I am glad to have that problem believe me.  Between that and the work associated with doing Emily’s bedroom and other new house stuff, I hereby dedicate all other available time to Disney planning, sarcastic tweeting and inane Facebookery.  You have my word.  Countdown wise we are at 55 days.  Good grief I have much ground to make up!


Till the next time…..

20 thoughts on “Now then, where were we?

  1. Good luck in your new house to the Wiiliams family and good luck with the new job Craig. I am so pleased that everything has worked out for you all x

  2. I sooo know how you are feeling. We might not be moving house but we were tentatively hoping to return to Disney next year – until last week when work dropped a redundancy bombshell on us. *sigh* It’s not finalised yet but I’m still in that “oh crap, what the hell do we do now” stage.

    Glad it worked out well for you, fingers crossed that we’re as lucky!

  3. So glad everything is all sorted. There’s not much worse than the worry of financial disaster staring you in the face…believe me I know. But it is onwards and upwards from now on and I for one am looking forward to loads and loads of pre-trip waffle from you. Hope everything is plain sailing for you now and that the cats settle in their new home too xxx

  4. Glad you got yourself a new job Craig. We have decided to go back (not for five years though) as I will be at college and university. So we have five years of intense saving to do.

  5. Glad it has all worked out and you can get in to holiday planning mode – you go a week before us and we are also way behind on the planning.

  6. Happy times ahead. Good luck for the new job on tuesday and plan, plan and plan some more for the magic of Florida

  7. WOW Craig , you certainly need a holiday now you must be very relieved that everything has worked out all at once..Looking forward to all your Florida plans.Hope you’ll all be happy in your new home..

  8. Wow Craig…You are going to need this holiday all the more this year!….Thank God this all happened and was resolved now and not in a couple of months time. Soon you will be walking up Main street with your lovely family, counting your blessings and having a well deserved rest!

    Good luck in the new house…how about some pics?

  9. OH Craig!!! bless you! And you hadn’t long been in that job had you? what a stress. Still, I’m glad things to have settled a little and you can hopefully now enjoy the countdown to your trip, LOVE the pic of the girls with Oli by THE door.. Wonderful!!

  10. A Beaches & Cream vanilla malt and it’ll be like none of the hassle every happened.

    Well done.

  11. Wow! You have had it tough Craig!
    Congratulations on the job offer!
    Was the last girls photo at ‘that’ door a bit of a lump in the throat moment?
    Glad you are seeing a light at the end of the tunnel!
    Planning mode here you come!!

  12. Glad all the pieces have fallen into place at last, cannot begin to imagine the stress you must have been under trying to get all the different issues to be resolved. You can now focus fully on what to eat, where to eat it and how elastic your shorts will need to be to cope with any swelling/engorgement *I learned that kind of fnaarism from your trippies*

    Happy planning

  13. Congratulations on the job Craig and glad you’re now settling in the new house. Now you can get down to some serious trip planning! You just know its all going to be worthwhile when you get on that plane!!!

  14. Good luck for tomorrow Craig and well done. I found myself “suddenly” out of work about 5 weeks ago, It’s an awful awful feeling with the full range of emotions. Lucky our holiday is already paid in full with only 55 sleeps to go for us that helps to keep us going!

  15. Glad you got it all sorted Craig – it was evident from your recent blogs that you were incredibly stressed – it must be such a relief to have everything back in order again. Good luck with the first day in your new job tomorrow. So glad we will still get your trip reports – I will be looking out for the photo of the girls in front of the “new” front door this time!

  16. Glad everything came together for you =) Have just found your blog – have enjoyed looking through all your old posts!

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