Spring has sprung and inevitable events.

It is always nice to get comments to these posts, and last week I was inundated with a comment, expressing a view that there haven’t been any Oli pictures and videos recently.

It is a difficult one, to know what to drone on about here.  Having said that, I seem to have managed to drone about work for the last few posts (I won’t this week!) so I thought I’d share some recent pictures.  For fans of Oli, I can point you in the direction of Pinterest, which is the latest social media site which has appeared to add to the collection of sites that are a distraction from doing anything productive.  On Pinterest I have a board dedicated to Oli, so if you are feeling the need for a fix of smelly mammoth, that’s your destination.

Anyway, here come the pics….

Yesterday after I walked him (again)
Oli 2
Looking for *that* toy
Oli 3
Making a mess of the couch

So there you go with your Oli fix.  He’s still behaving himself, unless you happen to be a cat, in which case he is constantly making every waking second a living hell.

There has been a distinct change in the weather over the past week, with the actual appearance of the sun.  Granted, it is still freezing, and there has been some snow in parts of the country, but actual sunshine has an immediate effect on the country and certainly me.  I am self diagnosed with SAD, so the dark cold winter months are not my favourite times, so at the first glimpse of the yellow round thing, inevitable events happen.

These events mean, unfortunately, that I immediately drop into “I want a holiday” mode, and my fingers are drawn inexorably to the keyboard, whereby I find them typing in letters such as K A Y A K.  This is NOT a good thing.  It matters not that I know we can’t go this summer, it simply cannot stop me trying endless configurations of flights, eventually even those via the Ukraine, in the hope of an Easyjet style price for a Trans Atlantic journey.

I also start to make other internet journeys, watching videos of the parks, and drooling over resorts and their fine dining menus.  This really is bordering upon an illness.

This is not one of my usual posts were I moan about flight prices, and then two posts later you discover in a flurry of gloating and guilt that  I have booked anyway.  Alas,unexpected inheritances from long lost relatives or lottery wins aside, we REALLY will not be going this year.  Really, I mean it!

This makes me sad.  I miss Florida, and I am truly sorry that we won’t be going on one of our adventures this year.  There is nothing that beats the thrill and excitement of that early morning at the airport on your way to WDW, when everyone is full of excitement, anticipation and over priced airport food.  The world is literally your lobster as the days ahead of you shine as brightly as your brand new white trainers with endless possibilities and about one million calories.

So as much as I accept our fate, I don’t have to like it!  There will be times a plenty in the future to get over there, and I assure you, we’ll be there as soon as is humanly possible, if not sooner.

I don’t know if we’ll go somewhere else instead to be honest.  This is for two reasons –

  1. I cannot summon any enthusiasm for other destinations
  2. I begrudge spending any cash on other destinations as it means we can’t use that cash to go where I want to go.

Hey ho, musn’t grumble and all that.  There are many worse off than us, who have never experienced the holidays we have, and probably aren’t likely to.  I understand that, but I still want to lie on the floor and kick and scream until I’m sick.

The week ahead has a trip to London in store on Wednesday, and as the streets there are paved with gold, I’ll just dig up a couple of blocks and that should sort us out for the holiday we want!

Till the next time….

17 thoughts on “Spring has sprung and inevitable events.

  1. I am almost wetting myself here…..!

    I can so clearly see how determined you are that you’re not going to Florida this Aug and also how much of a fix you’re in given this groundhog day for every March that there has ever been and you are struggling to get across just how much we know you really really really are not going.

    You know no one will believe it until no trip report pops up in Sept……

  2. So. You’re REALLY not going this year. Really. Really? I’ve got a little bet on about that, and I reckon I won’t lose. Unless you REALLY aren’t going.

  3. This blog (the Florida bits anyway) is a pretty good summary of a conversation between hubby and I last night when deciding what to do about a holiday this year. Florida is almost certainly out of the question (actually really, not in an MKingdon kind of way!), and anywhere else would just be using up funds that could be put towards getting us back where we belong. So… It looks like Alton Towers will be honoured with our presence this year, as weve decided on a Staycation, but even that’s going to be a struggle!

    Also a struggle is writing the last day of my trip report – meaning the end of the last holiday all over again. Post Disney Blues are in full effect and Skyscanner and Kayak are my little glimmers of hope too!

    By the way, no house-selling news?

  4. Craig you have summed up my feelings exactly. This is the first year in 8 years that we won’t be going to Florida. I had tears in my eyes reading this. I also wept thro two episodes of a place in the sun last week which featured Florida. My husband thinks I’m mad.

    Like you barring unexpected windfalls I have resigned myself to staying put in the UK 😦

    I’m waiting to get passed mid July by which time we’d have returned anyway and can then (hopefully) start to plan for a trip in 2013.

    I hope your circumstances change and you are back on here in a couple of months to tell us you are going after all.

  5. We’ll see, kind of guess no one believes you when you say you’re not going. only time will tell but I know if there is a way you’ll get there.

  6. I will be thinking of you when I am there in June/July Craig. I hope in some small way that helps you……in fact if I can get 3g out there I will even live-tweet my days for you (food, booze, encounters with Jasmine). No really, I do not mind at all

    1. That would be lovely Gordon, thank you. Be careful though, it would break my heart for you to rack up an enormous phone bill just for my benefit. 🙂

      1. No worries Craig, worse case scenario I can recap the day from the comfort of my big bath at OKW with free WiFi…….*theres an image for you*

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