All that (Honda) Jazz

tartan paint
Not even Amazon sell it

Being the new boy at work, the early parts of this week were spent having my head dunked in the toilets, being sent out to buy some tartan paint,and being told to go out for a long stand.  With it being all new, the working week has not been full of the usual soul-destroying dread that precedes every other day in recent times.

It has been quite interesting, trying to get to grips with new people, new things and not looking like a complete numpty all at the same time.  It is a very small company, so I have absolutely enjoyed the complete lack of politics that seemed to cripple the last place into incompetence and inaction, so I really hope that can remain so as we grow.

I am under no illusions that as I settle in, that feeling of impending doom may creep back into Sunday evenings, but for now I’d settle for a feeling of mild disappointment at the thought of work.  Imagine if you will, that feeling you get when your progress along the road is interrupted when a Honda Jazz pulls out in front of you and you know you won’t see any thing north of 24 miles per hour for the next few miles.  You get the picture?

In the meantime, I shall make the most of this feeling of newness, and hope that I live up to any expectations of me, or failing that quickly learn how to blag things well enough never to be rumbled.  I have based my entire “career” on that principle thus far, so I am hopeful I shall be able to continue.

There has been no progress on the “other opportunity” with a Mexican stand-off in full swing.  Ironically, the job does not involve Mexico at all.  I am not for budging on my position, and they are exploring other candidates who will work for the package they are offering.  Should they not be satisfactory then they may return to me.  Not that I want to be explored by anyone ay any time, but I think the chances of being so are now very slim indeed, and have consigned this to a burner so far back that I can’t even see it on the hob.

Now, I’m not one to moan!  When life gives me lemons I simply whinge that I wanted limes.  However, this week saw Louise’s car go into the garage for an MOT, Service and seemingly gold plating.  The level of remuneration given to the garage cannot be written here.  I tried, but my keyboard ran out of numbers half way through.  What was to be a one day stay turned into three, as it seems, they took it apart, rebuilt and/or replaced every single component with a new one, made of titanium and diamonds.  So the bill was painful plus labour and VAT.  Luckily, money is no object for us…oh no, wait, it is a very large object!

Still, on the bright side, things like having working brakes all four wheels should make Louise’s driving experience a lot smoother and safer.

Having all of our disposable income for the foreseeable future sat on our drive, the weekend hasn’t been full of wild and exciting activities.  It started well with Oli greeting us on Friday morning by depositing his insides all over our duvet.  That meant we got up nice and early in time for work, and helped keep the local dry cleaners in business.

Rebecca went to a party last night, which I have to be honest fills me with dread every time.  I of course want her to have lots of friends, an enjoyable social life, and to learn how to interact with people of all kinds.  On the other hand, I also want to lock her in her room until her early twenties until she meets a vicar and gets married.

As tends to happen, she emerged from her room after literally hours of prep looking nearer 24 than 14.  She was planning on sleeping out at a friend’s, but as often happens I got a text close to midnight asking if I was up and could I pick her up as she was tiered and wanted her own bed rather than her friend’s bedroom floor.  Luckily for her I was, and I have to admit I felt a whole lot better to have her home.  Especially as she regaled with me tales of the police arriving at the party, and everyone being sent home!!  You can imagine how delighted I was about that.

Today has seen the appearance of something not seen for a long time, and very welcome.  That is the sun.  Albeit still cold, the sun has shone today, reminding me that a time other than Winter exists, and making me look forward to the week’s worth of summer that we normally get in May.  Bring it on!  I took full advantage and Oli and I went out for a decent walk earlier, and it seems the mood has gripped the girls too, as Rebecca has also had him out, with Emily threatening to do the same very shortly.  The poor lad won’t have a clue what is going on.

Rebecca and Louise are now backing some scones, so it is a good job I walked off those 80 or so calories on my walk earlier!

honda jazzI’m off to watch some footy now.  Should my team not progress then I shall be feeling more upset than when a Honda Jazz pulls out in front of me.  It will be more like being cut up by a 51 reg Nissan Micra, that has a trilby and a box of tissues on the back shelf, whilst finding that every radio station on the dial is locked into some sort of Coldplay homage.

Till the next time….

6 thoughts on “All that (Honda) Jazz

  1. so glad to hear you are settling nicely into your new job and at the moment and that it doesn’t bespoke on you the dark depression that pre-empted monday morning like the last place. It was a lovely sunny day in Standish as well today as we enjoyed the grounds of Kilhey Court and Worthington Lakes at a wedding fayre…I may have to speak to you regarding tips on ‘how to make the pennies go further’ as the bill for the perfect fairytale wedding grows and grows :-/

  2. Careful. Such an automotive diatribe on a Sunday evening is tantamount to Clarksonism. And he don’t eat banoffee pies, he has to wear ’em.

  3. Hello, we love reading your weekly blogs and trip reports, and always enjoy hearing about Oli, we’ve just added to our numbers with a bearded collie very similar in looks to the old English but not as big we wondered if you had any tips on training, we’ve had Bella for 2 weeks now and were not able to walk her yet outside, if you have any tips or advice on puppies we’d be very grateful. Thanks Jill

    1. Hi Jill. We’ve been so lucky with Oli in that he was house trained very quickly. The only advice I’d pass on is consistency. I used to drive Louise mad with my obsessing over Oli going to the loo. More or less whenever he moved I had him outside, saying the same phrase, in the same spot. The real trick we learned was that every time he did something in the right place, we gave him a little titbit. We got some puppy treats, and always had a few on us for when we had him out the back. After only a few trips he associated doing the right thing at the right time with getting a little treat. It worked so well. On top of that, having a crate for a pup is essential. They like a place to retreat to, and it will save disturbed nights and puddles on the floor every morning.

      He’s generally a big placid lump so his other general behavior has been pretty good (touch wood). I wish you the best of luck, and insist on seeing some photos!!

  4. Hi Craig,

    Please send my best get well wishes to Louise, and make sure she takes no prisoners when she deals with her “work problems”

    Are you visiting the mouse this year? We are camping at Great Yarmouth in April followed by Cornwall in July

    Take care


    1. Hi Lesley.

      No trip for us this year as far as we can tell. Enjoy your travels around the UK, let’s hope for a good summer here in the UK!

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