A flight, a flight, my “Kingdon” for a Flight.

To the chaps who look after the servers and stuff that support the Kayak website I apologise.  I fear I have given your infrastructure a bit of a beating this week, not only from the laptop, but also from your excellent iPhone app.  I can report that all is functioning correctly, apart from one element.  No matter what bizarre combination of dates and departure and arrival airports the resultant figures displayed do not please me.

Your pull is strong!

So as you can probably guess, we are still looking for flights.  The best we can seem to find are with Thomas Cook, direct to Sanford in August.  They come in at £619 each but do mean that we have no seat back TVs and a seat pitch so small that you have to stand up all the way, like one of those standy up rollercoasters!  The rotters are charging £419 three days later!!

Even if we do end up in Florida, the deal is that we do not do the Disney theme parks.  Universal is on the cards, with a stay at the Hard Rock, but our Disney fix would be limited to Downtown Disney, and a look around a couple of resorts.  I am Ok with this, as we don’t need to do the WDW parks again, after eleven years on the trot, and a bit more relaxing would be a nice change as long as the girls can cope with the inertia.  In theory this shouldn’t be an issue, as when they are at home it takes a small incendiary device to get them to do anything at all.  If we do a villa, with the internet, a pool and a TV then they can amuse themselves much as they do at home.  Crucially, unlike at home, I won’t have to drag my sagging body out of bed at silly times, sit in traffic and drizzle for an hour to then sit in an office I don’t want to be in, doing things I don’t want to do.

Instead I could drag my sagging frame to the pool, unleash the guns on the neighbours and eat high fat nonsense, whilst occasionally dipping in the pool.  Outings consisting of –

Shopping – To enhance my position of Husband/Dad of the Century

Mini Golf – Fantasia Gardens is overdue as the kids were 4 and 2 the last time I inflicted humiliating defeat upon them (it still counts)

WDW Resorts – Always a favourite past time of mine, and even the girls can put up with it, as it will probably involve “cute American boys”.

Eating – As you may know from my trip reports, we are pretty good at this, and in fact our days have often been constructed around our plans for food!

Should keep us from getting too bored, and with a few days at Universal with FOTL privileges, and then some time on a beach, it sounds like I have given this plan some thought!!  As if.  By the way, for the coast bit, I may be in the market for some DVC points for a bit of Vero action should anyone have any going spare?

Still, until someone is willing to carry us across the Atlantic for something less than the ridiculous sums being quoted, all this expert planning is for naught.

Away from holiday planning, the week has been fairly normal.  Thankfully, it has been without medical emergency.  It has been half term up here, and Louise took the chance to take Emily to look for her prom dress.  One was found, and I was despatched on Saturday to pick it up.  I shall refrain from any photos at this point, but fear not, at the time she actually wears it, I shall bombard you with proud Dad photos!  I haven’t yet told Rebecca that due to the cost of the dress she’ll have to wear it too, and if at all possible both may get married in the bugger too!

A Paul-ished effort

Saturday evening saw us out together as a family.  This took some organising.  I had to book the girls well in advance, and it was nice to do the family thing.  We went to the local cinema and watched Paul.  Having not been to the cinema for a while, I made the most of it with both a three scoop Ben and Jerrys, and soupcon of Pick n Mix.  Of course I felt sick, but as they say, no pain no gain.  I can recommend Chunky Monkey, Phish Food and Cookie Dough as a combo made in heaven.

With Louise’s famous New York Cheesecake in preparation for tea, I fear my meager efforts at exercise this weekend may be in vain!  We (well, Louise) has purchased a rowing machine, and I expended more sweat erecting the thing than actually using it, and I suppose there is a common issue for men of my age!  All the effort in getting it up, meant that the time actually “in action” was brief.  Enough?  OK.

Back to the film.  Paul is great.  I have liked pretty much everything Simon Pegg has done, and I wasn’t disappointed at all.  It is funny and entertaining, and if you can forgive the language (the girls hear worse during my DIY sessions), it is fun for all the family, unless your kids are toddlers!!

I have to go now, as preparation of the Sunday roast is down to me today.  I have to say these Sunday roasts are not my favourite.  The enormous effort involved in actually cooking stuff properly never lives up to the minutes it takes to eat them.  In fact I may nip down to the cinema and get my triple scoop combo instead, and follow that with some cheesecake!

Let me finish with a plug.  I was very flattered to be asked to contribute to a new web site called www.nottheface.co.uk this week.  So I did, and my first “effort” is now up there, so please click along and have a read….not my bit necessarily, as there is much goodness there, but if you don’t read mine I will hold it against you!!  If you all comment on mine too, it will make me look urbane, insightful and popular all at the same time.  It won’t surprise you in terms of content and style I’m sure!!

Right, let’s be having these roasties and veg then….

Till the next time……

2 thoughts on “A flight, a flight, my “Kingdon” for a Flight.

  1. You can leave the roasting tin soaking, nip out for your tre gelato, wash up, and still be home in time to watch something other than Top Gear.

    Great B&J tip. Great blog.

  2. Hi Craig,

    I think that might be the best price you can get – i’m sure you have read the threads on the dibb, not sure about you but I now use my iphone/ipad on the plane as the Virgin inflight system is so poor anyway (we go Virgin). Get it booked. You know you want to!!


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