Premature Declaration

What’s this?  A mid week bloggage??  Fear not, it is a brief one, just to update and correct weekend bloggage, where events have now moved on a little.

It would appear that my last post, declaring the new addition to the Williams household to be a Hyundai Coupe, did not take into consideration the ever true concept of a woman having the perogative to change her mind.

After sleeping on our decision (or not in Louise’s case) in truth neither of us felt 100% right about the choice of car, and I found Louise glued to the laptop on Sunday morning, pining over photos of other types of cars, and regretting our haste in plumping for the Hyundai.

This pondering continued over Sunday and into Monday, and I can’t explain the not feeling quite right-i-ness, but it was there.  It just did not feel like our car.

Absolutely not on work’s time, I googled a little to see if the sort of car Louise had been salivating over was anywhere near our budget, half hoping it would not be.  Alas, but then again, happily, it did seem to be.  A text and a call to Louise confirmed my suspicions that she wasn’t convinced at all on the Hyundai and her willingness to make the journey to Wigan on a horrible cold rainy night seemed to suggest she was definitely having second thoughts.

With such a car identified as available at another branch of the same dealer which we had paid our deposit too, I made the call to our sales chap for the Hyundai and explained the situation, blaming Louise for the fickle indecisive nature of our dither.

I called the other branch, and arranged to go over straight after work to take a look, reasoning to ourselves that we may still stick with our original choice, but had to get this out of our system to make sure it was the right choice.  After a long, dark, wet drive to Wigan (side note: there is no simple and/or quick trip to Wigan from North Bolton), we got well and truly lost, despite Louise having lived in Wigan for some years.

We of course fell out over the course of driving around aimlessly, until we called the garage for help and were eventually “talked down” by the receptionist.  “Yes, SCS is on my right…, I can’t see a Chinese…oh wait there it is…etc etc”

All I can say is that, we knew immediately and this new (as in different, not new) car just felt right as soon as we saw it and sat in it.  Louise was very impressed by the whole foldy roof thing, (despite the fact that the bloke showing us did it wrong and it got stuck halfway on his first go) and the fact that the wing mirrors also fold in and out, all automatic like.  Add to this, that it looks a little less Starsky and Hutch than the Hyundai, has much better mpg, and is several insurance groups lower too, then it makes perfect sense.

The negotiation process was a whole lot easier too, and this particular branch made the whole thing nice and simple, and we all got to the figures we were happy with very quickly.  We had to really as I hadn’t had my tea and I was starving!!

As an added bonus I managed to negotiate the inclusion of a two-year warranty, and two years servicing and MOTs in the price too.  Result.  The idea of two years worry free motoring really appeals after paying out for a new windscreen and front tyre for the mini in recent weeks….of course these perishable items will not be covered, but if we are to have a big end fail on us then we all know how crucial that can be!!

So with both Louise and I feeling a lot better about the whole thing, in about a week’s time Louise will be taking ownership of one of these, well in fact, this very one….

You should see her with her top off!!

The fact that it ticks few of the criteria Louise laid out to the sales chappie at the weekend should be ignored of course!!

Knowing the girls (and Louise), next week you should be on the look out for a silver convertible with the roof off, inhabited by three females in bobble hats, gloves, scarfs and frozen smiles, determined to make most use of the foldy roof despite the complete absence of anything like suitable weather.

Apologies for this unusual mid-week update in blog land, and as we don’t buy cars every week, thank goodness, normal service should be resumed shortly.

Till the next time…..

6 thoughts on “Premature Declaration

  1. being of the female pesuasion and owner of the same model in black there’s alot to be said for bobble hats and scarfs, especially driving along the sea front in a force ten aahh bracing… happy driving

  2. Beware Craig my wife has a similar car with foldy roof and whenever I drive it I always feel like a gay hairdresser, well that’s what they call me at work.

    The girls will be very happy with this mine are.

    Happy motoring.

  3. Oooh, Louise, I likey!! Will it fit 2 passengers comfortably in the back? Obviously not you Craig!

    1. Herumph!! I fit quite nicely in the back I shall have you know. It was quite roomy to be honest, but that may just be my natural atheltic frame!

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