It’s the little things, the incidentals…


It shall be mentioned no more.

It looked bigger in the shop!

We’ve had a bit of a change around here this week.  I’m presuming you have noticed by now a new look to my blog.  It was time for a change and a bit of colour to combat the unavoidable approach of winter.  Do let me know if you like the new look or if you fear change like the ravaging demonic beast that it is.

On a genetal note I do enjoy getting comments, (he said in a needy type way), so always feel free to post your thoughts.

In a week that has seen Tsunamis (why the silent T???), more economic torture, and no doubt millions of other personal tragedies, I find myself wrestling with one of those really small annoying problems that really get under your skin.

Before I say what it is, I will admit it is completely trivial and of no matter whatsoever, but still it lives inside of me like some sort of technical tumor.

For months, my phone has worked perfectly with my car’s bluetooth system.  I have jumped in and out of the red beast, with it pairing and unpairing as easily as Katie Price and Peter Andre.  It has been one of life’s little miracles that I can speak to my car and it knows who to ring, and when someone phones me, it pauses the CD, or turns the radio down, and allows me to speak hands free.

For some reason, about two weeks ago, the phone started just randomly disconnecting itself from the car’s bluetooth system, sometimes mid call, so I would then have to shout very loudly…

“Hang on, the fecking bluetooth has gone” whilst I swerve from lane to lane trying to wrestle the phone from the cradle to speak illegally for a few seconds to say goodbye.

It will reconnect if I press enough buttons either on the car or on the phone, only to deny me again moments later.  Then in a mocking style, other times it will connect and stay so, come hell, high water or a three car pile up on the M602.

In best man fashion, I have been looking for a fix.  Men like to fix things.  It is what we do in life.  If a problem has no solution then it isn’t a valid problem.

I have thus far failed.  Google has been of some help, and I’ve tried a few fixes that others have tried, but as yet no joy.  In the back of my mind, I know that I should either –

a) Give the phone to the IT chaps in the office, demand either a fix or a new phone, and flounce off all diva like.

b) Ring the phone manufacturer and ask them to sort it out.

Well you may guess that the first option is not my style, and the second one fills me with mental images of overseas call centres, and three-hour waits listening to Linda Ronstadt.

So I shall continue my quest for a fix, and until I do…don’t phone me when I’m driving.

By the way, ten pop picker points for anyone who can tell me the song and artist from which I nicked the title for this post.

Rebecca's battered phone.
Let's talk about texts baby.

Elsewhere this week on the subject of phones, I have to share with you a bit of a deal.  Rebecca has had her phone for two years now, and it bears the scars of a squillion texts.  Her contract is almost up, and we’ve been counting down the months until she can upgrade.  She’s been with O2 all her mobile life, and we saw no reason to change, and were preparing for a visit to the shop next month to pick out her new handset.

That was however until I got an email from Quidco.  A cash back site I have used quite a bit recently.  This email told me about a deal for new Orange Pay Monthly contracts, offering £140 cash back.

Nokia E5
That keyboard is going to take some hammer

To cut a long story short, I signed her up for a Dolphin.  Which is odd from a phone provider but with it she gets unlimited texts (vital), enough minutes (she doesn’t actually talk to anyone on her phone) and 500mb of internet each month for £20.  A shiny new Nokia E5, and Daddy gets a nice payment of £140.  I thank you.

On top of that of course, we now have an Orange contract within the house, which means we can finally take advantage of the Orange Wednesday scheme, which is quite apt as the company I work for “do that”.

This week has seen me realise that I also need to actually do some getting ready for my Paris trip, and luckily with Louise at home, she has been able to sort out some Euros for me (even though Adam has promised to pay for everything 🙂  ), and with the temperatures dropping faster than my council’s budget, some essential stuff to keep me warm.

So a wooly hat and gloves have been procured on my behalf.  I am sure I shall look dashing and exotic.

Paris Weather
Sunday sees a light drrrrrizzle.

A quick check of the upcoming weather for Paris shows that it may not be too bad, with some light rain forecast for Sunday, and with temperatures staying some way above freezing.  Forgive me if I still pack the woolies and seventeen different layers.  I don’t do cold very well at all.

Tomorrow sees a full day of travel, which of course will all go smoothly and to plan, and I get to Paris around 6pm.  I then have a few hours to kill until Adam arrives, so I’ll wander around shops, eat, and perhaps eat as well.

If the phone works over there (and my IT chap tells me he has made it so) then see you on Twitter for blow-by-blow updates from what I hope is an enjoyable weekend.

Au revoir….

Till the next time…..

11 thoughts on “It’s the little things, the incidentals…

  1. Lyrics for The Incidentals Performed by: Alisha’s Attic Written by: Terence James Martin 🙂

    Hope you enjoy your trip to Paris and that Louise forgives you over time 😉

    As for the phone…all I can say is good luck. This is from one who has PAYG and tops up with £10 every 6 months or so. Basically I don’t do mobiles because everytime I try to contact someone who has one, they haven’t got theirs with them at that particular time or they are switched off !!!…What’s the point ?????

  2. Well it has to be Level 42 but according to Google it’s Alisha’s Attic 😉

    Enjoy DLP you lucky thing. We’re off “home” on Xmas Day which will be your turn to be jealous of us yipeeeeee

  3. Have a fab weekend at DLRP. I’m very curious as to your thoughts on it, fingers crossed it isn’t enough of a shock to the system to dent your enjoyment. Xx

  4. Genetal comments? You really want Genetal comments?? I know you suffered a near greivous injury on Manta but I dont think I am qualified to pass comment on their condition now.

    Regardless, its always a joy to hear how you suffer your way through life as somehow it makes me feel better. A Brucie Bonus on the quidco though, shiny tech and filthy lucre. That should get you at least 1 lukewarm baguette from a surly cheese eating surrender monkey this weekend.

    Hope you do have a great time in EuroDisneylandResortParis or whatever they call it this week

  5. Mmm not sure about the new format the type is a BIT BIG! Or is that my computer. Anyway, not sure I am ready to turn into my 83yo mum with EXTRA LARGE PRINT!

    Me, moan?!

    Alisha’s Attic btw.

    Moans aside another great post. 🙂

  6. Superb blog.

    Format looks great on Safari.

    As for Paris, accept nothing less than haute cuisine……that’s hot food to us.

    PS. Don’t blame the Mondy.

  7. HI Craig, we have just returned from sunny Orlando with an overnighter in Daytona. After reading your trip reports avidly, we chose Daytona Hilton Beachfront. As we had seen your pics it was easy to choose the hotel. Never having been to Daytona it was a lovely experience, we really enjoyed our time there.
    Enjoy your Paris trip….and thanks for the Daytona info

  8. Craig – love the shed, love the article. I recommend the flouncing diva/IT option, if only because, in doing so, you make the tech-nerds feel slightly more virile as they mock you.
    Carry on!

  9. Actually the new layout does scare me… first the clocks change, and the weather and now this?? my fragile life lacks stability, change it back!!!!! 😛

    Welcome to the world of Orange Wednesdays, I’ve been with Orange for years and God knows how much I’ve saved on cinema tickets! Boyfriend and I go most Wednesdays in winter and it’s so fun and guilt free ‘cos the two of us get in for like £7 (used to be less but he’s not a bloody student anymore so no discount!). Smuggle in some cheap supermarket sweets (warning they can often smell if you have a cooked rotissere chicken in your rucksack) and it’s a great weekly night out! …or it is for us anyway…
    We saw Avatar every week it was out last year!

    Anyway sorry for the rambling, enjoy Disney Paris!!!

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