Everyone’s a winner..ah no, that’s just me then.

I thought I had to do a special midweek post to mark a landmark event.

Anyone who knows me will realise that my life is a constant stream of injustice, bad luck and persecution.  What do you mean I am a drama queen?  What do you mean I have a lovely family, habitable house, enough money to service my debts, and enough food in the fridge.  Don’t spoil my sense of self-pity please.

Well, it seems the tide has turned as I have actually won something.

I got a phone call late last night informing me that my entry into the DisneyBrit podcast competition was the winning entry.  The competition celebrates their 50th podcast.   I had to say in less than fifty words why I should go, and it seems my promise of a brown envelope stuffed with cash did the trick.  I jest.  I actually sent in an entry outlining the benefits of taking me along as my Halloween candy eating exploits will easily recoup any DisneyBrit expenditure.  I can on board enough candy to maximise the return on the prize budget….or something like that.

I think Adam recorded the phone call for the podcast too, so you shall be able to hear my stunned gobsmackiness if you decide to listen to the next podcast, and you should.  Luckily, I did not swear.

The prize alas is only for one person, unless you fork out for any other travellers, and with Louise officially recovering for the next twelve weeks, she will not be able to come along.

Planes Tranes and Automobiles
What about those bears!!

This leaves me in the rather odd situation of “bunking”  (I said bunking!) with Adam, having never met him.  This brings up images of the classic scene from Planes Trains and Automobiles, where Steve Martin and John Candy wake up in the same bed.  “Those aren’t cushions!!!”.

I am assured we have suitably platonic sleeping arrangements in place.

So after breaking the news to Louise that I would be flying solo and some very quick research about Eurostar, I am all booked train wise.  From Manchester to DLP for just over £100, including First Class on the way back from Euston to Manchester!!

Adam has given me a rough breakdown of the weekend, but I won’t go into it here, as I feel it my duty to encourage you to listen to the podcast after Halloween to find out what happened.  I may of course do a mini trippie, because of course I don’t have enough on in that regard already!!

We are staying at the Magic Circus hotel, which looks splendid, but then most hotels that you stay in for free are!!  The only other thing I shall tell you about is the advertised prize –

  • 2 nights accommodation
  • 2 day park hopper ticket
  • a ticket to Disney’s Terrorific Night at Walt Disney Studios on 30th October
  • food over the weekend
  • a few surprises

I’m not sure the “food over the weekend” element of this prize has been thought through to be honest.  I hope the budget planning was suitable!!

So there we go.  I am as you may have noticed a tad excited to be going to DLP for the first time, and with an expert such as Adam to show me around.

More news as it breaks.

Till the next time…..

14 thoughts on “Everyone’s a winner..ah no, that’s just me then.

  1. Wow congratulations, DLP is fab, be good to hear you on the podcast being taking “unawares”
    LOL at my favourite scene in my favourite movie above,, Make sure Adam doesnt wash his “smalls” in the bathroom sink either 😉

  2. Well done Craig, I’m looking forward to hearing how DLP compares to the real thing 😉

  3. Well done, I have no idea what a podcast is but good on you. You are one brave man going without the girls, major bribery may have to be partaken.

  4. Congratulations! hope you have a fantastic time and let us know where we can hear the podcast

  5. !!! Congrats !!! -you’ll loo~ooove DLP. 🙂 -am making my billionth visit there next week, and it’s fab every time. 🙂 -well done & well deserved; hopefully Louise will get to go with u next time, tho. x -can’t wait to hear ’bout it! 😉

  6. That’s great news, well done! I’m sure you will have a great time. Look forward to hearing all about it especially your views on the fellow visitors 🙂

    Hope Louise is recovery well?


  7. I did it once and after 12 months of therapy… I am nearly back to looking myself in the mirror again without weeping.

    All I can say he didnt respect me and never phoned me again, Skype doesnt count…..

  8. Congratulations Craig but on a scale of 1 – 10, 1 being unscathed and 10 being all limbs broken, how happy is Louise for you that you are as you say flying solo?

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