Breaking my own rule.

This Friday (tomorrow as I write this) it is Rebecca’s birthday.  Over the years, having exhausted every single birthday option from McDonalds, to Wacky Warehouses, petting zoos, and in latter years, discos (don’t I sound groovy) in scout huts, and house parties, we have struggled to find something cool enough for Rebecca this year.

She is turning thirteen, so a happy meal and a stroke of a sheep isn’t really in order.

Her decision/preference was Alton Towers.  Now, you may or may not know that I am allergic to UK theme parks due to my over exposure to the abject excellence of US theme parks.  I have tried in the past to appreciate them in Blighty, and failed.

However, for the sake of my youngest I had a look at the web site.  How much??????

It turns out that on Saturday, when we plan to go, there is an event on at Alton Towers, which will see thousands of young Christians attending the park.  So, a UK theme park, at weekend, with an inflated crowd.  I think not.

A little bit of googling later and she decides on Drayton Manor instead.  We are taking one of her friends too, so I have had to sell a kidney to fund the day.  I am full of trepidation about the outing to be honest, partly because the weather forecast looks “changeable” to say the least, with strong winds and rain predicted.  Can anyone say Kagool?  I am also trepidated (I say it is a word!) as I always leave a UK theme park feeling bereft of pleasure, money and a sense of well being.

UK Theme parks are more often than not

  • Dirty
  • Cold
  • Staffed by ASBO holding teens
  • Cheap in terms of quality
  • Expensive in terms of admittance
  • Full of horrible food at Five Star prices

Now I appreciate that my opinions may affect my ability to enjoy said UK outings, but I’m hoping that anyone with experience of a theme park on the other side of the pond will understand the sentiment?  If you haven’t been to likes of Walt Disney World Resort or Universal Resort, my embittered ramblings here may not resonate.

I do hope for a good day out, for Rebecca’s sake though.  She certainly enjoys the large rides these days, and hopefully, as her birthday “do” it will tick the boxes for her.  I shall try my bestest not to stand around tutting all day, as the wintry winds and icy rain pour onto my £50 lunch.

Please, if you feel the same, feel free to back me up.  Also, anyone with experience of an excellent day out at Drayton Manor can also reassure me I would not be better burning the cash and watching the videos of our previous Florida trips instead.

Till the next time…..

5 thoughts on “Breaking my own rule.

  1. Whilst I hope Rebecca has a great day I am with you 100%. Satan himslef could not persuade me to cross the threshold of a UK themepark, or crapfest as I like to think of them.

    Best of British!

  2. Completely understand your sentiments Craig!!

    To me, UK parks would be okay in the rain and staffed by the debatably competent teens if they didn’t charge an absolute fortune to get in! That is why I would always rather not go and put the money towards a Florida trip! Try telling that to a thirteen year old right? 😉

    Anyway, keep posting, I absolutely love reading your blog!


  3. Happy Birthday Rebecca – hope she has a nice day. You can be sure the food at Drayton Manor will be awful, but I look forward to the trip report.

    So ….. will we me getting the mkingdon view of the election today?


    1. I did stay up most of the night watching things happen…or not as was more the case.

      My next post may well cover that unless the day out on Saturday is so good or so bad that I feel it needs my complete attention!!

      Thanks for all your comments guys and your continued reading.

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