A quick welcome to the newbies….

After a shameless plug on the Dibb Facebook page it seems a few of you kind Disney folk have been good enough to come take a look.

Welcome and thank you.

I shall try to post enough, both in terms of quantity and quality to make it worth your while.

Don’t just read and run though, please leave comments to let me know your thoughts on the ramblings that appear.

If you are truly mentally unstable, you should follow me on Twitter too.  Bite sized nonsense unabated.

Till the next time….

10 thoughts on “A quick welcome to the newbies….

  1. I followed the shameless plug and I’m looking forward to more senseless rambling 🙂

  2. This is magic. Enjoyed reading the blog to date and am now visiting every day to catch up with more sensless ramblings (although they make sense to me IYKWIM – what does that say about me 😉 ) . Knew it would happen one day…I’ve been blogged. Thank you Craig…blog some more 🙂

  3. Hooray! ..am finally properly labeled, am T. M. U…is fun. ‘Dibb Facebook’..(the hell?). Gawd, is like teaching techie to a monkey. Gonna go investigate. Advice for sir Wills.- perhaps shouldn’t make suggestive comments about whether lit. heroes have or have not got their naughty bits on your new blog readers, as u did to myself. Perhaps they cannot handle as I can..(also perhaps just my interpretation of comment. -am t.m.u.)

  4. Like your blog Craig, always entertaining to get a glimpse of what inside your mind…..but…..Hue And Cry? Really?? Are you the reason they came back?? Because if so then a pox on your house!

    Your acknowledgement of Neil Finn shows some hope though.


  5. Right it would appear my first careful worded eulogy is missing presumed deleted. I will take the opportunity to reword my anti Hue and Cry rant, ahem…..not a fan but anyway one mans meat is another mans poison. Looking forward to more glimpses inside your mind Craig.



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