I haven’t seen snow like this since….oooh, two days ago.  For years we have been relegated to watching the snow sufferings of others on the news, a sort of vicarious viewing of gridlocks and closed schools, however we are now in snow central.

The girls are gutted as they are off school anyway, so this snow is sort of wasted.  Until today we have been able to get around pretty much OK, but I had a list of errands as long as my long thing this morning, and only managed to get one done (my haircut, which to be fair doesn’t take too long) before realising that the conditions were getting serious, and I headed for home.

We live at the top of a hill, which is great as a flood defence, but tends to be an issue when the white stuff hits.  So after a few failed attempts at the hill, a fellow struggler helped me salt the road, and push the car up the hill, and I returned the favour.  We have never spoken before, so the spirit of the Blitz reappears.  Who said global warming was a bad thing?

I would like to pass on my thanks and appreciation to my boring Ford Mondeo for its handling of the dreadful road conditions.  I did enjoy sailing past the Merc drivers as they slid and spun trying to make progress.  Being not quite as succesfull as others sometimes has its merits.

My Mondeo
The New Ford Reindeer

So being snow bound now, myself and the kids have hunkered down for the day.  My failed errands sneer at me from the back of my mind.  The gym, the rubbish tip and food shopping shall have to wait for clearer roads I’m afraid.

We are watching Bandslam on DVD now.  Well, technically I am half watching it as I’m typing at the same time.  Louise is at work and it is a serious concern that she may not be able to get home.  The snow hasn’t stopped all morning, and the roads are going to be horrific for her journey home.  As he works in a hospital, they can’t exactly close early and send everyone home, particularly as she is attending an operation today!!

At least there should be a bed for the night if she needs it, I’m guessing the hospital has a couple of thousand!

Having missed the gym today I shall have to restrict my calorie intake to single digit (thousands) I think.  A test of will power if ever there was one.  I can hear all the xmas goodies screaming my name from the kitchen cupboards.

Oh look, it approaches midday, and that means I am allowed to have lunch.  Eating lunch prior to 12.00pm is a big no-no, and I see it as abject failure.  At 12.01, all is good.

I hope the snow abates tomorrow as I have promised the family a sumptious breakfast on Christmas Day of Eggs Benedict.  Having never made this before that should be interesting….particularly if I don’t have things like eggs.  So a journey to the market which us super is required, or it is stale bread and cereal all round.

Till the next time…..

4 thoughts on “Snowbound

  1. tut. Realize you are blog virgin, but cliffhanger’s are brutal. Hope poor Louise made it home safely after all, bless her…!

    1. She did. It turns out a Mini is part skiddoo and traversed the arctic conditions with ease. She even managed to call at the shops on the way home….I think this is called The Dunkirk spirit.

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