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Right then, I expect the exact same number of visitors and comments on every blog post from now on, or I will be demanding written explanations!!

Safe to say, my last post drew a few more readers and commenters, which I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised by. Everyone likes a bit of a kerfuffle from time to time. I could see a fair few referrals from new and different sources too, which you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to work out.

If you are a new reader, welcome along, and don’t get used to every post being so arsey and popular. I can slip right back into mediocre banality with great ease. Just watch.

When I wrote that last post I did have an undeniable feeling that I would regret doing so, and part of me does. To make such a fuss over something which is so trivial really isn’t my style, but, being frank I was really pissed off, albeit with a small majority.

On balance, I’m glad I got it off my chest though. If a few were brave enough to post those thoughts then maybe a lot more had similar feelings and I’m pleased to have a platform and a chance to have said my piece. Let’s not get into it again though.

The amount of feedback and support I received was incredible, amazing and totally unexpected. I thank every single person who left comments.

If you have enjoyed Going Limp and left a review on Amazon, that is very much appreciated too.

With nothing to write now, I start to get twitchy when I’m sat doing nothing, with a weird sensation that I should be doing something more productive. Yes, those six minutes every day when I have my free time are a real curse!

That is a problem for me in general to be honest. I am task and completion driven, and can find it hard to relax at times. I suppose this is part of why I love these holidays so much, as they are a hobby in themselves with all the planning and research that needs to go into them. Of course, most of the actual holiday involves doing rather than doing nothing so that suits me too. I like the idea of sitting on my arse and doing nothing but when it comes to it, I feel the need to be doing something. Clearly I need help.

This is not, I’m afraid to say, a prelude to me announcing our next trip. It couldn’t look further away to be honest. There’s more chance of Paul Gambacinni being booked for a children’s birthday party as far as I can see now, but as I always say there are many lottery draws between now and next summer. Never say never.

Innocent until it hits the papers

So with that task driven personality in mind, along with a gap where I used to sit and write something most days, plus the prospect of not planning a trip any further than Asda, I have decided to do something I keep saying I should.

The nonsense of last week also contributed to this, as I realised that rather than keep meaning to do it, and threatening to make time I should just start. If I am ever to justify the reasons why I said I was putting these reports in an eBook, then I need to just get on with it, and stop messing about. The flood of supportive comments also gave me a timely shove in what I hope is the right direction.

So what on earth am I doing? Starting a diet? God knows I should, but no I’m writing something. An idea came to me on Thursday, that for the first time felt solid enough to be a story worth reading. It was an extension of a theme or idea I’d had for years to be honest, but all of sudden out of nowhere some more layers to the story appeared, and I quickly threw down a plan on a piece of paper, and I’ve started.

In fact I’m 3,000 words in. Now of course 2,999 of them may be rubbish, but I’m going to try to be disciplined and do 1,000 words a day whenever I can. In those 3,000 words, at different stages I have already declared it everything from the best thing ever written to a shambolic illiterate mess, and I’ve only done three chapters. This could be an interesting exercise. Expect future posts to say I have thrown it in the bin, given it up as a hopeless exercise and maybe one or two claiming they will be building a Land themed on my book in Universal.  Maybe not so much of the latter.

Anyway, it feels good to be doing something, and the whole reason for declaring it here, which is not something I would normally do, is to make sure that I keep doing it, and don’t let it fester on my computer as I did the last attempt several years ago. By outing myself as someone who has such delusions of grandeur as to actually write a work of fiction then I will hopefully feel the required pressure to get it done, and see what it turns out like.

Should it be OK, and I decide to publish it, I just hope that there won’t be a public outrage over me selling it for actual money!!  Oh, no I said we wouldn’t go there again! Sorry.

Right, I’m off now to try and relax….again.

Till the next time…..