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I am so grateful for and somewhat humbled by every single person that comes to read this stuff each week.

Sometimes, some weeks other stuff gets in the way of throwing these posts together and this is one of them.

1) I don’t have a great deal to say

2) We’ve been out at a Christening

Hence the lateness of this post. So I shall keep it brief.

On a similar note to the thanks above this week I passed two social media milestones this week, in that I passed 900 twitter followers and 600 likers (not lickers) on my Facebook page.

I know caring about these things makes me a shallow social media whore, but I embrace that and thank you all nonetheless.

The only other news to share is that the trip report is done. I typed the last word yesterday, and have despatched it to a fool silly enough to volunteer to proof read it. Three days have been proof read and I’ve had enough typo corrections back that there may be more words incorrect than correct. It was expected.

Hopefully this process won’t take long and I can get the thing out, but I can’t say exactly when as I can’t demand my proof reader gives up their other stuff, like having a life and family, just to point out my literary misgivings.

It won’t surprise you to know that you will hear about it when it is ready and I’ll be ramming it down your throats at regular intervals. Now I know the size of the eBook I can confirm that I’ll have to charge something for it. Amazon’s delivery charges really kick in for books over a certain size, and with all the pictures I am being kicked big time.

The minimum charge set is about $3 so it will be whatever the equivalent charge is in pounds, rounded to the nearest sensible amount. For those not wanting to pay (and I fully understand that) I will try to post it online at some point in the future.

Oh, and I did the cover yesterday, and it will look like this.

Going Limp in Orlando

Going Limp in Orlando

So with that I shall leave you in peace, recognising the fact that I shall be beyond annoying very shortly about the new eBook etc. I apologise in advance.

Till the next time…..